THE LONE RANGER Producer Jerry Bruckheimer May Lose Final Cut on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 as Disney Looks to Lower the Budget

     August 7, 2013


The box office failure of Disney’s The Lone Ranger looks like it will have ramifications for the studio’s upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 5.  While Kon-Tiki helmers Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg have already been tapped to direct the next Pirates film and production is poised to begin later this year, Disney is apparently making a few changes behind the scenes.  As a result of the studio being forced to take a $160-$190 million writedown for The Lone Ranger, producer Jerry Bruckheimer may lose final cut on Pirates 5.  Moreover, Disney is apparently looking to trim the budget on the next Jack Sparrow adventure.  Hit the jump for more.

jerry-bruckheimer-pirates-of-the-caribbean-5Though Disney tried its darndest to bring the budget of The Lone Ranger down before filming began, the price tag still clocked in at somewhere around $225 million.  Add in a hefty Disney marketing campaign, and the Johnny Depp/Armie Hammer-fronted Western cost the Mouse House quite a bit.  A month after release, the film has yet to even hit $100 million domestically, and its worldwide total currently sits at $175 million.  The movie undoubtedly has problems, and Disney is taking steps to ensure that a similar situation doesn’t happen again.

The folks over at The Wrap report that Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced The Lone Ranger, may not receive final cut on the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 5—a privilege he enjoyed on the previous four Pirates films.  Moreover, the studio is looking to shave the film’s budget down from $250 million to a number closer to $200 million (sound familiar?).  The Lone Ranger‘s box office is indeed unimpressive, but coupled with the disappointing box office performance of last year’s $250 million John Carter, the studio is trying to avoid pricey (and public) embarrassments becoming a trend in the near future.  That being said, there’s likely nothing to worry about box office-wise for Pirates 5, as audiences turned out in droves for the lackluster On Stranger Tides.  The moviegoing public loves it some Jack Sparrow and the fourth film brought in over $1 billion worldwide.

Disney is hoping that new directors Rønning and Sandberg can bring a fresh take to the Pirates franchise, and the pic will no doubt open very, very big.  Moreover, the studio isn’t exactly hurting for money following its successful Marvel launch of The Avengers and Iron Man 3, and it now has years of new Star Wars films to look forward to.  Nevertheless, Disney appears to be sending a message to its shareholders by somewhat penalizing Bruckheimer re: The Lone Ranger.  One hopes Pirates 5 can still maintain a sense of artistic authorship, and the hiring of Rønning and Sandberg is certainly hopeful.  Pirates of the Caribbean 5 opens in theaters on July 10, 2015.


  • Werefon

    Maybe writing a good script with good characters will help!
    Cause, Man, The Lone Bullshiter was Bad! His brother was brutally killed and he still won’t shot a guy and take a revenge but wanted to bring him into a judgement! It caused the death of a while tribe and more innocent people. He didn’t let Tonto to kill the bastard which caused even more death, he already left Tonto to die alone. And guess what?!!! He didn’t bring the killer to the court room and didn’t shoot him! lets not forget that he complained in every scene he was in for 20:40 minutes movie it is a disaster to have such main guy!!! Man, that was horrible. And he wasn’t even a ranger! His brother was and he would’ve been great Lone Ranger!
    I hope Pirates 5 failes, so we not gonna see the same big budget bullshit!
    Fuck That!

  • Jeff

    Yeah, the last “Pirates” did well, but bad movies sometimes have an effect on the next one. People might think twice before seeing “Pirates 5″, remembering the last one sucked. Though probably not. Folks love Mr. Sparrow.

    • Liderc

      No kidding, pirates 5 was so bad I just turned it off after 30 minutes.

      • Devin

        You’ve seen Pirates 5 already? Do tell….

      • Sean

        Lol :P

    • Harry Palm

      Well, the third one sucked yet people went to watch the fourth one, which to be fair was a bit better, but not by much. Still, I think people are not only sick of Pirates but also Johnny Depp. I don’t think this one is going to do nearly as much as the last one. I’ve been wrong before, though.

  • Calderon

    Well, if they decide to throw a lot of money towards a budget towards a horrible script, then they pay the price.

  • alex99

    There’s no doubt Jeff makes a very good point, as the bad taste from the previous entry can have a knock on effect. Case in point The Hangover 3, the critical and public’s reaction from entry no.2 damaged the franchise unreservedly. Pirates 5 will no doubt walk that line as it is not like the Fast and Furious franchise, were each entry gets bigger and better. Disney needs to focus on getting the right script and talent before committing financial suicide again, but again money talks (hello $1 billion box office) regardless of the lack of public appetite for a new Pirates movie. And Johnny Depp, you’re in movie jail!!!

  • Mellowie

    $250 mill for a budget? How much are they paying Depp…=S

    • Harry Palm

      Wasn’t it $50 million or something absurd. The douchebag sellout refused to do a movie because they wouldn’t pay him that much.

