PROMETHEUS Sequel Recap: What We Know About the Possible Follow-Up So Far

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One of the most anticipated films of the year has now finally been unveiled to the moviegoing public, and boy is there a whole lot of discussion going on.  Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was met with a passionately mixed-to-positive reaction, with those on both sides of the fence ardently stating their case for why Prometheus is awesome and/or terrible.  Interviews with many of the key creative people involved—including Scott and co-writer Damon Lindelof—began to hit the interwebs days before the films release, and I’m assuming a good many of you (like me) steered clear of any and all Prometheus related interviews for fear of spoiling the film before seeing it yourself.  As such, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Those who saw the film were probably left with quite a few unanswered questions.  It’s no secret that Scott really wants to make a follow-up to Prometheus in which some of those questions are further explored and answered, so we’ve rounded up what we know so far about said possible Prometheus sequel.  Hit the jump for a recap.  Obviously MASSIVE SPOILERS for Prometheus follow.

prometheus-2-sequel-movie-imageAs most everyone knows by now, Prometheus was originally conceived as a two-part prequel to Scott’s Alien.  As development moved along, Lindelof was brought in to take a look at the script and give some notes.  He responded by suggesting they tone down the prequel aspects of the script and further develop the larger themes and ideas of the creation of humanity, the Engineers, etc.

Scott proclaimed as far back as last year’s Comic-Con that he was keen on making a sequel to Prometheus, and Lindelof recently told Heat Vision that the two had to decide what to include in Prometheus and what to save for a possible sequel:

“Ridley was very interested in talking about, ‘What are the answers to the questions that Prometheus is posing that are not necessarily definitively spelled out in the body of Prometheus?’ I said to him, we should be prepared for people to feel frustrated if we’re going to be withholding, so we have to be very careful about what we’re saving for later because it’s not a foregone conclusion that there are going to be sequels, and so if there isn’t a sequel, just be comfortable with what we gave them in this movie.”

noomi-rapace-prometheus-2-sequelLindelof went on to reiterate how Prometheus acts as both a semi-prequel to Alien as well as its own story:

“This movie has two children: One of these children grows up to be Alien, but the other child is going to grow up, and God knows what happens to them. And that’s what the sequel to Prometheus would be.”

Scott told that he always knew that the film’s ending would organically set Prometheus up for a sequel:

“From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I really don’t want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to [Noomi Rapace’s character, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw] saying, ‘I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from.’ “

prometheus-2-sequel-ridley-scott-imageThe original title of the Alien prequel was Paradise before they settled on Prometheus, but Paradise has been bandied about as the possible title for the Prometheus follow-up.  It’s now clear that the “Paradise” title would refer to the home planet of humanity’s makers (ie. heaven).  As for what the home planet of the Engineers is like, Scott’s vision doesn’t sound like a happy trip for Rapace and Michael Fassbender’s characters:

“Because [the Engineers] are such aggressive fuckers … and who wouldn’t describe them that way, considering their brilliance in making dreadful devices and weapons that would make our chemical warfare look ridiculous? So I always had it in there that the God-like creature that you will see actually is not so nice, and is certainly not God. As she says, “This is not what I thought it was going to be, and I think we should get the Hell out of here or there won’t be any place to go back to.

That’s not necessarily planted in the ground at the tail end of the third act, but I knew that’s kind of where we should go, because if we’ve opened up this door — which I hope we have because I certainly would like to do another one – I’d love to explore where the hell [Dr. Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there, because if it is paradise, paradise can not be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous.”

noomi-rapace-prometheus-2-sequel-imageScott reiterated his desire to travel to where the Engineers came from in a roundtable interview we attended:

“I know where it’s going. I know that to keep [David] alive is essential and to keep [Elizabeth] alive is essential and to go where they came from, not where I came from, is essential.”

