Watch: The Pittsburgh Pirates Channel ‘Game of Thrones’ in Fantastic Lineup Video

     June 8, 2016


A new promo for Pittsburgh’s Major League Baseball team, the Pirates, features the Steel City looking distinctly Westerosi, as the camera swoops down the Allegheny River and shows off the Land of Bridges. The first thing I thought when I watched this lineup video, channeling Game of Thrones’ iconic opening credits, was … how has this not been done before? My second thought was about how perfectly the industrial mechanics of the visuals fit in with Pittsburgh’s look and history specifically. Well done.

Check out the promo below:

The great video, featured in a story by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was created by Jason Cauveren and Baker Image Group, and features some of the city’s skyline landmarks. Honestly, it’s putting my team the (woebegone) Atlanta Braves on notice. I’d actually love to see MLB put together a promo for the playoffs that features several cities and teams on the map, as well.

What do you think of the video, and how badly do you want this for your team right now? (If you aren’t a Pirates fan, of course). And while we’re thinking about it, does anyone care to sort some MLB teams into Game of Thrones houses? Pretty sure the Braves are House Stark — a once-great house now decimated and in ruins, trying to pick up the pieces …


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