Photos of Matt’s Visit to Pixar Animation Studios for the TOY STORY 3 Press Day

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If you’ve been reading my Toy Story 3 interviews, then you know I went to Pixar Animation Studios last weekend for the film’s press day.  Pixar is a one of those places everyone wants to work and everyone wonders why their workplace can’t have things like a cereal bar or massage therapists on staff.  The answer to the first question is that they have hundreds of applications and very few open positions.  The answer to the second question is that your workplace probably hasn’t made movies that together grossed over $5.5 billion worldwide.

But I was able to walk around in total awe of the place.  I took plenty of photos and you can check them out after the jump.  But I must warn you: if seeing me have fun causes you physical pain, then this article isn’t for you.

Click on an image to see a much larger version.

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  • Bill Graham

    Awesome. Love all the pictures you took. I assume Jenna helped on the ones with you in the actual shots (so, like half? haha). Surprised you didnt take a picture with Mr Incredible!

  • Yoshi

    No one cares about pictures with you in it or of areas that real work isn't done. This is pretty pathetic.

  • dedwards1592

    Wow chill out dude. You don't like these pictures. Big deal. Some enjoy looking at these pictures bro.

  • jamais

    Great pics, thanks for sharing, Matt! :-)

  • Solodave

    I just want you to know that I am insanely jealous of what you do, and am seriously considering becoming a film critic just so I can go to Pixar Studios and take pictures of myself looking six-inches tall.

  • monsieurlebeaux

    You're a tremendous tool.

  • Aniinha Melo

    Hey dude, you’re so lucky! I do loved the pic. One day I’ll go there. haha
    I’m so jealous of you!!!

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