PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 May Shoot in Puerto Rico Starting This November [Update: Disney Calls Report Inaccurate, Says Film is Still in Development]

     September 12, 2012


In a recent interview with Geoffrey Rush, the Pirates of the Caribbean star confessed he had no idea when the fifth installment would be going forward.  But now we know where it’s going, at least.  Pirates of the Caribbean 5 appears to be headed to Puerto Rico to start shooting this November. That’s good news, since the status of the film is somewhat in flux, with Rob Marshall (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) possibly returning to direct and the script in the process of being finalized. As we all know, the next installment (and the franchise itself) sets its course by its star, Johnny Depp.  Should we expect to see him in Puerto Rico this fall?  Hit the jump for more.

 Johnny Depp PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDESNews of Disney’s decision to film in Puerto Rico comes via /Film, sourcing The Film Stage and business development site, CaribbeanBusinessPR.com. Although the previous films were shot on locations primarily in Hawai’i, a recent tax break encouraged the next production to head for Puerto Rico.  The studio declined to comment, but Puerto Rico Film Commission Executive Director Mariella Pérez said:

“Disney just confirmed that they have picked Puerto Rico over Hawaii.”

Good enough for me.  But will it be good enough for Depp and the rest of the actors?  That depends on the progress of the script.  In Rush’s own words:

I believe, in the script that’s being developed for the fifth film, they do it with great care and consideration.  The writers and Jerry Bruckheimer, as producer, can’t start a film like this, with a creative team that’s so huge and the amount of money that’s involved, without knowing that the script is in good shape.  You can’t start shooting this sort of stuff, if there’s holes in it.  But, as to when it will go, I know nothing.

Keep an eye on this developing story for possible confirmation or denial from the Mouse House later on.

Update: Well, that was fast.  According to Comingsoon.net, Disney was quick to put the kibosh on this story. Pirates of the Caribbean 5is reportedly still in development and the story from CaribbeanBusinessPR.com is inaccurate. Sorry to get your hopes up, buccaneers.


  • dogg

    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Paycheck of Fate?
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Horse Cove?
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Ill Gotten Gains?

  • Chris

    Pirates 5:The Shark Jumping

  • Chad

    The same people who leave comments like the ones above probably can’t wait for Batman 12 or the — what? — 6th Superman film. Hypocrites.

    • dogg

      Wow, you’ve got your own little reality going on in there. Kinda scary, actually.

    • -

      On what count would it be Batman 12? The only way you could get there is if you counted all the reboots as if they were the same film series, which is kind of dumb.

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  • ScaredForMovies

    While I thoroughly enjoyed the first Pirates they were stretched it pretty thin with a trilogy. Four was really pushing it and five is just crazy. But as long as people keep paying to see it they’re going to keep making more. Especially considering Pirates 4, sadly is in the top 10 of all time money makers.

  • Junayed Ahmed

    ……still waiting

  • Max2thelimit

    Pirates of the Carabbien
    The Secrects of the sacret sword.
    The search for atlantis.
    The conch of calmness

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