Paul Walker Leads HITMAN Reboot in AGENT 47

     February 5, 2013


The Square Enix game Hitman had its chance at launching a feature franchise with 2007′s adaptation starring Timothy Olyphant, but Fox International Productions is giving it another go.  Starring Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious), the reboot will be titled Agent 47, referring to the genetically engineered and cloned assassin who sports a bald head and a barcode.  Skip Woods penned the screenplay for the original Hitman and will return for another try along with Mike Finch.  Commercials director Aleksander Bach will make his feature film debut with Agent 47.  Hit the jump for more.

Deadline reports that Walker is the choice to play Agent 47 and will do so once he finishes his global press tour for Fast and Furious 6 The film will shoot in Berlin and Singapore this summer and will feature Walker with the iconic shaved head and barcode.  Production begins this June.  The hopes are that Agent 47 will prove successful in both domestic and global box offices and that Walker will help reboot become a franchise-starter.

Check out the trailer for the 2007 film below:


  • Andy Fowler


  • Strong Enough

    Bald Paul Walker? LMAO

  • LEM

    Why? seriously why him? He’s not a good actor and doesn’t fit the part even with a shaved head and a bar code.

  • Anon

    Just cast Jason Statham. BOOM! Minimal hair adjustment required. Paul Walker is way too much of a bro for this character.

  • An

    Why do they keep making terrible casting choices? I don’t hate Paul walker and I love Olymphant both of those guys look terrible bald, not to say about acting. Also Walker is not the serious loner, he’s like a party boy. Pick a good lead guys come on.

  • pastam

    No no no…Why not finally Jason Statham??! Damn!

  • Tyler

    So theu changed the ONE thing that didn’t completely suck from the first film…

  • Nihilus

    Why Paul Walker???

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  • will

    How does Skip Woods keep getting work. Look at his resumé: The A-Team, Wolverine, the original Hitman, and G.I. Joe. He’s probably going to kill Die Hard stone dead as well. Also, when this is the one role that Statham would absolutely crush, you hire Paul freaking Walker??!!

  • nick

    Jason Statham would be ideal, but he’s also too good (and expensive) for a movie that’s directed by a commercials director. They have to cut their coat to fit their cloth. That being said, I’m sure there are plenty of unknown or bit-part actors who could handle the role much better than Walker– give somebody new a chance! And THAT being said, it’s just Hitman, so who cares about any of this anyways.

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  • Jessica

    I don´t understand this casting choice.


    Til Schweiger from Inglourious Basterds is the perfect actor for that kind of role.

    Bye Jessica

  • Cody

    Joaquin Phoenix for Hitman. :)

  • burlivesleftnut

    But his beautiful hair is 75% of his acting technique!

  • tarek

    Ok guys. Forget Paul Walker. I’ll do it for you. where’s the shaving room ?

  • Mars

    I farted

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  • Andrew

    Paul walker, Jason statham and vin diesel shouldn’t even GO NEAR the hitman franchise. And same with skip woods.
    I think Michael C Hall from ‘Dexter’ would honestly make a good agent 47. only problem for most would be trying to see through his Dexter character and see 47.

  • gallan

    You guys are underestimating Walkers acting skills, and hitman is a dead easy character to play. Olyphant was good, but he gave his own unique spin on the character. Walker should do the same since the character in the game is not very likeable.

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  • XBO_Gamer_John

    WHAT THE HELL? Oh HELL no. Everyboy boycott this like you’ve never boycotted anything before and show the movie industry not to mess with our videogames unless they’re going to do them justice.

  • Ryan Kadlec

    due to Paul Walker’s Tragic Death, Fox needs to find another Agent 47 or they’ll lose the film rights and revert back to IO Interactive.

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