SXSW 2011: Pee-Wee Herman Explains SOURCE CODE and Jake Gyllenhaal Explains THE PEE-WEE HERMAN SHOW ON BROADWAY

     March 14, 2011


Only at SXSW will you see Jake Gyllenhaal and Pee-wee Herman teamed up. While attending the ongoing festival in Austin, the two recently paired up to create short videos explaining each other’s projects. Herman explains what Gyllenhaal’s new film Source Code is about, while Gyllenhaal attempts to explain what The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway is about. Pee-wee’s Broadway show will be airing on HBO Satuday, March 19th, while Source Code is set to hit theaters on April 1st. Hit the jump to watch the clips.

Here’s Pee-Wee explaining Source Code:

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal explaining The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway:

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