HALO: REACH Scribe Peter O’Brien to Pen Warner Bros.’ LINE OF SIGHT

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Apparently impressed by his experience writing for elite soldiers fighting on an intergalactic scale, Warner Bros. has tapped Halo: Reach scribe Peter O’Brien to write its action project Line of Sight. The blockbuster video game not only helped O’Brien move up the studio’s radar, but it should also be great preparation for Line of Sight which Heat Vision describes as centering on “an elite commando squad transporting cargo while dealing with a global threat.” Per the report, the actioner is being co-produced by Joel Silver and Andrew Rona and is part of Warner Bros.’ increased emphasis on projects that “go boom” in an attempt to imitate the success Universal had with its smash-hit Fast Five.

As for O’Brien, in addition to penning Reach and now landing Line of Sight, the scribe also has his 2008 Black List script Unlocked set up at Warner Bros. and has found work on director Marc Forster’s (Quantum of Solace) The Chancellor Manuscript and Fox 2000′s adaptation of the British mini-series The Jury.

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  • Dante

    Halo: Reach’s story was good because of its imminet air of tragedy on the horizon and the futility of an army’s resistance despite their bravery, as anyone who has played the trilogy is aware of.

    Like watching a DECENT prequel to Star Wars.

    Not because of its supposedly character-driver generic space marine characters (there’s the Russian guy, the Asian guy, the bad-ass chick, the mute guy…)

    I’m almost convinced that the quality standards for a good story for gamers is held in a low regard and I hope that doesn’t apply to a writer making a medium transition.

  • !_!

    since when do first person shooters have story telling? lol fps games with epic story lines? sry but fps game dont have great story telling they all fall flat.

  • jcooley

    The dialogue in Halo Reach was actually the worst part of the game. A bunch of incoherent military-babble mixed in with a couple minutes of awkward and forced character moments.

    My confidence in this guy’s ability to write a solid script is extremely low.

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