NBC Shuts Down Production of PRIME SUSPECT

by     Posted 2 years, 282 days ago

Well it lasted longer than some other canceled shows, but now NBC has pulled the plug on their freshman crime drama Prime Suspect. Deadline reports the network told cast and crew yesterday that they were shutting down production around the same time their midseason schedule went out without mentioning the series (though the bigger problem is the exclusion of Community). Though some insiders are saying the show technically isn’t canceled (hypothetically it could still be picked up for another season), but no more episodes will be produced after the 13th installment finishes shooting, and this season is officially over. Sorry Maria Bello. Better luck next time.

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  • t

    what? NOOOooo. i really liked this show. it had spunk. the storylines were interesting, the characters were well-rounded, and as a woman, it gave me liberty to hate on guys. but seriously, they’re making a big mistake. how can shitty shows like csi, cis, hawaii 50 and all that other crap stay on air and not something like this?

  • Max

    I am outraged that NBC did not give this clever, funny, well written and well acted show a full season, regardless of whatever ratings it had. Maria Bello’s Jane Timony was a terrific character and instantly likeable. The supporting cast was expertly assembled, and had a great rapport as characters on screen. This wonderful show should be brought back to life either on FX, AMC, or Showtime. Today is a sad day for fans of high-brow televised entertainment. SHAME ON YOU NBC!!!

    • George Otwori

      First we lose the Chicago Code leaving a void for complex crime drama on broadcast.

      Now we are losing prime Suspect basically the only smart and innovative crime procedural on broadcast.

      Still thankful for the three best crime drama on television
      2.South Land
      3.The Closer

  • Al

    Maria Bello is a great actress and deserves better than this. I’m sure she’ll land on her feet though.

  • Jack

    I really liked this show! I agree with AL Maria Bello deserves way better.

  • Tarek

    You need to see a great series ? Go watch The Killing. Simply a terrific show. The chemistry between Mireille Enos (Linden) and Joel Kinnaman (Holder) is simply amazing.

    Joel Kinnaman is an awesome actor!

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