Patton Oswalt Gets Kicked out for Texting in New Alamo Drafthouse PSA

     December 14, 2011


The Alamo Drafthouse has a strict no-texting policy.  They have this weird theory that losing one shitty customer is alright because you’re getting so many more sensible, polite customers in return.  It makes the theater experience better, makes people want to come to the theater, and then profits happen.  Everbody’s happy.  They also make warnings/PSAs that actually work.  When you go to a multiplex, you get a cellphone company like Sprint or AT&T doing a cutesy PSA telling people they shouldn’t talk and text during the movie.  No one pays attention, and they act like ass-holes anyway because the theater isn’t going to enforce anything.

By comparison, the Drafthouse does really catchy PSAs.  Their best was using an angry voicemail from a patron who was kicked out for texting.  Young Adult director Jason Reitman and star Patton Oswalt built off this hilarious voicemail for a new PSA and you can check it out after the jump.

Via Badass Digest.


  • whatever

    I dig Patton but the original version with the actual recording was funnier, frankly. Leave a good thing alone.

  • Warpcrafter

    Doesn’t matter, movie theaters are nearly extinct anyway.

    • Chris

      I find it funny that you’re commenting on a story that you found on a website dedicated solely to the film industry and you make a silly comment like that. Since I’m attacking you, feel free to reply with any kind of evidence that would validate your statement.

      In regards to the article and other comments, I think there should be a person in every theater that just smashes people who text or answer phone calls, in the face with a semi-hard object. That being said, blocking people’s phone signal is probably a more realistic approach. It would be awesome to see those D-bags getting a clean one to the nose/face though. Not enough to break a nose but enough to get them to tear up and drop their phones.

      • Truth_Troll

        Chris, you are a terrible Troll. Just really awful.

  • matt

    funny that i want to see Young Adult but it is not being shown at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester

  • drew

    theaters should build phone blockers into their buildings so once you enter phones are completely blocked

    • excpired

      Phone blocking is a felony btw. Which is why theaters will never do it, it is considered a risk to national security.

      Everytime someone in the theater puts their phone on near me I tell them to turn their phone off, if they don’t I start to yell at them. If you let them get away with it they will always do it.

      Now, not being racist here, but has anyone else noticed its almost always asians who use their phones during the movie?

      If you want to talk to your friends and text like a schoolgirl, then watch a fucking movie at home you twats.

    • lovetron

      If you install phone blockers, the terrorists win.

  • bill

    Texting during a movie is annoying but not NEARLY as annoying as people talking during a movie. These two middle aged bastards were talking all through the movie DRIVE when i went to see it. I wanted to climb up the rows and curb stomp those MoFo’s.

  • BrandonHeat07

    The original voicemail was better BY FAAAAAAAAAR…

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