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Fox 2000 is at work assembling a sequel to last year’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief which could start shooting as early as next summer.  The studio has signed Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski (1408) to adapt the second novel in Rick Riordan’s fantasy series, titled The Sea of MonstersLightning Thief director Chris Columbus is not expected to step behind the camera again, but he will remain on board as producer.  Logan Lerman will return as Percy Jackson, and 24 Frames suggests the other leads will follow suit.  Lerman was supported by Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Sean Bean, Pierce Brosnan, Steve Coogan, and Rosario Dawson in The Lightning Thief.

Hit the jump for a  synopsis for The Sea of Monsters.


Percy Jackson’s seventh-grade year has been surprisingly quiet. Not a single monster has set foot on his New York prep-school campus. But when an innocent game of dodgeball among Percy and his classmates turns into a death match against an ugly gang of cannibal giants, things get… well, ugly. And the unexpected arrival of Percy’s friend Annabeth brings more bad news: the magical borders that protect Camp Half-Blood have been poisoned by a mysterious enemy, and unless a cure is found, the only safe haven for demigods will be destroyed.

In this fresh, funny, and hugely anticipated follow up to The Lightning Thief, Percy and his friends must journey into the Sea of Monsters to save their beloved camp. But first, Percy will discover a stunning new secret about his family — one that makes him question whether being claimed as Poseidon’s son is an honor or simply a cruel joke. [Amazon]

The Lightning Thief was not spectacularly expensive, but it wasn’t cheap (Box Office Mojo lists a $95 million production budget).  Fox turned it into a modest hit: $89 million domestic, $138 million worldwide.  Does that merit a sequel?  24 Frames hears the studio is relying on the apparent popularity of the books to sustain interest in the movie adaptations.  Wouldn’t be shocked by reports of a reduced budget for The Sea of Monsters.

From a quality standpoint, I thought the first film was awful.  But I like the premise of the series, and could jive with a sequel if the execution improves.

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  • Alex–

    Yep liked this film, the cast, the premise, it’s leading man. But the production quality of the film was admittedly pretty bad (embarrassing for a 95 million dollar film). I say get a competent director behind the project with some fire in his loins not a has been like Christopher Columbus, who was probably sleepwalking through it.

  • M H

    I’m tired of people dumping on Chris Columbus a director. He’s not that bad. He’s not a great director, no, but the first two Harry Potter movies prove that he is far from being an incompetent director. He just needs to choose his material more carefully that’s all. As for the first Percy Jackson the only real problem with that film’s direction is that the studio probably wanted Columbus to do another Harry Potter. The movie even looked a lot alike the first couple of Harry Potter films, but I don’t think that was something to blame on Columbus (even though he directed the first couple of Potter films) I think that was more of the studio interfering with Columbus’ choices on the look of the film. I’m guessing that if he had gotten total creative control it would have looked much different.

    As for what really stunk about the first Percy Jackson film was the screenplay. They wanted to dumb down the story too much. In the novel Percy is about 12 years old, not 17, he’s also much more aware as a character and also much more vulnerable. I have no idea why they changed any of that other than that Fox wanted to basically take a series of children’s books aimed at about 10 years old and up, and turn it into teenage movie going fodder. None of the changes helped the story. And what was so cool about the book was that it had a really neat way of updating the classical myths. As a movie the script just drained all that life out of the book and made the story just really dull and lifeless. You also know the script is bad when even Sean Bean and Kevin McKidd can’t save the dialogue.

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  • Shashi

    yesss! this movie definitely deserves a sequel, the first one was amazing and i dont know why it didn’t turn out to be a hit…can’t wait for it!

    • Charlotte

      Listen guys. The movie was great if it was never based on a book. They created a completely different storyline and there were many potholes. The only good thing was probably the awesome actors. The script sucked. The producers should have realized that if they stuck to the book it would have done SO MUCH BETTER. Even if the books are directed to 10 year old it appeals to whole variety of people. And the farther you get into the series the more mature it becomes. It’s quite impossible to create the 2nd one. And they can’t rely on the fanbase because everyone who actually read the book will probably watch it online or something and not waste money on it.

      I was really looking forward to the 5th one where there was a war in NYC and shit gets real. But that’s never going to happen unless they can somehow go back to the books.

