PREDATOR Reboot Moving Forward with Shane Black Attached to Direct

     June 24, 2014


20th Century Fox is rebooting its Predator franchise, and it’s doing so with a curious (though also fitting) piece of talent in tow.  THR reports that Lethal Weapon screenwriter and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 writer/director Shane Black is poised to pen the treatment for the Predator reboot and is also attached to direct.  The plan is for Black to hand over his treatment to collaborator Fred Dekker, who will then pen the full screenplay with Black acting as overseer.  Black and Dekker (which is probably also the name of their improv troupe) previously co-wrote the excellent horror comedy The Monster Squad in 1987, which Dekker also directed.  Hit the jump for more on the Predator redo and Black’s potential slate.

shane-black-predatorNews of the new Predator reboot comes courtesy of THR, but story details are unclear at this time.  Black actually has a connection to the Predator franchise, as he appeared in a small role in the 1987 original and also performed uncredited rewrites on the screenplay.  The Arnold Schwarzenegger-fronted pic spawned one proper sequel and two dreadful Aliens vs. Predator crossover films before undergoing a reboot in 2010 under the guidance of producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal.  That redo failed to take hold with audiences, but Fox clearly doesn’t want the franchise simply gathering dust on the shelf.

It’s unclear what Black’s take on Predator would entail, but if anyone can get me excited for a Predator revival it’s Black.  He’s already proven himself to be an excellent screenwriter with snappy dialogue and a knack for character interplay, and as a director, Iron Man 3 showed he can handle big-budget, studio films.  I’m hoping he does a more personal film first before moving to the tentpole-esque Predator (Doc Savage sounds amazing), and given that this redo is just now being put together, it sounds like that might be the case.

In addition to the 1930s pulp adaptation Doc Savage, Black is also developing a 1970s crime film called The Nice GuysRyan Gosling and Russell Crowe are circling the long-in-the-works project, which could shoot as early as this fall.

So what say you, Predator fans?  Does the involvement of Shane Black make you excited for a new iteration of the franchise?  What do you want to see in a Predator reboot?  Sound off in the comments below.


  • axalon


  • bidi

    either Black approached Fox, or Fox just wants to keep whipping a dead horse. i don’t honestly see any point to this

    • Leo Spaceman

      If it is a reboot I would be annoyed by Fox, but if they did a sequel to their last reboot, I would be really excited. I thought their Predators film with Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne and Foreman was actually pretty good and I really wanted to see a sequel to it.

  • DNAsplitter

    Wait. What? That’s crazy. Pretty cool that Black is back involved w the project but I was one of the few who enjoyed Predators w Adrian Brody. Thought they could have followed it up w a great sequel where Glover and Schwartzaneggar are taken to their home planet and it’s sort of like a Catching Fire type of vibe w all the past people who have taken down Predators to duke it out with only one coming out on top.

  • Strong Enough


    But I want that fucking Death Note movie Mr. Black!

  • Steven Fox

    Hell YEAH! I think it`s time this bad boy was done properly! Hopefully we can get more depth and background on the race/predator. Fingers crossed!

  • Cedhollywood

    Jeez,Predators was really good and I was really looking forward to seeing a sequel. It had a very small budget anyway and it still made money,so it really doesn’t make sense to scrap that project. And why does there need to be a reboot? The original still holds up even today. Unless they go a whole other direction with the story then I’m not interested. If the reboot has the exact same premise as the original with “today’s CGI and bigger explosions” then this reboot will be like a lot of the others…a waste of time.

  • GunzOfNavarone

    This is one film that definitely doesn’t need rebooting. Without even seeing it, I can almost guarantee it’s going to pale in comparison to the original. Plus, I hated Iron Man 3.

  • Bifash

    “…as big as a house.”

    • axalon

      Jeez you got a big p*ssy, jeez you got a big p*ssy!

      • The Flobbit

        I ain’t got time to bleed.

  • WestFest

    Well after iron man 3 and that disappointment then rebooting a classic like this seems even more doomed

  • Grayden

    Must take place during Christmas. It’s tradition!

  • World’s Finest Comments

    Halfway through we find out the Predator is really an actor and it was really an Alien that was the mastermind.

  • CuntDracula

    PG-13 for the win!

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  • TigerFIST

    I don’t care for one

  • Dylan

    Just when you are about to think “A REBOOT TO PREDATOR, AND NOT ANOTHER SEQUEL? F**K!”, they get the one and only Shane Black (writer of LETHAL WEAPON) to direct it, who was in the original film as the character ‘Hawkins’. HELL YEAH, NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALLED F**KING A+ MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Boone

    Love that guy. Just make it happen!

  • Ruprect

    As long as the idiot suits at Fox don’t try and force this into a PG-13 rating, I am in.

  • Mezmero

    Shane Black had one of the best lines in the movie LMMFAO

    • Old Soldier

      Shane Black had one of the best lines in the movie LMMFAO

      • Strong Enough

        Shane Black had one of the best lines in the movie LMMFAO

      • The Flobbit

        Shane Black had one of the best lines in the movie LMMFAO

        Why are we doing this?

