Paul Giamatti, Paul Rudd, and Sally Hawkins to Star in Comedy LUCKY DOG

     February 9, 2012


Paul Giamatti, Paul Rudd, and Sally Hawkins are set to lead Phil Morrison‘s comedy Lucky Dog.  Per Deadline, “the story centers on a pair of French-Canadian conmen pals who, despite being on the outs with each other, hatch a get-rich-quick scheme to sell Christmas trees in NY.”  I’m not sure what’s quick about selling Christmas trees, but I’ll go along with it even though I thought Morrison’s previous film, Junebug, was an absolute chore with the exception of Amy Adams‘ performance.  Filming on Lucky Dog begins next month in New York City.

As we reported last month, Giamatti is set to play Friar Lawrence (the guy who cooks up the idiotic fake-death potion) in the period adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.  Rudd is leading Errol Morris‘ non-documentary feature Freezing People Is Easy, and he’ll be seen later this year in the comedies Wanderlust and the Knocked Up spinoff, This Is Forty.  As for Hawkins, she’s co-starring in Mike Newell‘s adaptation of Great Expectations.

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  • Dsimolke

    You really don’t have to add your cynical and sarcastic thoughts on EVERYTHING. It’s fun to do sometimes, but this just broke the camel’s back for me. Now you’re even doing it with classic Shakespearean characters. It’s almost like you’re trying to be a parody of yourself you do this so often. It gives me a headache. This is a casting update article. I really like how fast this site gets the news out, but sometimes we just want to read the information. I know I don’t have to read your articles or whatever, but this is a really good site overall. Chitwood does a much better job balancing his thoughts with the information we actually need. I know you’re the critic, but relax and take notes.