Possible Plot Details Revealed for Delayed PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5

     September 11, 2013


Though Disney appeared to be moving right along with the fifth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the studio pulled the film from its summer 2015 release date yesterday and is now looking at a possible 2016 release instead.  Kon-Tiki helmers Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg have been attached to direct for a few months now, but the reason for the delay apparently has to do with the shape of the script.  Rønning and Sandberg weren’t 100% happy with Jeff Nathanson’s outline for the material, and production was looking to get underway in March which meant the duo would have to prep shooting with only an outline to go by and not a finished script.  Nathanson is now working on a rewrite of the material, and the extra time will be devoted to making sure the script is in top shape and trying to bring the film’s budget down below $200 million.

While the behind-the-scenes details for Pirates 5 have been pretty clear, we still know nothing about the film’s plot.  That may now have changed, though, as a rundown for the story of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has apparently gone online.  Hit the jump to read on.

pirates-of-the-caribbean-5-johnny-deppThe folks over at Bleeding Cool got their hands on an early draft of the script and have posted some supposed details, but given that Nathanson is working on a rewrite it’s unclear how much of this will make the finished film.  Nevertheless, here’s a rundown of what the story apparently entails:

  • Witchcraft and witches play a very central role to the story.
  • There’s a new female lead who will be a sparring partner for Jack Sparrow.  She is suspected of witchcraft but is actually a woman of science.
  • There is also a ghost in a lead role, a former member of the British military who is now sided with Captain Barbossa.
  • Two pretty young Brits from farming families play into a subplot, filling the Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley roles from the initial trilogy.
  • The film begins with “a rather awkward wedding” and the climax involves the myth of the Bermuda Triangle.

Again, the script is very much in flux so it’s possible that the finished film will be very different from this rundown.  That being said, the ghost character appears to tie into the rumored subtitle of Dead Men Tell No Tales, so it’ll be interesting to see how much of this turns out to be true.  Production will now begin a little later next year, but we should expect to start hearing some casting news closer to the holidays or after the New Year.


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  • belovedwarlord

    Oh yay, two superfluous characters who can fall in love and be the bane of the film again. The second and third film are terrible, the fourth is worst, but easily the worst thing about all 4 films is the love subplot. Especially annoying as the first film is generally otherwise a quality film, and the skeleton pirates fun to watch.

  • bidi

    that all sounds great and all, but very first one had a certain charm to it that the others completely lacked. but it sounds like they’re sort of going back to their roots with the ghosts and the love story so maybe they’ll find that spark again

    • Sean

      That’s what i’m thinking as well.

  • pinkincide

    Beating the greasy stain of a dead horse.

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  • Leo Spaceman

    All I care about is that they bring back Barbossa

    • Sean

      I’m sure they will.

  • João Paulo

    Bring Penelope Cruz back please.

    • Sean

      I hope they will. But, well have to wait and see.

  • Emmanuel Vic

    They should just release Pirates 5 in 2017 and have the story be about Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley’s 10 year One Day visit, Jack gets them embroiled in his own troubles. They just wanted a quiet day, now they off doing who knows what for Jack…

    Coz i cannot take another Elizabeth + Jack filler relationship like the last film…

    • Jamesy

      They could do that now, just jump forward in the timeline.

    • http://youreadiread.wordpress.com/ Emelie Tobar

      It won’t happen. Kiera had been asked to come back even by Johnny Depp and she has clearly said NO. She pretty much said she was done with the franchise and wants to move on. Quite a slap in the face for fans…but I heard that Orland may return back. I don’t know how that would work out but we will see.

  • Jamesy

    Is Depp past it? That’s my fear…he hasn’t had a quality film in years, I’d say since the first POTC. He just seems stuck in the eccentric roles and being typecast. I think he should play a somewhat straight role, in a murder mystery detective type role somewhat like Brad Pitt in Se7en, leading into a possible new franchise.

  • ScratStitch

    Wait, so now they’re trying to get the budget BELOW $200 million? It was bad enough when we heard they were dropping it from to $250 million to $200, but now they want it even lower? So much for ANY hope of this feeling like a big, awesome POTC film. :(

    • Sean

      @daceybooker:disqus Remember, Pirates 1 had a $140 Million dollar production budget and look how successful and great it turned out !

      • ScratStitch

        That was before Johnny Depp automatically shaved $50 million off the budget with his paycheck, though.

      • Sean

        That doesn’t count though, because that is what he was being paid or might of been what he was being paid. I don’t believe that was in the $140 million that was Pirates 1′s production budget, because then Pirates 1′s production budget would of been $150 million which it wasn’t $150 million, it was $140 million.

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  • Oolie zool

    They could easily make this a winner if they have Depp play the character more like the POTC version, when he was a good mix of crazy, silly and dangerous. If it’s just more Depp in costume slapstick, book your losses now.

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  • dungeons and draccus’s

    Here’s what I want:
    - Bloom and Knightley
    - No more Barbossa, he’s overdone
    - Less stupidity from Johnny
    - No Penelope Cruz
    - Small scale, grounded, realistic, less CGI, more drama, great action, suspense, and tons of humor.

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  • http://www.Mindyou67.com Mindyou67

    I hope they bring Angelica and William back!!! They should stop changing the leads!

    • Sean

      @mindyou67:disqus Maybe they will both be back for a cameo appearance, but probably for nothing more then that in Pirates 5.

      • http://www.Mindyou67.com Mindyou67

        Well that is just a rip off. Cameo’s mean nothing to me… I want them to appear in pirates 5 and have a large role or I will be seriously PISSED FOR LIFE

      • Sean

        @mindyou67:disqus If they are going to be in Pirates 5 at all, they will only have cameo appearances. Or they won’t be in Pirates 5 at all. Or maybe only one of them will have a cameo appearance. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • http://www.Mindyou67.com Mindyou67

        Oh we will see… this is ridiculous! They should stop changing the leads!! First it was Will, now it’s Angelica that is leaving!!

      • Sean

        @mindyou67:disqus Yeah, The script for Pirates 5 does not involve Angelica and Blackbeard. So We will be seeing a new villain in Pirates 5, and that is Christoph Waltz playing a pirate named Captain Brand. We will see Barbossa in Pirates 5 as well. Here is the cast list for Pirates 5 -> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1790809/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast

      • http://www.Mindyou67.com Mindyou67

        Yeah but that sounds boring!!…. It’s ridiculous!!!!! They keep changing the stupid leads I mean!………. :(

      • Sean

        @mindyou67:disqus I disagree. They have to change the leads because Pirates 4, 5 and a potential Pirates 6, are all supposed to have standalone stories/plots.

  • http://www.Mindyou67.com Mindyou67

    PLEASE bring Angelica and Will back!! I’ll be pissed if not…

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