    • ThulsaBoom

      SOME of the best lines…

      • SomeGuy

        SOME of the best lines…

      • The Flobbit

        SOME of the best lines…

  • YodaRocks

    Has any reboot of an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ever worked without Arnold Schwarzenegger?

    • RiddleThemThis

      Nope, but as long as they all profit it won’t stop them from trying.

      • ThulsaBoom

        Which one was profitable? The Total Recall and Conan remakes, and Terminator:Salvation (half reboot/half sequel), all bombed.

        Forget reboots, Die Hard is the only Arnold sequel they have made work without him for that matter (Die Hard was originally Commando 2, not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, just sayin). T:S, and all of the Predator sequels don’t hold up to Schwarzenegger’s offerings.

        Hunger Games and Battle Royale were successful, and they were basically “The Running Man” with kids, so if you count those…

        Every classic Arnold was in was held together at the seams by The Oak.

        The Terminator
        Terminator 2
        Total Recall
        Conan the Barbarian
        Pumping Iron
        True Lies

        …and that’s only if you don’t count The Running Man, Red Heat, Raw Deal, and Kindergarten Cop as classics…in which case, I would love to try to change any minds out there.

        Leave the classics alone! Remake Eraser, instead!!

        Arnold lovefest/rant over!

  • Jason Wright

    I don’t want a Predator reboot; I don’t want a retelling of the first film’s story. I want a great Predator or Predators sequel. And a Prometheus sequel. And an Alien sequel. With a few minor hiccups (AVP:R was terrible) the series is still viable.

  • Old Soldier

    10 bucks says they have a hot bossy girl added to the team. Played by a hot talentless actress.

  • ThulsaBoom

    No Arnold, no deal.

    He should have just been Fishburne’s character in Predators, [SPOILER ALERT] minus the stupid death scene.

    Probably best to just leave Predator be at this point, but I like Shane Black well enough for this as long as they bring in The Oak.

  • NotePad

    I was excited when I saw the word ‘Predator’, but then my heart sank when i saw ‘Reboot’. I have been eagerly waiting for a sequel to Predators since I first saw it. It’s an incredibly thrilling movie and I just HAVE GOT to see where that story goes! This is quite disappointing. I’m surprised Rodriguez isn’t doing anything about this because Predators was very close to his heart and it is well known that a sequel was planned. There was so much more that could be done. Adrian Brody and the girl could have had some crazy stories on the rest of the Predators world.

  • MJ

    They shouldn’t try to reboot perfection.

  • Depredador

    We don’t need a Reboot! Predator still holds on its own even in these superfast times. Predators need a sequel that movie was very cool, but they need to put more faith in it, people didn’t quite accept Adrian Brody as an action star even when he did a fine job. And publicity wise was very limited, i recommend that movie a lot and people don’t even know it exists. Maybe a little bigger budget, a few big names for the leads, a good script, a little Kiss and a Bang! And you got yourself a hit!

    • tarek

      I’ve seen it, and will never watch it again.

  • Dutch

    well, cool they are making more Predator movies, but I liked Predators a whole lot more than that turd of a movie called Ironman 3. If Ben Kingsley is the Predator, I’m not f-ing seeing it.

    • MJ

      LOL. In the new Predator with Kingsley, in the middle of the movie he will change from a frightening Predator to an 80′s Benny Hill.

  • Farrell

    How do you reboot one of the best designed monsters in the history of cinema? Do they really think they can out-do Stan Winston’s magnificent creation? Or will they stick to the same design? If they do, then what’s the point in rebooting it? Why not just have it be another Predator-hunts-unwitting-badasses-in-the-jungle sequel?

  • Farrell

    They should do Robert Rodriguez’s crazy idea he had for Predator 3 where Arnold and Glover are taken to the Predator home world to do battle since they are the only earthlings to have beaten the creature.

  • liquid

    Hope he does a better job than what he did to the Mandarin character in Ironman 3. Jesus, what a flop dick that was…

    “Jezz you got a big pussy!…..Jezz you got a big pussy!”

    Why’d you say it twice?….I didn’t….its because of the echo….

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  • suave

    Predators girlfriend will end up saving the day

  • The Flobbit

    They can do what they like, but they will never fill the giant shoes of the Austrian Oak.

    Good luck getting someone with arms of that magnitude.

  • markharvey

    Uh, it’s a movie about an alien fighting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jungle, who cares if they remake it. Everything gets remade, that’s how stories work, they’re retold in different ways and sometimes it’s for the better. Even if the new one was the worst thing ever filmed on earth, it’s not like the original Predator movie itself is gonna detonate like the title character so you can’t ever watch it again. Don’t worry dorks, you’ll still have the regular old Predator to catch on TV once every two or three years when you’re drunk….

  • herderp

    Yea when I think predator I don’t think of this buddy cop comedy twat. Iron Man 3 sucked.

  • James Cameron Our Lord Savior

    Can we just get a proper Aliens vs Predator film directed by James Cameron since he knows how to do space marines right.

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