THE KING’S SPEECH Upsets THE SOCIAL NETWORK at the 2011 Producers Guild Awards

     January 23, 2011


It seemed like The Social Network had a clear path to the Academy Awards, but the dastardly Producers’ Guild of America may prove an obstacle.  The King’s Speech took home Best Picture at the Producers Guild Awards last night in a notable upset.  Over the past 20 years the Producers Guild and the Oscars have agreed on 13 of 20 Best Picture winners.

Everything else went down about as expected for both film and television.  Toy Story 3 won Best Animated Feature, and Waiting for “Superman” was named Best Documentary.  In TV, the PGA honored Mad Men, Modern Family, The Pacific, The Colbert Report, and Deadliest Catch.  Hit the jump for the full list of winners.

Via THR:

Best Picture
Producers: Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin

Best Animated Feature
Producer: Darla K. Anderson

Best Documentary
Producer: Lesley Chilcott

Best TV Drama Series
“Mad Men”
Producers: Lisa Albert, Scott Hornbacher, Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton, Blake McCormick, Dwayne Shattuck, Matthew Weiner

Best TV Comedy Series
“Modern Family” (ABC)
Producers: Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Morton, Dan O’Shannon, Jason Winer, Bill Wrubel, Danny Zuker

Best TV Movie or Miniseries
“The Pacific” (HBO)
Producers: Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks, Eugene Kelly, Todd London, Cherylanne Martin, Bruce C. McKenna, Steven Shareshian, Steven Spielberg, Tony To, Tim Van Patten, Graham Yost

Best Live Entertainment/Competition TV
“The Colbert Report” (Comedy Central)
Producers: Meredith Bennett, Stephen T. Colbert, Richard Dahm, Tom Purcell, Allison Silverman, Jon Stewart

Best Non-Fiction TV
“Deadliest Catch” (Discovery Channel)
Producers: Thom Beers, Jeff Conroy, Sheila McCormack, Ethan Prochnik, Matt Renner

  • Sara

    I didnt watch The Kings Speech, but i watched The Social Network, and if all years we have an overrated film I would say this year is The Social Network. I mean, not Like Precious or Slumdog Milionaire or Hurt Locker(in Academy Awards)
    But Black Swan, True Grit and 127 hours all these films looks better than The Social Network. Even Inception is better than The Social Network.
    Yes, best script and I rooting for Aaron Sorkin. And He will take that Oscar ! . But I think that’s it, I like David Fincher, but Darren was amazing The Wrestler and Black Swan looks sooo good.
    I like it The Social Network, i think the script is great, but the film is not ALL awards , u know?

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  • christophercantos

    a great film is a great film. PERIOD!

    Tom Hooper has to be nominated for directing now. There were talks that they might bump him for the Coens or Boyle.. but if you think about it, really. why does The King’s Speech winning the awards that the Social Network aren’t getting? it’s because voters love The King’s Speech.. i haven’t seen the King’s Speech but i have had it with best picture nominees that doesn’t recognize its director. There are even people who are saying Fincher doesn’t deserve an award, only Sorkin does. HELLO! FINCHER DIRECTED THE BEST FILM OF THE YEAR! IF THE GUY ANCHORED THE BEST FILM OF THE YEAR, HE DESERVES THE BEST DIRECTOR TROPHY. just because his directing looks restrained(even though i think differently after repeated viewings) doesn’t mean he didn’t give the best directing of the year. Aronofsky is a great example of this. Requem could quick cuts and fancy in everyway it wants to be, but the Wrestler is Aronofsky’s greatest film.

  • Mark

    I’m sorry, this article fails to mention exactly who was upset about The King’s Speech winning over The Social Network. Personally, I’m glad the King’s Speech won. The Social Network was certainly an achievement for the actors, but the rest of the picture was just good, not at the level I would expect for Best Picture. The King’s Speech was more deserving of this honour.

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