Peter Dinklage Won’t Be CGI in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: “It’s a Not Shy Character”

     February 21, 2013

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When Peter Dinklage joined the cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past, I jumped on the bandwagon that speculated he would play Puck.  It was revealed later in the week that Dinklage will actually play the “main antagonist” the X-Men: First Class sequel, which rules out Puck.  It was thought that perhaps Dinklage was hired to portray this all-CG character that director Bryan Singer teased.  But after confirming that Dinklage won’t play Puck, Singer also dashed the CG Dinklage hopes:

“He’s not going to be a CGI character.  He’ll be himself.”

Hit the jump for the full quote.

Singer explained the appeal of Dinklage to IGN:

“He’s not going to be a CGI character.  He’ll be himself.  Not that he’ll be playing Peter Dinklage, he’ll be playing this character.  It’s not a shy character.  He’s just such a phenomenal actor; I’m a huge fan of Peter’s and Game of Thrones.  He was my first choice and I was really happy [about the casting].  It’s so funny to talk to him because he does that impeccable accent [on Game of Thrones] and then you talk to him and he’s this guy from New Jersey.”

So, X-Men fans: The villain is a) not shy, b) not CG, and c) looks roughly like Peter Dinklage.  Who do you think it could be?

Michael Fassbender, James McAvoyNicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and more from the X-Men repertory co-star in X-Men: Days of Future Past.  The movie hits theaters July 18, 2014.


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  • Cramer

    Has to be Larry Trask.

    • Sataro

      No, I hope he plays Apocalypse that would be sooo awesome. He was born to play the role. His acting abilities (which is all that matters, right?) are so amazing that he’d even be great as Mr. Sinister.

      • James

        I wish they would show Apocalypse already. I know that when Singer left the series, he said that if he stuck around for the 3rd one, then En Sabah Nur would have been his villain. That would have rocked!

    • Timothy

      Bolivar Trask is played by Bill Duke in X3: The Last Stand. I kinda doubt that a black Bolivar Trask will have offspring that is white with Achondroplasia. Unless they plan on ignoring the past casting. Then it is fine for me. ;)

      • James

        Wouldn’t surprise me considering X3 ignored the casting of Hank McCoy from X2.

  • Dmula

    It’s a long shot but he could possibly be mordok

    • anonymous

      Fox doesn’t own the rights to MORDOK

      • modok


  • larrys balls

    So gay..another human villain.

  • Matt Goldbergs Mom

    He will play ERIC THE MIDGET from the Howard Stern Show. Book it.

    • Ackbar

      Ack ack! Get…the…rabbits…back…in…their….cage…woman…Ack ack!

  • lovetron


  • James mcAvoy

    He’s going to be the tinkerer

  • habsfan86

    APOCALYPSE- what Bryan Singer said about him not being a CG character is true, because apocalypse is a shape shifter, which is who peter dinklage will play until the final reveal. thats the way I see/want it, because this will be the 5th X-MEN movie and its about time the have the biggest baddest villain of the X-MEN universe involved with this franchise.

  • Michael Horne

    X Men vs The Knights of Ni. Come back ‘ere, I’ll bite your ankles off!
    Too close to the bone? Never mind

  • Siddhant Adlakha

    “So gay..another human villain.”

    aaaand that’s why I try and avoid scrolling down.

    What, no anti-Matt Goldberg comments yet?

    • Random Anti-Matt Goldberg Nerd Troll

      *wakes up*

      Huh? What? I mean, dammit Goldberg you SUCK, let me feel better about myself by expressing how much I hate you and your reviews because everyone else is dong it and being left out makes me feel sad!

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  • Random Anti-Matt Goldberg Nerd Troll

    *realises he typed “dong” instead of “doing”. The Grammar-Nazi’s slip in through the Collider website like the spooks at the end of “Ghost”. *


    *is dragged into the abyss. Forever.*

  • Jonny Anomoly


  • Anonymous

    Arcade , who i just hate .

  • Assumption Junction (aka

    Jesus fucking midget Christ ! Hey Bryan singer and collider you guys forgot about this thing called surprises. . Oh yeah all of the actors will have 2 min of screen time.

  • Bouff

    He is, without a doubt going to be the human host for the Shadow King.

  • bongo

    it’s obvious people…….Simon Bar Sinister……when polly is in trouble I am not slow, it’s hip hip hip and away I GO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Once again He’ll be Arcade look at the photo above add a bowtie and there you go , plus Bryan Singer can use in story that after all the destruction and time travel it was all but a game set up by Arcade . think about it !

    • James

      My first thought was Arcade, but his story is an entire movie unto itself, so I’m more inclined to believe he will be Trask.

  • tarek

    He will play Tyrion Lannister. The mandarin will open a spatio-temporal gate that will suck Tyrion and throw it in the bed of Pepper Potts.

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