Paramount Unveils New Logo for 100th Anniversary

     December 14, 2011


I love studio logos.  After the lights go down and the crowd goes silent, the logo is the first official sign the movie experience is about to begin.  I have an especially strong connection with the Paramount logo.  Whenever those stars swoop in and encircle the picturesque mountain, I hear the opening theme of The Godfather.  I can’t find the video, but those iconic horns sound right as the first star settles in at the side of the mountain.  So I am excited that Paramount is celebrating their 100th anniversary by an updating the logo.  It is mostly the same, but somehow even more picturesque, if you can imagine that.

The logo will first be seen on the December 16 IMAX release of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  Hit the jump to see the new logo in full, plus a look at how the logo has evolved over the years.

Click for high resolution

Here is the press release with all the details:


New Logo Will Be Seen With “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”

HOLLYWOOD, CA (December 14, 2011) – Paramount Pictures today unveiled a new company logo that commemorates the studio’s 100th Anniversary in show business. The new logo can be seen on the new Tom Cruise starrer, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL. The movie will open in IMAX and on other premium large format screens on Friday, December 16th and in theatres everywhere on December 21st.

The studio’s first logo, a symbol of a rugged, snow-covered peak from the Wasatch mountain range, was created in 1916. The 100th Anniversary logo was created by Devastudios, Inc.

Paramount will use the logo throughout its centennial year in 2012. Beginning in 2013, the wordingabout the 100th anniversary will be removed from the logo, with the rest of the design remaining in use.

Someone put together this neat cut of three variants of the logo in action:

Finally, a collection of a few of the different logos over the years, courtesy of CLG Wiki:







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  • hey809

    love it!

  • Sal

    It is very nice! Can’t wait for more new great movies!!!

  • Carson Dyle

    But Brendan, the Godfather wouldn’t have originally had an animated Paramount logo. It would have been one of the Gulf + Western ones.

    •!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      That is probably true. I only know it on DVD, so I guess they updated the logo.

      That ruins it a little bit.

  • dogg

    What I wanna know is when the hell is Universal going to update their hideous, stuck-in-1992 logo?

  • snapperhead

    For me, the Paramount logo = Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • Peteara

      hell yes.

  • Ryan

    Actually Universal’s logo started in 1997 with “The Lost World”.

    I like this one, but go to wikipedia and check out Paramount films in 2012. Aside from World War Z, nothing really screams “How great is it we’re 100 years old!”. Wish Star Trek were still coming out in 2012…

  • Sugreev2001

    Looks very nice,can’t wait to see Universal’s 100th Anniversary special logo.Loved 20th Century Fox’s 75th Anniversary logo last year.

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  • Kev

    i used to like the logo for hbo (80′s)it was kinda like lionsgate is now

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