PETER PAN BEGINS Pitch Makes its Way Around Town with Channing Tatum Set to Star

     March 1, 2011


In keeping with the current trend of mining classic fairy tales/stories for “fresh take” remakes, a pitch package is making the rounds called Peter Pan Begins. The package includes Channing Tatum attached to star, with Billy Ray (Breach, Shattered Glass) tapped to write the screenplay and Joe Roth producing. Roth has been a staple in the “classics update” trend lately, as he has both Oz, the Great and Powerful and Snow White and the Huntsman currently in development. Details on Peter Pan Begins are scarce, but one can assume that Tatum would be donning the Pan tights.

Heat Vision’s report on the matter doesn’t reveal more than the title and the parties involved, so at this point no one really knows what the movie is about. It’s a bit hard to picture Tatum taking on the role of Peter Pan, given that Pan is a young boy and “Begins” implies this could be a prequel of sorts to the J.M. Barrie tale. Or maybe they’re going for a gritty version of Pan, a la Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins (adding “begins” to the title of a movie automatically makes it gritty). Either way, the whole project sounds a bit strange. Maybe the whole thing will make more sense once the plot is revealed. Until then, speculate away.

  • Brett

    Place barrel of gun to temple…pull trigger.

  • Rashy

    Worst film idea ever conceived. Channing Tatum could possibly be the worst actor imaginable. He should stick with Step It Up 12!!

  • TyrannosaurYogi

    I am going to speculate away that this is a really, really stupid idea. I could take a warm chick-pea influenced #2 and have it star in Peter Pan Begins and it would probably be more engaging than Channing Tatum’s statue performances. Did I mention the film title is horrible as well?
    Dear Hollywood, You suck.

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  • Sam

    THIS IS THE DUMBEST IDEA IN ALL OF HOLLYWOOD. Congratulations cinema, you’ve found the lowest of the low.

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  • cool_anj

    Maybe Peter pan would be dancing. LOL!!