      • Collin

        ‘I totally agree with you. I so want to watch these if they followed the books
        It is kindof wierd for older people to think that percy was 12 or so during the lightning thief. Thats just so young.

      • Emmy

        Great actors? They were horrible! thats all i have to say, but i really wish they didnt call it Percy Jackson, it had no affilliation with the book, they made so many mistakes! Ive made rants on other sites, i guess im to tired to do another one :D. But i agree with you on everything else

    • Alex

      Yeah, so i totally agree with everything that was wrong with the movie. I am one of the biggest Percy Jackson fans in the world! on top of that i am a huge Greek Mythology fan…some of my friends call me addicted to it, anyway I was extremely disappointed with the result of the move. It was sad, this movie had great potential. Rick Riordan created this epic story, with twists and turns so unexpected that it was suitable for all ages just the way it was. They didn’t have to change anything to make more people watch it. It was thrilling funny and you couldn’t help but loving all the characters and their humor.


      1.) Age
      Their ages were off, WAY off. Logan Learman (Percy Jackson) is 19 years old. Brandon T. Jackson (Grover Underwood) is 28. This technically is ok since in the book Grover is actually 27, but satyrs still mature more slowly than humans so he should be around the age of 12. Now for the worst of all Alexandra Daddario (Annabeth Chase) is 26 years old that is 14 years older than she is supposed to be! Not to mention her hair is supposed to be BLOND!

      2.) Missing Characters
      There are a few…a lot of characters that were not in the movie that should have. Now there is Kronos who is the main villain throughout the five books. This is a major problem…not putting the villain in the story! They did a fine job of introducing him in the museum but they just left it there not another word about him. Also Thalia’s tree was never mentioned, which is important in the Sea of Monsters, also Thalia is a major character in the Titan’s Curse through the Last Olympian. Without her pine then why would they need to get the Golden Fleece? Clarisse was supposed to have a conflict with Percy when he first got to camp when he “becomes the supreme lord of the bathroom” where he causes the toilets to explode all over her and her cabin mates. She is also a major character in the Sea of Monsters. Clarisse’s father Ares, the god of war, was not in it like he should have been. He was the “god who turned” from the prophecy and he and Percy were supposed to fight. Speaking of Prophecy, the Oracle didn’t have anything to do with the movie. Since all of the Percy Jackson books are centered around a prophecy it was pretty stupid to totally disregard the Oracle. Dionysus, the god of wine, was supposed to be the head of Camp Half Blood as punishment for chasing a nymph that was declared off limits by Zeus. He doesn’t have a very big role, therefore it shouldn’t have been a problem to show him as the head of camp.

      3.) Style
      The Percy Jackson style is plain AWESOME. Rick Riordan brings the Greek Myths to life and mixes it into modern life. It’s a happy medium of funny and serious…it is great. All the funny stuff in the book was totally disregarded in the movie. For example:The Minotaur wearing his white underwear. much of that was lost in the movie.

      4.) Story Line Shift
      What is this! They completely changed the story line! They were not supposed to be searching for pearls! They were supposed to get a quest to retrieve the master bolt, and whatever happened to the possibility of a huge war between the gods if Percy didn’t return it by the summer solstice. Kronos was supposed to be the major villain, not Hades, they just thought he was because of the Prophecy that said they would go west and face the god who turned. (Turned out to be Ares as I said before.)

      Well, I am sick of complaining. (Also sorry if I missed anything that was wrong with it, it has been like two years since I watched the movie, but like two days since I read the book.) When I saw the movie my only thought (Other than laughing hysterically at Medusa, who wasn’t like she was in the book, but by that time I had really stopped comparing it to the book…I had already payed for it and I decided that i should try to enjoy it as best I could) was how much they got wrong with the a simple book. They tried way to hard to get older people to watch it and ticked off the fans (including the older fans). They could have avoided all of these problems if they would have at least stuck to the book!

      I am looking forward to the next movie (because I’m a hype) but it better be true to the book. They are going to have to introduce all the characters that they neglected in the Lightning Thief. I feel sorry for the new writers that have to fix other peoples mistakes, but I believe that they can do it. (That was my optimism kicking in.)

      I really like this idea made by John on September 7th, 2011 2:04 am

      They could make Kronos talk to Luke well his dieing in the water make a deal and bring back luke in return to follow kronos path to destroy the gods. and when luke swims up to surface he see princes andromen ship.

