Disney Enlists Screenwriter Jeff Nathanson for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5

     January 11, 2013


In addition to the big franchise news that Jurassic Park IV will be opening in 2014, Disney has just announced the screenwriter for Pirates of the Caribbean 5.  Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can) has been tapped to pen the fifth installment of the property kept afloat by star Johnny Depp as Cap’n Jack Sparrow.  Depp was “close” to signing on for the film back in 2011, but has yet to officially do so.  It’s also unclear whether previous co-stars like Geoffrey Rush and Keira Knightley will return.  What is clear is that the multi-billion-dollar franchise is sailing forward.  Hit the jump for more on Nathanson and Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

Variety reportsjeff-nathanson-pirates-of-the-caribbean-5 that Nathanson will script Pirates of the Caribbean 5.  While Catch Me If You Can was well-written, the rest of Nathanson’s achievements are not so shiny.  His other projects include: Speed 2: Cruise Control; Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Tower Heist.  Yikes. Variety also reports that Nathanson will pen the adaptation of The 39 Clues.

As for Pirates of the Caribbean 5, we know that previous reports about the film shooting in and around Puerto Rico turned out to be erroneous and we know that Penelope Cruz hasn’t received any offers of scripts.  Not much to go on.  What we can count on is that Depp will be courted to return for a fifth film as the man is a box office treasure trove.  Two of the four films (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) are billion-dollar earners with spots in the top ten all-time box offices, while a third (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End) sits just under a billion in the 16th overall spot. Yo ho! 


  • patl

    Well, even if its as mediocre as tower heist it will still be miles better then the last installment….that movie was a mess.

  • Matt1

    On Stranger Tides was one of the most lifeless and boring films I have ever seen. It’s painfully obvious that the cast & crew have no interest in being there. Give it up. The franchise is dead (until the goddamn reboot is released in 5 years).

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  • IllusionOfLife

    The last film suffered badly enough with the absence of Gore Verbinski, no that Ted and Terry are gone as well I somehow have even less desire to see this film than before. I did not think that was possible.

    Sadly, as long as Johnny Depp comes back on board this thing is practically guaranteed to gross over $1 billion. It sucks seeing a series I love so much being whored out as a shameless cash cow on the same level as Transformers.

    • Thinkaboutit!

      Agreed. Bring back Verbinski…although isn’t he and Depp already doing Pirates 5?…Oh my mistake that’s not Jack Sparrow it’s Tonto in the Lone Ranger.

  • The Exploiter

    Woop de freaking doo

  • SP1234

    Wouldn’t it be Penélope Cruz? Knightley’s story is finished.

    • Thinkaboutit!

      Bring back Knightly, Bloom and the original pirates crew ( and Gore Verbinski). The love interest between the priest and the mermaid sucked. The priest was a moaning dullard who made Orlando look like a 1st class actor.

      Please Rob Marshall – give the gig back to Gore. Pirates is his baby.

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  • aadaa

    faaaaark!!! No more please. I think that by now the idea of Jack Sparrow and a great film is a lot better than what is actually being made. Let it all stay in the realm of imagination and dreams and away from the big screen where it all ends up a big pile of actual shit.

    • Thinkaboutit!

      Go on the ride at Disney – it makes you realise that there is still life in the old sea dog franchise yet…they just need to get the story arc right and hire a bunch of writers (maybe from Homeland/Game of Thrones/Walking Dead/….or JK Rowling!) who can map out a great angle.

      Stop letting Depp fan his ego…what a pile of turd his dance in Stranger Tides was despite him bogging it up in interviews as being “funny”.This was Depp’s idea…the man has a few hits under his bet then he suddenly becomes judge, jury and executioner of the pirates franchise? I will give Depp his dues, he is a great actor, but, he is not the ideas man, he is not the writer, he is not the director. He is the clothes horse come good.

      They can still make a good Pirates film, it is quality writing that gives a franchise longevity – look at Wade’s/Purvis’ and Logan’s handling of Skyfall.

      Back to the Disney ride: when you are sat on the boat and go into the large sea area to find Barbossa on his ship and cannon balls fire at a fort on an island…pure magic!

      Come on Disney – get it right.

  • Michael Horne

    Please save us from another Cruz-fest. Talk about dull!

