Legendary Pictures Scraps Alex Proyas’ PARADISE LOST Starring Bradley Cooper

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In the climate of budget conscious studios hesitant to gamble money on anything that doesn’t have a “2” in the title, more and more ambitious projects are having trouble crossing the finish line. Universal passed on Guillermo del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are struggling to get their blended, multi-part film/TV adaptation of The Dark Tower off the ground, and most recently we saw Warner Bros. put their fantasy pic Arthur & Lancelot on hold in order to work out budget issues.

Now you can add Paradise Lost to the list of blue balled titles, as Legendary has pulled the plug. The ambitious adaptation of John Milton’s classic epic poem was to begin shooting in January, but Legendary decided in December to push production back in order to reduce the budget. Now the studio has scrapped the project all together. Hit the jump for more, including why Legendary backed out.

paradise-lost-miltonDirector Alex Proyas had an ambitious vision for the film, as he planned to utilized motion capture and 3D for the action-oriented adaptation. The cast was impressive, with Bradley Cooper, Benjamin Walker, Casey Affleck, and Dijmon Hounsou all onboard, but ultimately the studio’s decision came down to budget. Deadline reports that the crux of Legendary’s issue was with the enormous amount of visual effects. They attempted to scale back a budget that had crossed the $120 million mark, but in the end it apparently proved too daunting.

There’s no word on whether or not Proyas will shop the film around elsewhere, but one assumes he’ll have to make some considerable creative concessions to get the budget down to a studio-friendly number. Cooper just told Steve a few weeks ago that he hoped to start filming Paradise Lost in June, but alas it’s not meant to be. Personally, I find it depressing to think that studios won’t hesitate to throw money at Grown Ups 2 but are unwilling to go out on a limb for something ambitious. Something adventurous. Something different.

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  • BeenBag

    I have to admit. I was really really looking forward to this film. There is an EPIC angel war in heaven film begging to be made. The Prophecy series just never did it justice, but gave a hint of how cool it could be.

  • Hungus

    Stuff like this is the exact reason ASS: The Movie is for sure gonna win best screenplay 500 years into the future. If they would of made it u would of seen them tripping over their dongs to get the sequel out as soon as possible. All the studio executives HATED Johnny Deep in Pirates and the dailies of the footage. Then turns out they didn’t know wtf they were talking about (with the first one that is) and were all on board for inferior sequels cause of the bottom line…money. All they had to do was market it to the religious crowd too. Look at Passion. Fall of Jebus and non stop brutality for 3 hours and they brought their entire church!! Tell them it’s the fall of Satan and watch them run to it. Ha

  • bloop

    what a shame. i am sorely dissapointed, this was honestly the most anticipated film for me in years and years. i think it would have done well at the box office and became a classic. this film needs to be made, people have been waiting for an epic like this for far too long. it was long over due and when it does get made i think the studio who scrapped it will slap themselves…

  • tom

    this is actually kinda bittersweet for me. there’s no doubt i would love to see a PL movie, as i’m literally in love with the epic poem, but the way they talked about it in interviews just always irked me. i don’t wanna sound like a pretentious douche (even though that’s probably how i’ll come off), but the people in charge just didn’t seem to fully understand the poem. the movie shouldn’t be about the war in heaven, it should be about the fall of man. there always just seemed to be too much emphasis on the war in heaven, and although that would look cool on the big screen (especially in 3D and after hearing how awesome proyas’ concept art was), that’s missing the point of the story. i always just saw this as more of a benjamin button type movie, where you spend a bunch of money on visuals, and then release it in december, marketing it as an awards film. there’s some wonderful drama in the poem (satan’s introspection is fascinating), so i just always thought this would work more as an expensive awards movie. anyhow, rant over

  • mattn

    Very disappointing… apparently Bradley Cooper’s audition as the devil was meant to be absolutely brilliant. Seriously. Like Heath Ledger Joker brilliant. I think this is a major missed opportunity.

  • Ben

    I remember going to the comic con panel for this, the cast (which was just Bradley Cooper) and director seemed really into this, and from what they were saying was going to be a great movie. Even the concept art was was amazing. So disappointing.

  • Mr_Skyfish

    This is terrible news. God everyone I’ve talked to about the film were all eager to see production start soon! But this is so awful, why the hell would they scrap this production? Money really? Stupid, Yet green lantern was made with a massive budget and that was completely shit!

    Just love how movies like Paradise Lost get scrapped but films like Grown Ups 2 get money thrown at them without hesitation.

    I hope to Jesus Christ another studio picks this film up!

  • Zach

    This is complete bullshit! I was really looking forward to this. Hollywood is managing to hold on to it’s reputation of making idiotic decisions. Let’s NOT make a movie about a classic piece of literature, but don’t worry America – you’ll get another brainless Chipmunk movie.

  • Northern Star

    NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!! Sonofabitch, I was so looking forward to this film, dammit… on the up side though, they also said the technology wasn’t quite there to do it right yet, so maybe in a few years (hopefully)!

  • erik

    hope they’ll put this film back on track, i’m also looking forward to see this movie.

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