Three PARKS AND RECREATION Series Finale Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

     February 25, 2015


Last night’s Parks and Recreation series finale was just about perfect.  The show’s warmth heated up to melt even the coldest heart, and was basically an hour-long, reassuring hug to let us know that all of the characters were going to be okay (except for Mark Brendanawicz, who presumably did something so horrible that he must never be mentioned again).

The show also dropped in some fun Easter eggs, and while there could be more, Vulture found these three:

Jean-Ralphio Becomes a Champagne Producer (or at Least Gets His Name on a Bottle)


I guess his big casino gamble paid off.  Or maybe not.  But I feel both comforted and uneasy knowing that Jean-Ralphio cannot be stopped.

The Citizen Wanting to Fix the Swing Was the Same Actor Who Played the Drunk Guy in the Series Premiere


It turns out Andy Dwyer wasn’t the only irresponsible adult who got his act together over the course of the series.  Jon Daly played a drunk in the pilot episode who got stuck in a slide and had to be shooed away with a broom.  He returned as a well-dressed, upright citizen who still has a connection with playground equipment.

There’s a Little Star-Lord


One of the trick-or-treaters at April and Andy’s house in Washington was dressed up as Star-Lord.  He deserves the most candy.