MGM Developing New Live-Action/CG-Animated PINK PANTHER Movie; David Silverman to Direct

     March 31, 2014


Continuing with its recent model of mining older properties for content, MGM is moving forward with a new take on The Pink Panther.  Heat Vision reports that the studio is developing a live-action/animation hybrid iteration of the classic character, with The Simpsons Movie director David Silverman onboard to take the helm.  The focus of the new movie will be on the titular panther himself instead of inspector Jacques Clouseau, and The Simpsons writer Michael Price is in talks to pen the script.  Hit the jump for more on the new movie.

Per Heat Vision, Clouseau will not appear in the new film at all, and the Panther himself will not speak—just as he did in the early short films.  Clouseau will still exist in the mythology of the Pink Panther universe, but after the failure of the Steve Martin-fronted live-action films in 2006 and 2009, the producers decided that a new take focusing on the panther was needed.  Actress Julie Andrews—the widow of the original Pink Panther director Blake Edwards—will produce this new feature alongside Walter Mirisch, who also produced the original films and TV series.

The story of this live-action/CG hybrid will be “an international jewel heist caper movie.”  Henry Mancini’s classic score will be used once again, and it’ll be interesting to see how today’s audiences respond to a cartoon character that does not speak.  Then again, the Despicable Me minions only speak gibberish and those movies both grossed over $1 billion.

No timetable is given for this new Pink Panther movie, but it seems to be pretty firmed up.  We should hear more details over the next few months.


  • fechu1922

    FINALLY!. i always hated clouseau. This is the pink panther movie i’ve always wanted to see.

  • Norrtron


  • Jack le Critic

    It’ll be awful. How I long for Peter Sellars…

  • Colin Christian

    I love the show,such trippy weird cartoons.

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  • Kill Me Now

    Yes, because if there’s one thing that the box office, critics, and general audiences ALL WANT, it is more live-action/CG-hybrid cinematic abortions.

  • Dan Robert Head

    This is a better idea than recasting Clousteau

    • Guest

      but neither are a good idea


      but neither are good ideas

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  • the king of comedy

    I don`t have expectations for this one, all live action /animation hybrids of classic cartoons have been horrible, not even watchable, I mean really horrible, and the Pink Panther is particulary hard to get right in this format. They are going to change the character so much in order to appeal to todays audience, that fans of the character won`t even be able to recognize him.