POINT BREAK Remake Officially Adds Edgar Ramirez, Sets Production Start for June 26th

     May 20, 2014


Point Break is about to get even more extreme!  Now that the action-thriller remake has set its principal cast with Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah and Edgar Ramirez on board as Bohdi, we have a few new details as to the plot and production of the film, both of which are rather ambitious.  Directed by Ericson CorePoint Break will film across four continents where extreme sports athletes from around the world will step in for stunt performers in daring sequences involving surfing and snowboarding, wingsuit flying, free rock climbing, and high speed motorcycle stunts.  The plot is steeped in this world, as Bracey’s young FBI agent hopes to infiltrate a gang of criminals who use their athletic skills to pull off extraordinary heists.  Production is set to start June 26th.  Hit the jump for more.

point-break-movie-posterCheck out the Point Break press release for more on the re-creation:



LOS ANGELES, CA., MAY 20, 2014 – POINT BREAK, Alcon Entertainment’s big screen re-creation of the classic 1991 action-thriller, starring Edgar Ramirez and Luke Bracey, begins principal photography on June 26th, it was announced by Alcon principals Andrew Kosove and Broderick Johnson.

The production, which will film on four continents, including North America, Europe, South America and Asia, will feature stunts performed by the world’s top extreme sports athletes rather than stunt performers.

Ericson Core (Invincible) is directing Kurt Wimmer’s (Salt, Law Abiding Citizen) screenplay. Ramirez (Zero Dark Thirty, Che) stars as Bohdi, played by Patrick Swayze in the original, and Luke Bracey (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, upcoming Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Best of Me) will portray Johnny Utah, played by Keanu Reeves in the original.

Set in the world of international heists and extreme sports, the story is about a young FBI agent (Bracey) who goes undercover to infiltrate a criminal gang suspected of committing unfathomably sophisticated heists all over the world.

The film marks an extraordinarily ambitious shoot involving some of the most daring stunts ever committed to film. Extreme sports featured include surfing 70-foot waves, snowboarding, wingsuit flying, free rock climbing, and high speed motorcycle stunts.

Locations set for filming include Germany, Austria, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, French Polynesia, and India.

Kosove and Johnson will produce along with John Baldecchi, Chris Taylor and Kurt Wimmer. RGM Media principal Devesh Chetty and investor John McMurrick, Chairman of Marloss Entertainment, will serve as executive producers.

Renowned extreme athletes performing stunts in the film include surfers Makua Rothman, Billy Kemper, Brian Keaulana and Ahanu Tson-dru; snowboarders Lucas De Bari, Ralph Backstrom, Mitch Toelderer, Mike Basich and Xavier De La Rue; motorcyclists Riley Harper and Oakley Lehman; wingsuit stunt pilots Jeb Corliss, Jon Devore, Julian Boulle, Noah Bahson and Michael Swanson, and free climber Chris Sharma, among others.

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  • Chris

    OH FUCK YOU Ericson Core!

  • LEM

    I still officially will never watch it. (cue some asshole replying why are you commentin then blah blah blah)

    • MJ

      “(cue some asshole replying why are you commenting then blah blah blah)”

      LOL I am going to re-use that if you don’t mind? F’ing brilliant, dude!

  • MJ

    Point Break is about SURFING. It’s in the F’ing title…WTF?????

    This is so completely dumb-ass. Urge everyone to boycott this.

  • eternalozzie

    the first movie was terrible … this looks to be set to top that. now with 100% more hardcore terrible!!! with motorcycles, bungee jumping, snowboarding, and a smidge of surfing tossed in so the title will make at least 7% sense!!!

  • Billy_Jean

    Yet another remake that doesn’t need to happen. What’s next The Terminator remake…ohhhh crap!

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  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    I love Ramirez as an actor but wish he didn’t join this movie. I’d be fine if they didn’t call it Point Break (hell F&F did it) and went with something “in the same spirit as PB”. It just comes off as cheap way to make a buck off of an existing film w name recognition. I love the original Point Break but I don’t need a remake of it as it’s a film best left in it’s time (Hot Fuzz reminds us why these type of movies are so much fun). I remember being in middle school and started to get into surfing and this movie was always on tv and I remember just thinking how bad ass of a movie it was. That type of magic won’t be captured again for the new generation because it’ll always be compared to the original. At least F&F was smart enough to make it their own.

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