      I think it is a creative way to fix two of the problems.

      I also like Manaswini’s idea posted on May 22nd, 2011 10:46 pm

      Thalia’s tree is shown (in the first, they couldn’t really concentrate on the camp borders – that can be their excuse) and then it follows the book. This time, they have no other way but to consult the oracle bout it all so we get introduced to the oracle and then there’ll be the prophecy and then the movie follows the book. Clarisse and Percy can have their fight that was skipped in the first and then the movie can follow the book. Snd maybe Ares can make an appearance and cast the curse. They’re the things i think are needed to make the movies a pentalogy and that’s how i’d introduce them, you know? so, that’s what i think they should do

      I would really like to see Clarisse get soaked in toilet water!

      Over all if they just stick to the book they will be able to keep the series going and bring back the true Percy Jackson fans.

  • Telly Savalas

    The script was definitely a low point for Percy Jackson. Columbus has only himself to blame. While I enjoyed the HP flicks he has been coasting in his last couple projects. There are many hungry directors out there that will do a lot with that kind of budget and script. Its as if he was resigned to the fact it was going to have ZERO edge or suspense.

    Scenes with Uma as Medusa were really lackluster and the more times I have seen this film (my daughter loved it but shes 3) I am disappointed becase there is so much more they could have done.

    I am glad though they are trying their hand at it again. I thought for sure the studio would do a reboot of it since its been a long time since the last was made (hahaha), we are looking at you TERMINATOR franchise.

    Why do you think studios are so quick to reboot or kill sequels altogether lately? curious to what you have to say

    Love the website

  • David Con

    Okay this is fine, but please stick, as much as possible to the book!
    Be loyal!

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  • Phoebe

    Glad they’re continuing the series. I have been waiting for an update for four months.

    If the scriptwriters and the directors for the second movie are PROFESSIONAL, DEDICATED and WORTHY for the job, they can totally make the second movie closer to the book and can put in there what the first film lacked. How are they going to put the major details (like Thalia’s tree, Kronos, Luke) into the second movie?? I don’t know. BUT IF THEY’RE WORTHY FOR THE JOB AND DON’T WANT TO WASTE MONEY OR HAVE A HUGE ANGRY MOB OF PERCY JACKSON FANS COMING AT THEM, THEY HAVE TO USE ALL THEIR SKILLS AND GIVE THEIR BEST ON TURNING THIS MOVIE TO A SUCCESS AND MAKING IT ACCEPTABLE TO THE FANS.

    For those who are complaining about Luke’s “death” in the first film, they could always make his appearance a surprise in the sequel.

    I like everything about the first movie — the actors, the effects, script — EXCEPT THE STORYLINE. I was really disappointed when the plot just seemed shallow and predictable. I think if they placed the PROPHECY in there, oh man, that would excite and thrill the audience. Maybe if half of the movie wasn’t used for finding the pearls then they could have placed Ares in there without ruining the storyline. They could also have emphasized the effect of the war between the gods to the mortal world and to the other creatures. And leaving Percy’s mom in the Underworld, that was another awesome twist. Unfortunately for me, it looked like just another one of those “quest” movies where the characters are suppose to do or get something from different places to save something. For me, it lacked twists and things which make the audience’s jaw drop.

    I heard that Chris Colombus chose the cast with sequels in mind, then he should have made the first film sequel-worthy. I mean if I was to do something for the first time, I would give my ALL into it. Too bad he’s not gonna direct it this time.

    Anyway, super glad to hear the news! Looking forward to how they make it and how it turns out. Looking forward to Logan Lerman too. ^^

  • emma

    yes! Percy Jackson is one of my favorite book series! Glad they’re making a second movie, but I don’t know how they’re bringing Luke back to life. The Percy Jackson books were amazing, full of imagination and surprise and the way the author has of bringing myths to life. The movie was cute, too, but it would have been SO MUCH BETTER if they stuck to the book plot. I didn’t think they would make a sequel because they didn’t explain anything and because of Luke’s “death”. Well, I hope this movie is better than the first and has more of “Percy Jackson” taste in it. Wish they could make the whole series but don’t see how unless they BRING BACK THE BOOKS.

