PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 Has a New Release Date; July 7th 2017

     July 23, 2014


About a year ago Disney pulled Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales from the 2015 release calendar so that Kon-Tiki helmers Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg would have more time to work on Jeff Nathanson’s script, which they apparently wanted to tweak.  A wise move considering how On Stranger Tides turned out (even if its international box office was higher than its predecessors).

But now we have an official new release date for the film.  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (apparently that’s still the official title) will now arrive on July 7th, 2017.  Hit the jump for more on the new Pirates of the Caribbean 5 release date.

pirates-of-the-caribbean-5-release-date-jerry-bruckheimerOne of the encouraging things about the delay in terms of working on the script is that this new take may harken back to the superior 2003 original film (I think the franchise has been going steadily downhill) in the sense that it will focus mainly pirate action.  A few weeks ago producer Jerry Bruckheimer filled us in a bit during a Deliver us From Evil press day:

Will there be any demonic monsters in Pirates 5?

BRUCKHEIMER:  No, no. I think we’re back to more of a straight pirates movie this time.

So, you won’t have big Kraken creatures anymore?

BRUCKHEIMER:  Not in the script I read recently.

That seems to counter the plot rumors we were hearing over a year ago, so maybe the work they’ve done on the script has indeed been significant.  At this point we don’t know much concrete about the film except that Johnny Depp will of course be returning as captain Jack Sparrow.

What do you think about that development?  I actually quite like the first film and thought it had a fairly exemplary script as far as blockbusters are concerned.  While I loved Gore Verbinski‘s direction on Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End, I never revisit them.  And the less said about On Stranger Tides the better.


  • alk

    Might as well say it’s not happening. I mean really…3 years? That is WAYYY too long to release a supposedly “anticipated” franchise sequel. Johnny Depp will be a grandfather by then..

    • Manuel Orozco

      I’m with you maybe this is a bad idea

      • Jose

        If the time is well spent in order to offer a good script i don’t mind, the franchise has been neeing one for some time now.

      • Manuel Orozco

        We’ll I’ve been thinking some time now Pirates should have stopped after #3

      • Jose

        I disagree, the fourth film had potential, but they instead ignored Jack’s previous interest in immortality, made Blackbeard bland and gave an overall unimpressive movie.

      • Manuel Orozco

        The 4th one wasn’t great I still think the 1st one is still the best but the series wasn’t great without Will and Elizabeth

  • Vulcan

    Loved the first one, thought Dead Man’s Chest was ok, thought At World’s End was terrible, and I really enjoyed On Stranger Tides. I thought it was back to form of being a crazy, pirate adventure, but stayed away from trying to be “epic.”

    • Travis Gowen

      The problem with the last movie (and likely any that follow) was that it followed up a trilogy that convinced people they were facing their greatest challenge. You can’t essentially tell people that “It All Leads To This” and then expect them to get behind something else and have them feel like it is meaningful.

      • Jose

        I disagree, there was potential in exploring Jack’s previous interest in immortality even more, but what OST realy lacked was originality, after Davy Jones and the Kraken, Blackbeard appeared very bland, Barbossa himself was closer to the original pirate.

        The only way you could have followed the 3rd film with a smaler scale event would have been to make it more personal, they didn’t.. The first movie for example feels like the kind of thing you do with an already extablished franchise that’s dying, the 4th needed the stakes to be realistic like in that one.

  • Harry

    I always loved the Pirates trilogy, and I felt Verbinksi had more control on 2 and 3. I actually re-watch 1 the least, even though it’s still great, I found Bill Nighy as Davy Jones to be the high light of the series.

    This should have been left alone as a trilogy. 4 was a disgrace. 3 had its problems but i found enough redeeming moments. I still feel 2 was the most fun. Who can honestly say they don’t appreciate how Gore Verbinski put together the 3 way swordfight?

    Not even the screenplay writer of the excellent Catch Me If You Can can interest me in this series after 4 and the terrible Blackbeard.

