Paul Greengrass Drops Out of Aaron Sorkin’s TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7

     September 17, 2013


And just like that, The Trial of the Chicago 7 heads back into development hell.  The project was initially written by Aaron Sorkin as a directing vehicle for Steven Spielberg in the 2000s, but subsequently languished in Hollywood for years after Spielberg dropped out.  A couple of months ago, Paul Greengrass circled back around and entered talks to direct the pic, which chronicles the trial surrounding seven defendants who were arrested following protests that took place in Chicago during the Democratic Convention in 1968.

DreamWorks wasn’t willing to spend any more than $30 million on the film (for a period piece, really?), and Variety reports that when Greengrass turned in a budget closer to $40 million the two decided to part ways.  He will now move on to find another film to act as his next project, while DreamWorks works to find a director who can get the film made at the smaller price tag.  Greengrass’ next movie, Captain Phillips, opens this October and is already garnering some heavy awards buzz, so it shouldn’t be tough to find a replacement film.

  • Frank

    Bourne 5!

    • Northern Star

      Absolutely not… at least I hope not, the Bourne story is finished!

      This is EXACTLY what happened with the ’24′ movie last year, only with FOX, who didn’t want to spend more than $30m whereas Kiefer and Imagine Entertainment felt they needed at least $45m to do it justice… studios don’t want to make mid-range budget films any more, it’s all cheapo romcoms and horror flicks and prestige pics on the low end and then jump to big mega-budget franchises at the top end with no in-between… and that game-plan is hurting great cinema in the process!

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  • alk

    this guy has the worst track record of boarding a project and dropping it. i mean, does he live off of those development paychecks or something? how does this guy still get work?

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