    can’t wait to see Sea of Monsters, love Percy Jackson and Logan Lerman <333

  • Trainwreck

    The first movie was good but they should have stuck to the books plot. They ruined the rest of the series for the movies because annabeth was supposed to like luke and luke was supposed to be a good guy whose close friends with annabeth I don’t know how they will fix it but I hope they go back to the original plot that rick riordan had portrayed so well

  • Pat

    I loved the book so of course I love the movie. Like twilight the movie did not stick to the book. (As far as twilight) time went on and it got better. Hopefully percy jackson does the same. I have the whole percy jackson series. And I love the books, I’m so glad they are finally going start on completing the series

  • Manaswini

    i think the movie was good, nice special effects, good characters, good script but if they stuck to the book it would have been more varied, more funny and generally more awesome.

    anyway, my ideas are such- luke is brought back to life by a witch or something, luke talks to kronos in a dream, that’s how kronos is introduced, thalia’s tree is shown (in the first, they couldn’t really concentrate on the camp borders – that can be their excuse) and then it follows the book. This time, they have no other way but to consult the oracle bout it all so we get introduced to the oracle and then there’ll be the prophecy and then the movie follows the book. Clarisse and Percy can have their fight that was skipped in the first and then the movie can follow the book. Snd maybe Ares can make an appearance and cast the curse. They’re the things i think are needed to make the movies a pentalogy and that’s how i’d introduce them, you know? so, that’s what i think they should do

    • Imani

      I agree completely. Clarisse, Kronos, Thalia, and Tyson should be involved in the second movie, since those are key characters despite the fact that they aren’t the MAIN characters. I hope they redeem themselves in the second movie.

      • miranda

        um actually clarisse is parcialy the main character and should just possibly be in the move should be positivley in the movie

  • buddybuddy

    I worked on the first percy jackson film as a demi-god at camp half-blood. To be honest I didn’t know about the books when filming started; I quickly rectified that by reading them soon after. The books were amazing, I love the way Riordan combines modern and ancient realities. I wasn’t happy after seeing the film, especially going into the theater knowing that especially for Brandon this film meant something.

    I remember chilling in one of the tents waiting to film a reshoot when brandon came in while I was reading Harry Potter. He asked if I thought this film had a chance at becoming the phenomenon that was The lightning bolt kid. At the time I reassured him the film seemed to be going in a great direction. It was, I swear! Things happen though when all the filmings done that make a completely different film than you anticipated. I’m on this little forum writing because I was legitimately upset by the book to film adaptation.

    Here’s hoping the next one will be better, I feel D.J. Caruso would be a better director (watch Disturbia).

  • Jenna

    How (and why) are they going to make this into a film? They made the actors around 17 and 18 for the Lightning Thief (they’re suppose to be eleven in the first book), but in the fifth book The Last Olympian Percy and Annabeth are 15. They also completely ignored key elements of the plot when they made the first film. I just don’t understand how they can make another film.

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  • Imani

    I’m glad that they’re making changes when it comes to the director. Love the books and hope the second installment is better than the first!!

  • Poop

    The lightning thief was a good movie, if it wasn’t based on a book. Compared to the actual book, the movie SUCKS.

  • Gleek

    Now who watched glee?

    • Anonymous

      i hate glee

  • Brittany


  • Matt

    The movie was good, but didn’t follow the story as much. The reason why they couldn’t have him as a 11 year old is think about it, do you see a 11 year old controlling a sword. Thats what he probably looked at it as. Luke really didn’t die, though think about it. He gotten hit by a water tydrant that didn’t kill him considering when they showed him flying back he was kicking the air and trying to get loose if I remember correctly:)

  • Phoenix

    Sure TLT wasn’t very good, but at lease they made it, without it, they couldn’t be able to make TSoM. the movie was okay, even though the only thing they got right was the character’s name, gender, and the sons and daughters, but don’t be hating in the director, and the actors there. and the actors need to be older so it attracts older viwers, Don’t give me that though. There are teenagers out there who read thoese books also. The actors need to grow up with the movie, like in the Harry Potter series movie. Eleven year olds adutioned for the roles, and through the series movie, they grew up. We see how the characters and actors age. Mostly by last book, The Last Olympians, The twelve year olds will look sixteens. the characters age in the book, the actors age in the years. And i hope The Sea of Monsters will be better.

