Upcoming Seasons of PARKS AND RECREATION and PARENTHOOD Will Be the Last

     May 11, 2014


Though neither come as huge surprises, NBC has confirmed that Parks and Recreation and Parenthood will air their final seasons during the upcoming 2014-15 slate.  Though its ratings haven’t been astronomical, Parks and Rec has maintained a consistent fanbase over its past few seasons in addition to staying creatively at the top of its game.  Given the developments at the end of season six, it sure felt like the producers were setting up an endgame for Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), and as an avid fan of the series, I think it’s smart to bring it to an end with a seventh and final season (which will bow midseason).  The uniquely non-cynical comedy has a knack for mixing hilarious character-driven humor with surprising emotional beats, and I’m eager to see how the story of this goofy gang of Pawnee inhabitants comes to an end.

Hit the jump to see what creator Michael Schur had to say about the end of Parks and Recreation and for news regarding Parenthood’s final season (which almost didn’t happen), including an episode count.

Reaching out on Twitter, Parks and Recreation showrunner Michael Schur had this to say about the final season of the show:



As for Parenthood, there was a chance that the current fifth season of the tear-inducing drama series would be its last, as contract negotiations between the cast and NBC for season six reached an impasse.  The network wanted to order only nine episodes for the sixth and final season, but the episode count had to be signed off by the key castmembers, who were keen on 13 episodes.  At the final hour all parties came to an agreement, and now NBC will air a 13-episode final season of the drama this fall.

Parenthood was actually doing quite well in the ratings, but due to its large ensemble cast, it was an expensive show to produce.  The series was always a critical darling, though, with praise heaped on showrunner Jason Katims, the genius who was also behind Friday Night Lights.  In addition to Parenthood, Katims also has another series at NBC, the sitcom About a Boy.


  • randommale7

    I think seven season is a good finishing point for sitcoms. Just look at 30 Rock, it ended exactly on the right note and didn’t stay for two more mediocre seasons (here’s looking at you HIMYM).

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  • NORCAL209

    The season finale of Parks and Rec was amazing, and I love the flash forward to give us an idea of where things are headed. SPOILER ALTER: With Mad Men ending, and John Ham being a great comedian on shows like 30 Rock and SNL, I really hope that cameo becomes a reoccurring role even if its for a few episodes.

  • Leo Spaceman

    Chris Pratt probably didn’t want to do the show anymore and they couldn’t afford to lose him. Also losing Chris Traeger was a big blow to the show. Adam Scott is going to be able to hit the movies in supporting roles. Amy Poehler is probably getting expensive. Nick Offerman will be able to get by on bit roles for the rest of his life. Rashida Jones seems like she is probably unpleasant in real life and Aubrey Plaza isn’t a good enough actress to become much more successful than she is. Jim O’Heir and Retta will probably fade into obscurity with bit roles here and there on mediocre comedies. And hopefully Aziz Ansari will never find another gig again. It is at the right time to bring the show to an end.

    I think it will be good to give the show one season of Leslie as a Mom because that will help keep the show more fresh and engaging, but then go out on top. I hope this season could like Season 8 of Scrubs. A great show that became a little derivative moving into their last season, but brought back the magic for the last season and knocked it out of the park.

    • Jan

      “…and they couldn’t afford to lose him” More like they couldn’t afford him anymore. He’s the lead in one of this year’s biggest movies (Guardians) and next year (Jurassic World). You can’t retain an actor of that ‘stature’ as merely a supporting actor on a half-hour comedy.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Isn’t that basically what I said, all you did was spell out what was obvious.

      • Jan

        Uhm, not really. You made it sound like he’s the linchpin of the show. I can perfectly picture a Parks and Rec without Pratt’s goofy character, whereas you claimed they couldn’t.

      • Leo Spaceman

        Most of the cast is unwatchable besides Ron and Ben and kind of Leslie, the remaining characters are horrible.

      • Guy Smiley

        Ridiculous. Andy and April are hilarious!

        You’re certainly right about goddamned Craig though… Who the hell thought that unfunny, shouty prick was a good idea? He’s nearly ruined the show for me. I missed several episodes this season, after he was added (though I did watch the season finale).

        When I do watch now, I watch on the DVR and zip past his shit.

      • Leo Spaceman

        I was saying if they lost Andy, then it would only be Ron and Ben And Leslie, I think Andy is one of their best characters. April only works because she has Andy, otherwise I think Aubrey really is a weak actress. But F**k no one pisses me off more than Tom. Aziz Ansari is as bad as Dave Franco to me. he is worse than Craig, who I agree is terrible.

      • Jan

        Okay, well, that’s subjective than. IMO Pratt’s character’s disposable because he ‘is’ a goofball and Pawnee’s populated with them abundantly.

  • http://www.discogs.com/ AdamShitwood

    I think they should destroy this show like they did The Office. Why end it when you can rape it? Let Leslie move to some other part of the country and the show can have some secondary character become the boss, im thinking Tom because he’s the more effeminate version of The Nard Dogg. Then they should just drag the shows death out for two more seasons unnecessarily. It’s only fair.

    Wonder if they’re gonna try to make some half ass pilot with Ron Swanson the way they did with Dwight Schrute. I would watch a Ron Show. I see dumb shit coming our way