Director Paul Feig Developing a Comedy for Jon Hamm

     March 15, 2011


I hate Jon Hamm.  He’s devastatingly handsome, a fantastic dramatic actor, and — as those who have seen/heard Hamm on SNL, 30 Rock, or Doug Benson’s I Love Movies podcast can attest — a very funny man.  What a jerk.  Yet director Paul Feig, who worked with Hamm on the upcoming wedding comedy Bridesmaids, finds these qualities endearing.  A working cut of Bridemsaids just premiered at SXSW (to positive reception), where Feig revealed to 24 Frames he is working on a new project to capitalize on Hamm’s comic gifts:

“[Hamm] is such a comedy nerd. He will quote lines from Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. You’re quoting something even I can’t quote! He’s always wanted to do comedy. One of the next things I’m developing a project for him to star in. I think he’s so funny. He’s like Cary Grant to me.”

As the creator of Freaks and Geeks and frequent episodic director of Arrested Development and The Office, Feig too is overflowing with comic credibility.  Feig even directed a season one episode of Mad Men, to prove that Hamm isn’t the only one who goes both ways.  We don’t know the logline or even the development stage of the project — but based on personnel alone, I’m all in.  Bridesmaids opens May 13.


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