PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES Becomes Highest Grossing Film Overseas in Disney History

     June 15, 2011


Here’s a bit of a weird one: despite the fact that Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides got shat on by the critics and boasted the weakest domestic opening weekend at the box office of any Pirates sequel, the movie is still breaking records for Disney. How you ask? Why foreigners, of course! The movie is a hit in North America, but it’s bringing in absolutely absurd amounts of money overseas, so much that the movie currently ranks as the fourth highest grossing film of all time worldwide. That’s right, the movie that made everyone sick of watching Johnny Depp prance around in eyeliner is now officially the most successful entry in the series.

Remember how you were hoping that crapfest would officially kill off the franchise? That ain’t happening. If anything, expect Disney to make more Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels than ever before. I guess the movie is only good with subtitles. Hit the jump for further details about this moneymaking juggernaut.

pirates-of-the-caribbean-on-stranger-tides-movie-poster-02So far Pirates 4 has brought in $211 million in North America. That’s not bad for a movie that hasn’t even been out for a month yet. But according to THR, that’s nothing. So far On Stranger Tides has brought in an absolutely insane $695.9 million dollars overseas, bringing the box office total to a ridiculous $907.4 million. It’s officially the highest grossing film internationally in the history of Disney and now ranks fourth on the all time overseas box office charts behind only Avatar ($2 billion), Titanic ($1.2 billion), and The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King ($742 million). Apparently a big reason for the inflated grosses is that unlike in the US, 3D grosses have yet to see any sort of decline overseas. In countries like Russia, China, and Brazil the little plastic glasses are more popular than ever.

At this point, it’s inevitable that the grosses for On Stranger Tides (anyone figure out what that means yet?) will cross a billion dollars and it will become the biggest moneymaker of the series. Unfortunately for film fans, mediocrity doesn’t seem to be getting any less profitable. We can probably expect this to turn into the start of a second—and at least mercifully Orlando Bloom free—Pirates trilogy. There is a chance that Johnny Depp will see the light and refuse to participate in another crappy Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel (he certainly looked bored by the material onscreen), but Disney execs were willing to break salary records to get him onboard last time and it’s hard to imagine they won’t do it again. Get ready for Pirates 5: Let’s All Buy Johnny Depp His Own Private Caribbean Island in the summer of 2013.

  • Neo_3

    I think in the beginning of the article you mean overseas not worldwide.

  • Jason

    This is basically a big “up yours” to anyone who calls Americans “stupid”.

    The proof is right there, world. This franchise continuing is your doing.

    • Johnson

      Oh, that’s really clever, but i bet that OST has’t grossed more than (in the worst case) 90 Million in any single country. Of course the SUM of the grosses of all countries EXCEPT usa would equal to a behemoth of an amount of money and larger than the usa! But in it alone – 211 Million… that’s right yankies, as usual it’s everyone else’s fault…

      • simon

        bottom line: learn some maths stupid yankees.

      • Jason

        Wow, Johnson. Was that your attempt at debunking what I said?

        It’s impressive how you actually compared the raw box office tally of America to each individual country. That is an incredibly naive thing to do.

        Realize that because the population of America is much more than many of those countries. Most of those foreign countries could never single handily equal the box office heights that an American release can because of that very fact. So what you did was very stupid.

        Bottom line: Learn a little bit of logic, non-yankee. Your boy “Johnson” did something pretty stupid.

  • ok

    sure, so judging by Johnny Depp being in character as the goofball Jack Sparrow you were able to tell that he looked bored and had no desire to be a part of the film? Wow, by that logic I guess being paid $55 million would make anyone extremely bored.

    Come on Collider, please shit can these crappy writers and get people who actually report news, not this Fox News-like crap.

  • gimpsuit

    Seems 3D isn’t dead, the rest of the world still enjoys it, but American’s are unique snowflakes that they need to seperate themselves from everyone else to feel that little bit extra special.
    America doesn’t determine the success of a film anymore, the rest of the world does. That’s why smart filmmakers don’t make films tailored specifically for American audiences anymore.
    That said, it’s a shame a crappy film like OST is gonna hit a billion and other much better films will bomb this summer.

  • the Lugster

    Avoiding all the “US already defeated GB so STFU and argue fact BS,” OST was probably the best sequel to an original series since Temple of Doom or Empire Strikes Back. Harry Potter was NOT an original sequel (or movie series), comic books have established audiences and Freddy and Jason were only interesting in their first few.
    Oh, already you want to call snarky names? Let’s rehash, shall we? The object of a movie sequel is to maintain viewer involvement with the main characters (and let’s be honest, Cap’ns Jack & Barby were the ONLY interesting lead characters in the last few PotC movies) and prove said interest by maintaining box office revenue high enough to prove continued existence. Done.
    Now, it’s time to discuss character development and plot arc. Starting with Indy, when did he challenge himself and his flaws to defeat the enemy and when did he actually have any real character development… Oh right, Crystal Skull. Wasn’t THAT character development awesome. I meant to use a period, a-holes. Was there any difference in story arc between the 4? Ok, how about Star Wars? And character development does not mean time between movies encased in carbonite, finding out you want to f*^k your sister or losing your hand, btw. Luke was a boy scout to the very end when we had to watch Leia dance around with hairy munchkins and Ford pretend to be interested enough to phone in a performance. Wasn’t talking about Jedi, anyway. Empire throws us back in with the gang and you know the rest but aside from the cruel twist (read: cliff-hanger to ensure box office draw for the next one), how was the movie any different than the first? Did the characters challenge their fears to rise to the occasion? Was the story arc really any different than New Hope? Did we really care or were we just waiting to go back to that galaxy far, far away? Rhetorical question, anyway.
    PotC has proved itself at the box office and kept an audience not comprised solely of film nerds who make their gfs dress up in slave Leia gear entertained enough to want to go back to that far off shore. Critics are stupid, blog commentators stupider and monkeys throw shit at the audience in the monkey house.
    And all ye naysayers may yet get your wish. If you truly want the franchise to fail, keep silent when Disney names Tim Burton as their top choice to direct PotC 5. As we have all seen, any pre-established movie franchise he touches turns to shit. Monkeys, to your marks.