  • Ayla

    The best way to get the sequeal going to get back into the series is if that Luke didn’t really die. He somehow survived, or maybe Kronos brought him back to life. They can easily include some of the key characters not shown in the last book in other scenes. They can also make it to where the prophecy of his age has change. Maybe percy is 16 now, so by the time is like 20 the prophecy can be fulfilled. A small change but that’s about the same time span from when he was younger.

    Getting back to the books is possible, might take up more screen time but with a better writer it can be done. So, I look forward to this for sure!

  • layla

    lets just say that chris murdered the first movie 2 pieces w/ his bear hands…but i believe the seea of mnstrs will be awesome.

  • Claire

    I l-o-v-e the books. I was VERY dissapointed by the first movie, it was predictable, dull, and strayed too far from the book. I hope they get back on track and make the upcoming ones good because the books are amazing and riordan’s genius deserves it. cant wait to look at Logan Lermans beautiful face for another two hours! :D <3 go percy!

  • Lindsey

    I cant imagine the thoughts going through Riordan when the first movie came out… pure disapointment i bet.. the director OBVIOUSLY took the movie in a different direction than the books.. I loved the books and spent time and day reading the series over and over again!!! everyone read the series!!and the director expected the movie to be a huge hit by not sticking to the original plot??? so so glad theres a different director for the sequel….they need to somehow go back to the books and the plot Riordan wrote in the books. i can understand making the characters older but no that old more like 14 or 15 that way percy and the other characters wont be in college by the time the series ends if they make all of the series…they left out so many key details in the first movie especially thalias tree which is a MAJOR part later in the series!!! i soo hope sea of monsters isnt as bad of a movie as the lightning theif and there is a chance it could get worse…lets all pray the new director and writers do it right this time!!!!!

  • Kay

    The first movie sucked!!! I mean compared to the books
    They didn’t mention Thalia’s tree once and that is the whole point of the second book and never showed Clarisse and she has a major role is the second book!!! I don’t know how there gonna pull it off. I might as well just restart it. The first movie was an epic fail!!! They should’ve just stuck with the books. Stupid director and writer who re-wrote the plot!!! I will never EVER forgive them for ruining my favourite book series of ALL TIME!!! D:<

  • Savannah

    I agree with Kay. The Lightning Thief movie SUCKED. I mean, really people, can’t you just make it fit to the books?!?!? It really doesn’t seem that hard to do. I mean, you left out a ton and then, like, TOTALLY changed everything. I mean, a bunch of the stuff were the same. But what about cabins? And Clarisse and Thalia, like Kay said. And you totally did the pearls part different! I really don’t care that much about that as I did about other stuff, though. And the main actors ages were WAY different then the books. I agree with Lindsey about what she said about that. Their ages should’ve been closer to the ages in the books! That’s all.

  • Mr. Ticked off

    Rebuffing the absolute retard of a director:

    1: The whole midgits cant have swords thing: Percy’s blade is 3 feet long, light, Annabeth has a tiny dagger, and all Grover has is some pipes. Also, Percy and them never really fight hardcore until the 3rd book. The first book has only a few fight scenes:
    -The Capture the flag Percy getting his butt whooped
    -The hellhoud (kinda, more like a mauling)
    -Then it’s 0 for a while, except for the Furys, which isn’t a fight, just Percy killing 2 of them right of the bad, then running.
    -St. Louis arch, easily take out, but still a cool part of the books
    -Nerus, which was a fight with no swords, but probably really hard to make
    -NONE Forever, all they do is travel, and chill out in the LH&C
    -Ares, at the end.

    My main gripes:
    -Kids to old, I read that he did this to show off the Converses, Ipod touch and a bunch of other junk. What a stupid move.
    -Way to sure of themselves, that made it look really stupid, I mean, when you just found out all of that, you aren’t as confident as Percy is.
    -The whole, completely stupid “Poseidon loves you a ton and made this whole stuff just for you” thing. Poseidon never really gave a crud in the books, he like Percy but was’t so… dumb.
    -They completely ignored a hugely amazing story just to make it their own. They had an amazing book in front of them and the director didn’t even read the book.

  • John

    They could make Kronos talk to luke well his dieing in the water make a deal and bring back luke in return to follow kronos path to destroy the gods. and when luke swims up to surface he see princes andromen ship. Nice right just take me about 2mins to fix 2 off the problems rest is up to the writers.

  • Sally

    The movie was good but didn’t follow the plot of the book, which bothered me an EXTREME amount, the cast was almost perfect, it was the that the movie didn’t follow the plot that bothered me the most and got pretty angry because it’s one of my favorite stories. But I have to admit I will be seeing the second movie(:

    The Kids were suppose to be twelve, and not do the final battle in the 5th book until they were 17, they missed a lot of my favorite parts, but it was kind of a disappointment.

  • Sally

    that the movie**

    and I got pretty**

    and they do not do the final**

    and it was kind of a disappointment**

  • Maria


  • fire_meets_water

    The movie was good,but they could have made minor adjustments.Like how the actors should be 12 (not 17). And Alexandria Daddario is like 23 not 17 or 18.Also where is Clarrise and Ares. Also what about Dionysos, don’t we meet him??????Other than that it was O.K

    • crazy cool guy

      ARE YOU KIDDING! the movie sucked. at first i liked itand then i read the series. Rick Riordan deserves better. he’s a genius. imean wheres kronos and thalia and clarrise. and the hydra doesnt come in intell the sea of monsters. i have no idea how they can make a sea of monsters. the characters will be 22 when the series is over.

  • Jordan_Water

    I’m looking forward for the sequel, but.. The first movie was a really big let down. I mean seriously, ‘Lukes-Death’, There was no Ares fight, Not Percy and Clarisse fight, Annabeth and Percy fighting eachother in CTF? They were on teams in the book, Also there was nothing to do with Hades losing his Helm of Darkness. No Crusty in the bed-shop. There was HEAPS that was a let down. There was no Oracle.. I mean seriously, There wasn’t even the part where Luke sets scorpian’s on Percy. They really need to focus more on the books, then making their own. I wish they would pay more attention to Kronos and the God’s.

  • James

    They need to fix the entire story; it was ruined! The plot wasn’t that the gods were not allowed talking to their children, it was that the big 3 gods were not supposed to have children; this was due to the prophecy (which wasn’t really talked about). They completely changed the story from the book; therefore, they need to start over in the second movie and bring the actually book storyline to life; otherwise stop making these movies because you are ruining the books. At least in the Harry Potter movies they didn’t completely change the storylines from the book.

  • TKW

    the books were great but obviously no one in hollywood read any classical myths. Athena is also a virgin-goddess…so how the hell does she have a daughter? smfh

    • nick

      Do reaserch children of Athena sprout from her mind just as she did from Zues’s mind.

  • dan

    Just finished watching it with my kids – does anyone know why Luke told Percy that he needed pearls to get out of Hell? His motive was to get the Lightning Bolt to Hades and Percy only asked him how to get in so why didn’t he just say to go to Hollywood? Why does he care if Percy can’t get back again? I obviously missed something lol.

  • KJ

    A sequel? Really? I think they should just remake the first film. There is pretty much no hope for a second one to be good let alone true to the books. It’s way too much of a challenge. Especially the fact that they will still have Logan Lerman as Percy. He is way too old. In The Sea of Monsters, Percy is 12 or13. Logan is not going to cut it. I have to say though the film was pretty good. I enjoyed it although I was a fan of the books first. Watching the trailer, it was obvious it was going to be horrible and completely off track, so I was not surprised. However it was still entertaining and I would watch it again. A sequel? No. They ended the film with no hope for a sequel. Honestly I don’t even know why Fox is attempting one in the first place.

  • Read series total:58 times

    Ok. The sequel is coming out. But either way it’s jacked up. But I propose an idea. Let kronos play a major beginning and ending rule so you get story back on track. Then dedicate the other our and a half to the books story. Then right before the story ends (after Thalia is introduced) Thalia wakes. Then Kronos says in the dead silence” yes half bloods, the fight is just starting, and new piece has ben placed” then the movie ends with dead silence. That would easily set this series back on track.

  • nick

    The movie was kinda good but it missed alot of things. Its like a pyrimid take the main bottom out and you cant have the top. I read all the books including all the way to the mark of athena and i love the books.

    The Problems
    1. In book Annabeth has golden hair in movie she has brownishhair
    2. Percy is twelve in book in movie older
    3. No Kronos, no Thalia, no Clarrise
    4. In book not searching for pearls but for the lightning bolt
    5. No fight with Ares
    6. No Hades losing helm of darkness

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