  • Person

    I still just don’t understand the existence of a Long Ranger movie and how DIsney thought it could possibly be low-risk enough to stake more than $100 million on it (and even that’s too much). I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I just can’t imagine a Western, supernatural or otherwise, needing THAT much money to be produced. And the fact that they had to bring the budget DOWN to what it ultimately became makes it even more ridiculous. Disney and Bruckheimer deserve to reap what they sowed from Lone Ranger, it was a dumb risk to take and they’re paying the price for it. I’d normally blame the moviegoing public for having terrible taste (Grown Ups 2 vs. Pacific Rim), but the movie was poorly marketed and (according to critics) just bad in general. I’ll check it out eventually just to see what all the fuss is about (still need to see WWZ for that matter), but regardless of if the movie’s good or not, its existence is just baffling. Hasn’t Fincher been tryna make 20,000 Leagues for like 10 years with Disney? And they said “no” to him but “yes” to this?! Ok I’m done, sorry.

    As for Pirates, I’ve never been a huge fan of the series, but they can be fun movies when they just focus on action and swashbuckling and less on their unnecessarily complicated storylines. I know I saw the last one and it was reasonably straightforward but I remember very little of it. Oh well, here’s hoping some fresh blood can make Pirates 5 worthwhile. I have the feeling Depp won’t be up for a sixth one anyway.

    • Clay

      You never know, he might need another island villa.

  • ScratStitch

    SCREW THIS! They cut the budget on the last one, and you know what that felt like? A watered down Pirates adventure! I was hoping for a return to the grand scope of Dead Man’s Chest, but it looks like that won’t be happening now, because they’re being both greedy AND stupid here.

    • Harry Palm

      They don’t need that much money to make a movie with a grand scope. They used to make big, epic movies all the time with a quarter of the budget they blow on movies these days. They just need to stop wasting so much money on crap like actor’s salaries and CGI.

  • ervin

    whenever you see a 200-250 m figure at least half of that money goes to the couple of big stars and director. and btw i am pretty sure they are lying about that kind of ridiculous amounts being spent.

    • GuyX

      No those big budget movies usually don’t spend tons on upfront fee’s. usually when “stars” do those sorts of films they take a piece of the back end while getting SAG scale salary. But sometimes I look at a movie and wonder “where did all that money go?” the dark knight rises cost more than Man of Steel. Now I’m not commenting on either films quality but Man of Steel seems like a substantially more expensive film than TDKR. But in reality TDKR cost 25 million dollars more(250 million total). How the dark knight rises cost that much is beyond me. It had a few interesting action beats but nothing that would seem to break the bank. Most of the effects are practical and not CGI and CGI is usually what costs so much money. I know it costs extra to film all those IMAX scenes but I just don’t see a quarter of a billion dollars up on the screen. Man of Steel seems like it would cost so much more

  • Neven

    With all the other blockbusters in 2015, this will fail so miserably. Especially because last one was shit.

  • GuyX

    I see all these massively expensive films that tank at the boxoffice and think “District 9 cost $30 million dollars”. Here we have a movie with great effects and action but cost less than the catering budget for Pirates of the Carribean or Lone Ranger. Oh and it was nominated for Best Picture. 30 million dollars. What are studio execs thinking? “Oh look that 30 million dollar apartheid allegory film set in South Africa grossed more than John Carter! Now what was the budget on that Lone Ranger remake we are doing? What! 300 million? That’s too much cut it down! We need to be financially responsible here. Lets try this again, ok, cut out the werewolves & see where that leaves us. What! 250 million? When can we start filming!?!”

  • Jon Boriss

    Disney made billions on the Pirates franchise. I doubt they have anything to worry about.

  • tarek

    When a script is bad, you cannot save it with big stars or huge special effects :( the tasteless Star wars prequels, the awful Conan reboot, the terrible Total Recall reboot, the pointless POTC 3 and 4, the dreadful Ghost rider 2, the abominable Crystal skull). the list can go on.

  • tarek

    When a script is bad, you cannot save it with big stars or huge special effects :( the tasteless Star wars prequels, the awful Conan reboot, the terrible Total Recall reboot, the pointless POTC 3 and 4, the dreadful Ghost rider 2, the abominable Crystal skull). the list can go on.

  • Sean

    I am glad to see that Disney made the move to lower Pirates 5′s budget down to $200 million, but It would be wrong for Disney to take away the final cut from Jerry Bruckheimer just because of one movie The Lone Ranger. He has been with Disney for how many years? And they are going to take that away from his because of one movie? They can’t be serious! If they were going to get rid of him because of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time, then he would have been gone from the company since 2010 !!!

  • Sean

    Pirates 5 is going to be filming from January 27th 2014 to July 3rd 2014 -> . If you notice that it says ‘January 27th 2013′ in stead of ‘January 27th 2014′, just disregard that because its a type error by the person who wrote the article in the website link I’ve provided.