First Teaser Trailer for HBO Miniseries PARADE’S END Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rebecca Hall

     January 4, 2013


Earlier today we learned that HBO has set a February 26th premiere date for the period miniseries Parade’s End, and now the network has released a teaser trailer for the five-part WWI-era miniseries.  Written by Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love), the adaptation of Madox Ford’s novel series stars Benedict CumberbatchRebecca Hall, and Adelaide Clemens and centers on an English aristocrat trying to adjust to the social upheaval around him.  The event actually first aired on BBC Two late last summer, but American audiences will get to experience the miniseries across three consecutive nights starting on February 26th.  Hit the jump to watch the teaser trailer, which is plenty intriguing and sufficiently heavy on the Cumberbatch.


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    I know declare 2013 the Year of Cumberbatch.

    • REALLY?


      you get the idea

    • Anonymous

      ; ) More appropriately is Sherlock’s year, since both Benedict and Martin are working immensely.

  • Tim

    Seen this already. Hall has bombastic character but inconsistent in her performance. She has a tendency to overact big time and this is one of those times. Ham is all I am gonna say. Cumberbatch is blonde and still playing a genius. He does understated acting beautifully. One of the most internal actors I have ever seen. The guy can act (and may also be a genius in real life). Clemens is a cross between Carrey Mulligan and Michelle Williams and is criminally underused in this. Classier than Downton. WAY classier.

    • Carrie

      Not sure if Hall has the tendency overacting as I only saw her in Vicky Cristina Barcelona before Parade’s End, other than that I do agree with your comments, especially the ones on Hall’s performance in this miniseries. Cumberbatch is very good at the intense subtlety, which can be seen in his Sherlock as well as his Peter Guillam in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but his strongest suit is his characterization, which is particularly good in Parade’s End as his character subtly changed from a sensitive young man to a man who’s hardened by the war in about six years, and it’s his performance that defined the relationships between CT and his wife and his young lover. On the other hand, the characterization is exactly Hall’s problem in this miniseries, partly due to the writing and the directing; what they should have done with Sylvia is to make the audience understand her motivation, but they made the audience fall for her, as a result Hall had to go way over the top (“ham” is indeed the word) in the last episode to fit the plot, together with the underdeveloped character Valentine, the dynamic among the three major characters is just not as powerful as it should have been, but agreed, even with these flaws, it is still way classier than Downton.

  • Sam

    I thought Rebecca Hall was the star of the show overshadowing Benedict “Sherlock” Cumberbatch who was superb in an understated way.

  • MChitty

    @Sam Sylvia (RH’s character) is actually the most interesting part in the books and the meatiest in this series, and RH had more screen time than BC, so indeed this adaptation is rather skew to Sylvia. Also, because only very few people have read the novels, the audiences have no idea that RH was not playing the character in the books, and it’s not just because Stoppard and White already tried to make Sylvia more sympathetic than in the books. RH literally created a character that collapsed on her own and almost crushed this series, because, based on the storyline, there’s no foundation for her to make Sylvia so intelligent and sympathetic that lots of audiences turned out rooting for her, which is why I think this adaptation is a frustrating miss. As you said that BC was superb in an understated way, as his character was a stiff-upper-lip English gentleman; his performance perfectly suited the character; however, Sylvia was not a showy and flashy character in the books as RH portrayed. The audiences thought that Sylvia was a larger-than-life and OTT character, so they believe that it’s hard for RH to tone down her performance, but that’s just not true to the source material. The other problem with this series is RH’s casting. The major reason why Sylvia and Christopher’s (BC’s character) marriage didn’t work is that Sylvia was not Christopher’s intelligent equal; Sylvia was smart, but uneducated; however, as most movie buffs knew, RH is a very intelligent actress; if a studio wants to make a female Sherlock Holmes movie, she would be the perfect casting, so her casting as Sylvia is against type; that could have been fine if she can pull off this uneducated character, but she delivered her every line with such knowing intelligence, it’s just unconvincing that Sylvia was intelligently inferior than Christopher, plus the script had made Sylvia much less horrid than in the books and AC (Valentine) was so ill-used, it is just unbalanced. TBH, it’s quite a frustrating viewing experience for me.

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