PROMETHEUS Sequel Moving Forward at Fox; Jack Paglen to Write Script

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20th Century Fox seems to have a game plan with regards to a sequel to last year’s Prometheus.  While director Ridley Scott made no secret of the fact that he envisioned the Alien pseudo-sequel as the beginning of a new franchise, firm movement on the follow-up had yet to materialize.  Coming off a box office take of over $400 million worldwide for the R-rated sci-fi pic, Fox was initially said to be targeting a 2014 or 2015 release date for Prometheus 2.  Screenwriter Damon Lindelof revealed earlier this year that he opted not to return to pen the follow-up, and a few months ago a story surfaced claiming that Fox was “freaking out” over how to continue the story. Well it appears that a logline for Prometheus 2 has indeed been sorted out, as screenwriter Jack Paglen is in talks to pen the script for the follow-up, with Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender expected to return in the starring roles.  Less certain, though, is Scott’s involvement this time around.  Hit the jump for more.

prometheus-2-sequel-ridley-scott-noomi-rapacePer Variety, Fox and Ridley Scott have entered talks with scribe Jack Paglen to write the Prometheus sequel script.  Paglen most recently penned the sci-fi thriller Transcendence, on which Christopher Nolan’s longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister is making his directorial debut with Johnny Depp leading the cast.  The report notes that Rapace and Fassbender are expected to reprise their roles in the sequel, and while Scott will most definitely be producing the film, it’s unknown at this time if he will direct.  The filmmaker is currenty in post-production on The Counselor and plans to shoot his Moses epic Exodus later this year, so he likely wouldn’t be available until later in 2014 and Fox understandably wants to get Prometheus 2 in theaters sooner rather than later.

One of the major complaints from audiences about Prometheus was that the film left many plot lines open-ended, especially with regards to the pic’s mythology.  Around the time of the pic’s release, Scott talked at length about his plans to explore the origins of the Engineers in further films and explain how the circumstances surrounding Prometheus were put into motion.  Given that Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw and Fassbender’s disembodied David were shown setting out for the Engineers’ home planet at the end of Prometheus, one presumes the ongoing adventures of the two will be the central focus of the sequel.

Fox is clearly ready to get this thing going, but it’ll be interesting to see which director the studio taps to take the helm should Scott opt not to return to the director’s chair.  Personally, I think it might be good to let another director step in and take over the franchise going forward.  What do you think, folks?  What would you like to see in the sequel?  Who should direct if Scott doesn’t return?  Sound off in the comments below.


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  • calvincrack

    i would prefer if Scott directed it.

  • pinkincide

    There’s not enough turd polish in the world.

    • Still a fan

      actually… they did a Mythbusters on that…you can.

    • AManWithAKilt

      Some of the deleted/altered scenes that appeared on the blu ray actually did a fair amount in that department.

      • Saltonstall

        Yeah, there was a lot of stuff in the deleted scenes that would have made a difference had they been in the final film.

  • JK1193

    What about the Blade Runner sequel? Any word on that?

    • Strong Enough

      they just hired that michael green guy to do a rewrite on Hampton script

  • David M.

    Hopefully another writer will bring a more straightforward story. Damon Lindelof has been behind quite a few movies lately that left me underwhelmed, and when you hear him talk about it he always comes across as if its the audience’s fault that they didn’t get the ‘deeper meaning’-and not that the script had plot holes large enough to drive the Nostromo through.

    • ikkf

      Thank god Scripthack Lindelof is gone. What a shithead.

      • David M.

        LOL. I like how you cut right to the heart of what I was trying to say.

  • lester


    • Strong Enough

      you want that old bitch back? come on

    • sense11

      didn’t her character die

    • Baz Hood

      how about NO!!! Done and done and done and done to death in 4 previous films

  • sense11

    I want to see that sequel, IMHO Prometheus is a masterpiece

    • Hop

      I liked it, plot holes aside. It was beautifully filmed and flawlessly acted.I will be watching the sequel.

  • Tol

    Well I hope they get a proper comedy writer in this time.

  • Pepe

    Please, Hollywood, don’t do it. We had enough nonsense with the first one. Seriously.

  • Baz Hood

    As long as Lindelof is miles away from it…………cool.

  • Rachel

    Good! Looking forward to it. But given Fassbender’s schedule, could he realistically do the film before late 2014 either? I hope Ridley returns, if only because of the beauty of the images in any film he directs.

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  • Hop

    Scott is now doing The Counsellor, which looks incredibly promising. Waiting for a trailer. Then he will do Christian Bale’s Gods and Kings, which will be epic, if all goes well.

    Then he NEEDS to direct Blade Runner 2. And get someone decent on the script, like John Logan or David S. Goyer.

  • Eamonn K P

    I think that part 2 would be great. As everyone wants to know about the engineers base planet, not saying home planet I case the ship was programmed for future colonies or life termination as Premethus films implies with the destructive alien gene or the life enabling gene from the original engineer at the beginning o the film. This movie can go both ways plus the bonus of finding out what the engineers are and their purpose in the film. Ripley coming back no not really since the film Alien illustrates a large company Wayland Utani concept of already understanding the relevance of the alien or genetics. Besides Ripley, her storyline is based in the past. But hey looking forward to see hoe they patch this together.

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