Paul W.S. Anderson to Adapt Capcom’s Video Game Franchise MONSTER HUNTER?

     September 13, 2012


With Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil: Retribution set to assault theaters in two weeks, the director may be setting his sights on a new video game franchise to adapt.  Retribution may be the third RE film Anderson has directed, but it’s the fifth and likely the penultimate in the series.  So where does he go from here?  Possibly onto another Capcom property, Monster Hunter If you couldn’t guess from the title, the game revolves around an up-and-coming hunter who must track, trap and kill various monsters roaming the countryside, all in the name of protecting defenseless villagers and damsels in distress.  Right up Anderson’s alley.  Hit the jump for more.

paul-w-s-anderson-monster-hunterNews of Anderson’s possible tackling of Monster Hunter comes via The Playlist (which sources Punch Drunk Critics as the translation of a Cinema Today story).  I’m not a fan of the Monster Hunter series like I am (or at least, was) of the Resident Evil video games, so I don’t know whether this is a sacred property to fans or not.  And Anderson remains a polarizing director, in my opinion.  His RE movies have made absolute bank at the box office, but continue to show only the loosest of connections to the video games themselves.  On one hand, it’s great that he’s showing the enthusiasm to make these films; on the other, my God can’t you please make them better?!  Perhaps with an even looser foundation to start from with Monster Hunter, Anderson’s talent for spectacle and visual flair will actually be an asset.  I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these monstrous creations come to life on screen.  Any Monster Hunter fans out there?  Let us know what you think about Anderson in the comments!  Also, be sure to check out interviews with Anderson from this year’s WonderCon and Comic-Con.


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