    ps: Oh hey, Phil? Opinions are like assholes.

    • IllusionOfLife

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • bpearl

        Pot calling the kettle black?? Trolls are people who have to post about films they don’t like. There are so many negative people on-line, it is a nice change to read something constructive rather than destructive.

    • bpearl

      Well said :)

      I love POTC, Star Wars and Indy. People should stop taking movies to seriously. OST is prue fun!

    • SkaOreo

      Except lack of character development isn’t really OST’s problem. Hell, you could probably accuse the fantastic first film of the same problem. A strong character arc – while always welcomed – isn’t necessarily needed. No, the problem with OST is that it’s fucking bland.

      I had to see this twice on two separate occasions, and both times I fell asleep while watching it. People keep chastising critics for shitting on popcorn films, often using the “BUT IT’S FUN” argument. “Fast Five” is a fun film. OST is a boring film that doesn’t really add anything new to the franchise.

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  • IllusionOfLife

    I don’t care if they make more, just for the love of god, bring back Gore Verbinski. On Stranger Tides was an absolute crap fest and that was due in large part to lazy and non-ambitious directing from Rob Marshall. Say what you will about the first three Pirates films, but you can’t deny that Gore Verbinski gave them a very strong and clear direction and took an ambitious approach to a movie no one thought would work.

    On Stranger Tides proves that the heart and soul of the franchise lies with Gore Verbinski and removing him from the equation made everything fall to pieces. If anyone but Verbinski directs Pirates 5, I won’t be spending a penny to see it.

  • jkary

    That’s funny, because it was awful.

  • Leo

    I don’t think the movie was crap. I liked it, and I don’t get it what do you people expect from a Pirates movie? It’s a fun adventure, and that’s it.

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  • maggie

    just today have been to see the film – 3D – so totally loved it, wonderful, fantastic scenery, Johnny Depp, as usuall amazing, as was Geofrey Rush, Ian McShane, even Penelope Cruz, thanks for a marvelous entertainment – like WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ampikyy

    Rest of the world is also bigger than America…

    • BrandonHeat07

      Thank you!! This is what most people in the US fail to recognize. That and the fact that economical power in no longer US-centric.

  • keepitreal

    The film was great!

    American’s are dumbasses!!!! The writer is clearly jealous of Johnny Depp – I think the rest of the world does not share your view. The film was entertaining. Perhaps it is too ethnic for white red neck bible bashing middle americans who are jealous of a half cherokee box office superstar…it is set in the Caribbean.

    Worldwide box office matters now, not domestic gross.

  • keepitreal

    I bet Phil Brown’s woman imagines Johnny Depp when the light is switched off at night… :)

    Then again he probably hasn’t got a woman!!!!!!!!!!

  • BillieB

    The only one having a crapfest is you. I am sorry you are unable to enjoy and have a good time at the movies. I love OST and I hope Mr. Depp does more of them.
    Just proves that other countries know how to enjoy themselves.

  • Co

    You really SUCK, Phil Brown you worthless piece of pond scum. Stop insulting ORLANDO. I did not see Pirates 4 because Orlando was not in it. Domestically if’s don’t the worst out of all the Pirates and will finish no doubt $100 million behind Pirates 3 with featured Orlando. No one will pay to see you working at your desk if it were $1.00 and in 3D. Get eaten by the Kraken you stupid jackass!

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  • jake

    i love the pirate franchise. and i got really excited when the 4th one came out. but i was dissapointed. i liked blackbeard, penelope cruz’s character and even the IDEA of mermaids. (NOT THE ACTUAL MERMAID AND HER STUPID BOYFRIEND, WHO WERE TOTALLY UN-NEEDED)

    the 4th film definatly missed somthing the others had. not much seemed to be going on, and i think i liked how the characters in the first three (mainly 2 and 3) all had there own storyline, so it was like basically 7 stories in one film.

    the 4th one only seemed to follow one plot, with all these great characters going for the same thing and revolving around the same storyline. which got kinda boring.

    would i say OST was the worst film… probly yes, though i did enjoy it i enjoyed the others better.

    would i pay to see number 5 and 6…hell yeah..i loepirates of the caribbean and one bad-ish movie isnt going to change that.

    p.s. why is everyone talking about america and the rest of the world… sure america adds more money to the profit of a film than anywhere else in the world. but you have to consider that there is like roughly 1,000,000 in america, and 5,000,000 in the rest of the world. so of course the international areas are going to make more money than domestially. the only reason OST did bad in america was that 3D got boring and they are no longer the economic gods of the world (so they need to save money, which is not a crime)

    personally i hate 3d. it doesnt let you focus on the plot and small details…it just BOOM in your face.