    • Drake

      Nah man, the first is definitely the best (and the only legitimately great one). Two and three are bloated and boring monstrosities. And four, while not being very close to the original, is the most enjoyable sequel of the bunch … In my opinion.

      • Harry

        Three got boring at times for me but I was never bored with Dead Man’s Chest or Curse of the Black Pearl. Bloated is never a complaint for me, though, as the majority of my top 10 favorite movies are around 2 and a half hours or more. (Just to clarify, Dead Man’s Chest is not near my top 10, I didn’t want it to seem like I was implying that.)

      • Jose

        2 wasn’t all that bloated, it was definitely more flawed than the first film, but not all that much weaker, Kraken and Davy Jones more than made up for the price of admission. I was never bored by the film to be honest, rewatched the film series the other day and the 2nd one’s where i can’t agree with most of the criticism.

  • Pernell Whitaker

    Wish Jerry and his gang would leave this in the past where it belongs and just give us National Treasure 3 already…

  • Jose

    Franchise has potential, i actualy enjoyed the 2nd movie a lot, it had a lot of flaws, but was still a lot of fun, 3rd had a messy script that draged all the other good elements down. 4th film was painfuly unimaginative, hopefuly they can pull a Mission Impossible type of scenario and deliver a great film after multiple disapointments.

    • Aquartertoseven

      MI4 was empty, just a string of set pieces, MI3 was a really great film.

      • Jose

        MI3 was a really great film that followed 2 stinkers.

  • GuyX

    First one is the weakest of the Verbinski era, the score is just awful(the theme just repeats over and over and over until the music becomes annoying during the Barbossa/Jack immortality duel) the other two have one thing that makes them worth revisting on blu ray: Davy Jones. Simply the best villian I’ve seen onscreen in quite some time, every moment is a visual feast for the eyes. The cinematography in Dead Mans Chest and Worlds End is beautiful stuff. Also love Cutler Beckett and Kraken. Worlds End needed one more action sequence since it lacked the pulse of DMC, The Kraken being killed offscreen was anticlimactic and would have been a tragic sequence as Jones is forced to kill “his pet”. I disliked DMC when it first came out but now I regard it as one of the better action/adventure films released in the last 10-15 years. I enjoy a movie that isn’t afraid of running time. Give me a 2.5 hour ride any day. Shows me that its not simply a crash grab since most studios would easily make a 100 minute movie. Look at the top grossing films of all time, what do you see in common? Their length! Titanic, Avatar, Dark Knight, Avenegers, Pirates etc. they all have an epic quality that audiences feel they’ve gotten their monies worth. Movies like X-Men 3 with too much plot and no room to breathe are just out to squeeze as many show times as possible and help sell television broadcast rights to TV stations so they fit in a 2 hour window with commercials. I hate when run time is used against a movie as a negative. At least it shows they care enough to not take the easy way out.

    • Harry

      Thank you. If people re-watch the first one, it’s cinematography and score are very weak. Still a fun movie, but 2 was better in every aspect, with Bill Nighy as Davy Jones the best thing about it.

  • appolox

    I don’t get the hate for the sequels. I love Dead Man’s Chest as much as Curse of the Black Pearl. I don’t like At Worlds End as much but it’s still pretty good and has a PHENOMENAL climax. On Stranger Tides is obviously the weakest and isn’t as good but I don’t understand how it’s a bad movie?

    • Grendal Sven

      I have asked this very question about critically panned movies here myself and since no one has replied yet let me sum the usual conceited movie-snob retort.


      You obviously have no idea what you are talking about you mouth-breathing idiot, what the fuck? Do you like, bag groceries or something? A simpleton like you who knows nothing about script writing, directing, or producing a film should ever EVER comment on this website for you are douche-bag of the highest order! And your mother gives blow-jobs for crack!

      • appolox

        LOL. That sums up the trolls of Collider perfectly. ;). Tell me good sir. What do you like that others have hated without reason?

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  • Sean

    @evan_dickson Why are movie websites now starting change Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales title from that to just Pirates of the Caribbean 5 when its title is already Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales ?