September 15, 2010


A new trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 has gone online.  I didn’t see the first film, but for everyone who “demanded it”, it looks like you’ll be getting more of the same: creepy things happening as viewed through a stationary camcorder-with-night-vision.  However, director Oren Peli did not return to helm the sequel.  This time out, Tod Williams (The Door in the Floor) is behind the stationary camcorder-with-night-vision.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  Paranormal Activity 2 opens October 22nd.


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  • Alexanderjhajna

    this is not a new trailer…

  • Alexanderjhajna

    this is not a new trailer…

  • Szada2006

    this trailer is old…

  • lol

    This trailer has been out for a long time.

  • InfiniteMonkey

    WTF? I was expecting Mickey Mouse to pop out somewhere! LOLz!

  • TripleHBK

    This trailer is a “remix” of the original one. In the orignal trailer it ended with a frame frozen on screen and backwords letters on the floor of the mirror. On this trailer, when you go to the official site after the trailer has ended the image still freezes on screen, but the camera then slowly zooms in on the baby in the crib in the mirror who of course isn’t in the room itself. I’m assuming some people were too dumb to figure out the hidden message in the first trailer, so this one spells it out for them.

  • KathyH24

    RIght before the pots and pans scene the screen flashes red. Reverse what you’re watching and some serious weird crap pops up. Oh and at the end put your cursor to the far left hand corner as far as you can get it and don’t move. You get another surprise.