Director Phillip Noyce Set for Remake of BLOODSPORT

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You know what I was thinking the other day?  A lot of things, but not among them: “The world needs a remake of the 1988 Jean Claude Van Damme action flick Bloodsport.”  But we’re getting it anyway as ScreenDaily reports that director Phillip Noyce (Salt) will helm the remake (or as it’s being called, a “reinvention”, which is a fancier way of saying remake) for producers Ed Pressman and Alberto Lensi.  The original film was about a soldier who goes AWOL to fight in a tournament so he can uphold his master’s honor. Robert Mark Kamen (Taken) wrote the script for the remake, which will follow “an American who goes to Brazil to recover from the violence he has experienced in Afghanistan who gets involved in a martial arts contest.”  Yes, that logic makes no sense.

Noyce is also attached to direct an adaptation of Tim Winton’s Dirt Music, the time-travel flick Timeless, the submarine action-thriller Hunter Killer, and the drama Our Wild Life.  It’s not surprising that he would be attached to such a diversity of projects although he usually traffics in the thriller genre with an edge towards espionage.

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  • SweetMamaJackson

    Did you know ‘The Maltese Facon’ was a remake? So was ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Remakes can be great. I wish everyone would stop moaning about remakes. They’re gonna happen. And, they’ve been happening since Hollywoodland began. Get over it. That being said; I’d love to see Noyce take on ‘Bloodsport’. It’s not like the first one is gold (if it wasn’t for Van Damme and his earth shattering splits, nobody even remember the damn thing). Everybody relax and enjoy the ridiculousness of it all.

    • junierizzle

      Of course the original was gold. That’s why they are remaking it. They aren’t exactly remaking bad movies.

    • OkayUSA!

      I see you read that article also. Bummer though honestly. Remakes in general, its getting rediculous, hows about some new ideas. This premise SUCKS. Makes no sense. Van Damme should play the Shidoshi. That would be EPIC. Van Damme SHOULD have been able to do the seaquel that was never made a couple years ago. That would have been amazing. This sequel idea sucks.

  • Abi

    It would be good if they include Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, Sasha Mitchell, Gary Daniels, Michael Jai White and Kurt Angle in the film’s martial arts tournament.

  • junierizzle

    Is nothing sacred????????

  • Leonardo

    Van Damme should be back, he was awesome in the original one.

  • Frank Dux like “put up your Dukes”

    Bloodsport is one of my all time favorite movies. so cheesy, so great. if you haven’t seen this clip and you are a bloodsport fan, then prepare to have your mind blown with awesome

  • manning

    I think Bren Foster would be great in this role. That guy is buff and a great martial artist. and bring Van Dam back for a small part :)

  • getitfast


  • frank

    Bren is out of this world. if they get Bren they will be luck. That guy will make the movie a hit all over again but this time it will be bigger.

  • moviebuff

    I heard there are talks with bloodsport creators and Bren’s Management. I hope Bren is in it, i love him.

  • Clips

    Watched Foster on Youtube
    that guyz out of tis world
    sick as dude

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