    • Sean B

      I think she had too much of a distraction while being there, because of her being pregnant during that time of the fiming of Pirates 4. If she returns this time for Pirates 5 she probably will not be pregnant, and so she won’t have a distraction while she’s trying do her acting for her role as Angelica a second time.

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  • Thinkaboutit!

    BLACKBEARD was a terrible villain – McShane was about as intimidating as White shit.

    Bring back ORLANDO BLOOM, KEIRA KNIGHTLY and the original BLACK PEARL crew (I.e. Mackensie Crook et al). The forth film was weak, part of the fault lies with director Rob Marshall, who could need get an easy flow with Depp’s comic timing. Depp simply was embrasding when he was trying to be comical as Sparrow when handcuffed to the chair in front of the King. The cup cake on the lamp? Lame. Not funny.

    It was Gore Verbinski who made Depp as Sparrow seem funny. Editing and direction are the key. Performance is a small cog in the machine.

  • Thinkaboutit!

    Jeff Nathanson….? Another franchise to bite the dust…

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  • Sean B

    I guess that Disney and/or Jerry Bruckheimer did not like Terry Rossio’s re-written script for Pirates 5 that he had started re-writing in October 2011 enough, and so they decided to stop Terry Rossio while he was still re-writing Pirates 5′s script and have Jeff Nathanson rewrite the script that Terry Rossio was working on? Or will Jeff Nathanson be re-writing Pirates 5′s script starting from scratch?

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  • Sean B

    I wonder when Pirates 5 will go into production(fiming), after it goes into pre-production in February or March 2013? Any idea on when that will be?

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  • Royce Mathew

    I am fighting for accountability against Ted & Terry – who are “thieves” – yes I have sued them. And I will continue to seek justice.

    1) Stemming from Michael Eisner, and still involving him, I have documented proof of Michael Eisner, and Robert A. Iger being involved with “criminal acts” including conspiracy and fraud among certain employees with which to have themselves and the Walt Disney Company financially profit from. This is in addition to the Walt Disney Company’s and Jerry Bruckheimer Films/Inc. continual exploitation and copyright right infringement of my intellectual property for their Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. This includes my characters, such as the eccentric pirate, the Black Pearl pirate ship and fictional inventions.

    2) The big picture is that the Walt Disney Company has become home to a group of individuals who act like a slick gang – aka “gangsters”, who would include Michael D. Eisner, Robert A. Iger, Sanford “Sandy” Litvack, Martin “Marty” Sklar, Jerry Bruckheimer, and their Disney associates Jason Surrell, Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, who continue to profit from utilizing the company resources to commit criminal and illegal acts, while pretending that follow the law, while justifying that they answer to no one.

    3) The Walt Disney Company, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio and Jerry Bruckheimer Films/Inc. and their attorneys Brocchini, Litvack and Singer’s corrupt, unethical, criminal and illegal acts are not a matter of opinion, as it is all documented with photo proof and documents. To date, some documents of the photo proof have been provided to various government entities and shared with investors/public record.

    4) Is this what the industry is all about? Thieves “con artists” who steal to profit and succeed off the backs of independent artists? As many are actually profiting off my creative work, stolen by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and then falsely credited to Marc Davis. Meanwhile Disney continues to protect and reward Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio, as well as their accomplices Jason Surrell and Marty Sklar.

    5) Who AM I ? – In the 1990′s I had my work handled/reviewed by CAA including by agent Justin Connolly and at William Morris by James Stein. My legal action started while Michael Eisner was still at the Walt Disney Comany as its CEO but this serious issue goes back to the 1990′s when Eisner / Disney wanted my creative work and I had refused to sell it. Michael Eisner even had memo drawn up in his own handwriting in regards to me back in 1992/1993.

    6) Copy of PDF letter / material sent to the Walt Disney Company – as well as to NY attorney General, and the NY Departmental Disciplinary Committee, is available upon request. To date, some documents of the photo proof have been provided to various government entities and shared with investors/public record.

    I welcome all communications and will answer any questions and provided documented photo proof to my claims. Feel free to share my letter, and my website – and I welcome all communications with anyone. Yes, I will continue to fight for accountability, and if there is any righteousness within you – I do hope you would reflect and ask questions.

    This serious matter is far from over.

    Royce Mathew disneylawsuit (dot) com

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