January 24, 2012


Another round of pilot orders is upon us. Among them are a second helping of Beauty and the Beast, a father-son comedy for Fox and a light-hearted doctor drama for CW. Here are the details:

  • ABC orders Beauty and the Beast on the heels of fantasy success series Once Upon a Time. The CW had previous ordered a Beauty and the Beast pilot as well.
  • Like Father, a comedy inspired by Cougar Town’s Bill Lawrence and the relationship with his father, was ordered by Fox.
  • The CW has ordered doctor dramedy First Cut from Gilmore Girls scribe and Pushing Daisies executive producer.

Hit the jump for more on each project.

THR reports rachel-bilson-hart-of-dixiethat ABC’s Beauty and the Beast pilot will be written by Jonathan E. Steinberg of Human Target. Gary Fleder (Life Unexpected) and Mary Beth Basile (October Road) will executive produce. The series will seek to reimagine the classic tale of a beautiful and stubborn princess who falls for a mysterious monster.

THR also reported on Fox’s ordering of Like Father, which Lawrence will write, direct and executive produce with Jeff Ingold. Lawrence’s second project is a workplace comedy in development at CBS with How I Met Your Mother executive producer, Greg Malins.

Finally, and also from THR is the pilot order from CW for First Cut by scribe Jennie Snyder Urman and executive producer Dan Jinks. The “drama with comedic elements” follows a young doctor who is eager to start her professional career but soon finds that the hospital social scene is quite similar to her high school experiences. The show has another female-doctor series to compete with on the same network in Rachel Bilson’s Hart of Dixie, which was previously picked up for a full season.

  • Lycan

    If they find an actor as good as Ron Perlman to play the beast and an actress as genuine as Linda Hamilton, along with the original creators of the 80′s show to work there magic then the remake cannot be competed with. Anything else with the title will be trampled on. The 80′s show was so good with it’s Oscar worthy writing and great production values that it was even better than the Disney movie.

    However, the CW has to make the show a priority and give it a bigger budget which may not happen… It would have been better if a bigger channel had done the Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman remake so that it could get the care it needs!

    • DJ

      The Beauty and the Beast remake was actually picked up by ABC, not the CW. So it is possible that the show will be able to receive the bigger budget that the CW would never have been able to feasibly provide.

      Fingers crossed!

      • Chris

        These are two different pilots. The CW pilot is the loose remake of the Hamilton/Perlman series. The ABC one goes back to the fairy tell well for its inspiration. Two different projects. The ABC version is not the remake of the Hamilton/Perlman project.

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