Phil Hawkins to Direct “Love Letter to BACK TO THE FUTURE” Movie GREAT SCOTT

     January 19, 2012

An interesting project is in the works that should be of interest to Back to the Future fans. Movie Hole reports that Phil Hawkins (The Butterfly Tattoo) is set to direct Great Scott, a film described as a love letter to 1985’s Back to the Future. The pic centers on a teenager in 1980s Manchester, England who falls so in love with Back to the Future that he tries to actually become Marty McFly (no word on whether or not he goes full-method and comes dangerously close to banging him mom). Alex Child and Hiram Bleetman wrote the script, and the investment firms behind We Need to Talk About Kevin and Jane Eyre are backing the production. Hawkins was actually a contestant on the short-lived “find the next big director” reality series On the Lot, and he’s got two features already under his belt.

I’m a self-professed “Back to the Future fanatic”, but even I think this premise is a bit strange. While the pic could certainly turn out to be a sweet, pop-culture infused coming of age story, I’m fearful Great Scott will go the Fanboys route. Production is set to commence around Easter, so hopefully we hear more soon. I can only assume that Huey Lewis and the News remain available to pen “The Power of Love 2.0,” so my fingers are crossed that Hawkins reaches out.

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