Alex Proyas’ PARADISE LOST Starring Bradley Cooper to be Filmed Using Motion Capture; Set for Late 2013 Release

     July 20, 2011


Some details have been unearthed regarding director Alex Proyas’ (Knowing) adaptation of the 17th century epic poem Paradise Lost. We learned back in May that Bradley Cooper was attached to star, and that the film would include “aerial warfare,” but other than that not much was known about the ambitious undertaking. Well now it looks like the massive production will take place in Sydney, spanning 20 weeks of pre-production, eight weeks of principal photography, and 72 weeks of post-production, with the director utilizing motion capture to make the film.

3D had previously been mentioned as a possibility, but it appears there are currently no plans for the format. Hit the jump for more.

alex_proyas_image__1_Ausfilm (via The Playlist) broke the news of the production details, with Proyas making an announcement from Sydney. Motion capture seems the right way to go in order to justly portray the mythological grandeur of Milton’s story that centers on an epic war between archangels Lucifer and Michael, though the report doesn’t specify if the entire film will be motion capture (like The Polar Express) or if only certain elements/characters will be photographed with the technology (like The Lord of the Rings and King Kong).

While Proyas has arguably yet to live up to the promise he showed with 1998’s Dark City, if done right Paradise Lost could be a wildly entertaining film. Cooper hasn’t really had a chance to shine as a dramatic actor, so if Proyas focuses as much attention on the character aspects of the Lucifer/Michael showdown as he does on the visual effects and stunts, the actor could turn in some fine work here.

Nevertheless, production is expected to get underway fairly soon given the amount of post-production work that needs to be done. The studio is eying a late 2013 release. We’ll know more at this week’s Comic-Con when Proyas and Cooper talk about the film for the Legendary Pictures panel. Be sure to check back here on Collider for our full-scale coverage from the event.

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  • The Train!

    this is great news because when milton wrote the poem, which many regard as the greatest epic poem ever written (though certainly it is the greatest epic in the English language), he had intended it to be an action-adventure popcorn flick with that guy from the Hangover in it.

    his notes reveal that he had wanted to incorporate giant, otherwordly machines that would do battle with each other and could transform into horse-drawn buggies to disguise themselves, but he decided on a war between angels instead.

    i just hope the paradise lost fanboys don’t get wind of this.



  • Northern Star

    This movie could be awesome if done right, and it sounds like they are- at least on the technical and visual level.

    The fact the actual production period is only eight weeks, and the post-production a WHOPPING year-and-five-months in duration, indicates it will be shot completely on soundstages against mostly green/blue screen using high-definition digital cameras… believe it or not, EXACTLY as I said they should’ve done it when it was announced earlier this year!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not patting myself on the back about that, but Proyas is a superb director who will make a masterpiece one day, and hopefully, this could be it- or a lot closer to one than some movies being made presently! It all depends on the script- get Tom Stoppard to give it a final polish- and if they get that right, this is going to be one HELL (geddit?) of a movie, I’m psyched about this…

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