Set Photos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in PREMIUM RUSH

     July 20, 2010

Some unofficial set photos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in David Koepp’s Premium Rush have landed online.  While they’re just Gordon-Levitt dressed as a bike messenger (which is his character’s job in the movie), I wanted to point out that this is an action-thriller where he’s on the run from a corrupt cop (played by Michael Shannon) and anyone who has seen Inception knows how bad-ass Gordon-Levitt can be in an action-heavy role.  While I’m 99.9% sure that Rush won’t have anything as close to impressive to the hallway fight (and neither will any other action film for years and years to come), I’m still excited to see the amazing actor take another step into the mainstream.

Hit the jump to check out the photos, and if you haven’t seen Inception, you should get on that.

Click over to Just Jared for more images.  Click on an image below to see a larger version.

  • Villainboy

    Is this movie based on “The Ultimate Rush” by Joe Quirk?

  • Corin Prendiville

    Cool, I really like Levitt and I'm glad hes finally getting some recognition, definitely happily awaiting his next film.

  • jackrabbit

    Joe Quirk wrote the “Ultimate Rush” fifteen years ago, about a messenger in San Francisco, and now this so-called writer/director Koepp is saying he's the creator of “Premium Rush,” about a bike messenger in New York City? What a farce. This is out-and-out plagiarism and I recommend that Joe Quirk sue Koepp.

  • Tamim

    Man! This movie looks totally stolen from Quirk's fabulous bike-mesenger-on-rollerblades novel The Ultimate Rush. At the very least, everyone who sees this movie, if they get away with making it, should read Thre Ultimage Rush–the original.

  • Doggo Man

    One cannot help but reflect on the criminal act of plagiarism that this screenplay represents. Blatant enough to keep the word “Rush” from the original title (and, no, these thieves did NOT buy the film rights to THE ULTIMATE RUSH), they did not have the integrity to write an original script. Probably they have named all their dogs “Rin Tin Tin,” as well.

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