One of the biggest questions left open at the end of Prometheus is why the Engineers made the decision to wipe out the human race, their creation.  Josh Hororwitz at MTV asked Lindelof if he and Scott had worked out the answer to that question yet, and here’s Lindelof’s response:

“Golly, I’m all for ambiguity, but if we didn’t know the answer to THAT one, the audience would have every right to string us up. Yes. There is an answer. One that is hinted at within the goalposts of Prometheus. I’ll bet if I asked you to take a guess you wouldn’t be far off.”

charlize-theron-prometheus-2-sequelThe Prometheus crew calculates that the Engineers decided humanity was to be destroyed 2000 years ago, around the time of Jesus Christ.  That specific date is not insignificant in relation to the Prometheus follow-up and answering the question of why our race was targeted for destruction, as Scott brought up the issue of religion during his interview with Steve:

“It’s interesting to do a sequel because this leaves the door so open to some huge questions. The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…”

ridley-scott-prometheus-2-sequelIn fact, the original script for Prometheus flat out explained why Earth was targeted for destruction, and the reasoning ties into Scott’s thoughts on religion.  They ultimately felt the idea was lacking in subtlety and scrapped it, but Scott elaborated on the plot point to and his comments may provide a hint as to where the follow-up could go:

“We definitely did [have that in the script], and then we thought it was a little too on the nose. But if you look at it as an ‘our children are misbehaving down there’ scenario, there are moments where it looks like we’ve gone out of control, running around with armor and skirts, which of course would be the Roman Empire. And they were given a long run. A thousand years before their disintegration actually started to happen. And you can say, ‘Lets’ send down one more of our emissaries to see if he can stop it. Guess what? They crucified him.’”

prometheus-movie-posterSo where does this leave us? It’s clear that Scott really wants to make the sequel, and he and Lindelof have distinctly discussed the answers to many of the burning questions that could be elaborated on in a follow-up.  That said, there’s no guarantee that Lindelof will be the one to write it, as reflected in his comments to Heat Vision:

“If Ridley wants me to be involved in something, that would be hard to say no to. At the same time, I do feel like the movie might benefit from a fresh voice or a fresh take or a fresh thought. Sometimes the baton should be passed, if that’s what the story demands. I had [Prometheus] for the period of time that I was running the race, and if that story continues, it could actually benefit going into someone else’s able hand. Although, I feel like some of the iceberg below the water for any potential future movies in that storyline has already been constructed based on conversations that Ridley and I had about it.”

As for Scott’s involvement, he’s a bit of a collector when it comes to future projects.  He’s gearing up to direct The Counselor, and he also really wants to make the Blade Runner sequel that he’s developing right now with screenwriter Hampton FancherPrometheus scored the 10th highest opening weekend for an R-rated movie, and if it holds up next weekend Fox will most likely be pushing Scott to make Prometheus 2 his next film after The Counselor.  We’re currently in the wait-and-see stage, but I’d love to see the story continue with Rapace and Fassbender’s characters.

From what we’ve gathered here, the follow-up will most definitely center on Elizabeth and David traveling to where the Engineers came from.  We’ll most likely see Elizabeth try to answer the question of why humanity’s maker felt Earth deserved destruction, but Scott makes it clear that the Engineers are not nice people and this “Paradise” is not all rainbows and happiness.  The director seems high on tackling issues of religion and that may or may not play a role in the explanation for humanity’s fate, but it’s a bit too early to start waxing poetic on what the themes of this possible sequel might be.

Lindelof is currently rewriting World War Z and he just signed a development deal with Warner Bros. Television to start developing his next TV series, so his involvement in the follow-up is up in the air.  Compounded with Scott’s busy schedule and Fassbender and Rapace’s in-demand status, the logistics of moving forward on the follow-up could prove tricky.  That said, I’m pulling for Prometheus: Paradise to come together sooner rather than later if only to see a space road trip movie with Elizabeth and a slightly decapitated David front and center.


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  • Joe


    Ok I’m all for this but how long am I required to suspend disbelief knowing that Shaw has her abdomen stapled up and barely standing, with no food and no water in an alien spacecraft being assisted by an android head which will eventually run out of power – and which may have ulterior motives?!

    • mattinacan

      David respects Shaw for her survival instincts and agrees to help her at the end. he will be able to repair himself, and there is a lot on the alien ship we never see, i’m sure David will fix her up, or put her in a cryo pod, or find food. don’t try to find things to not like to prove a senseless point, it is a fantastic film.

      • Joe

        I wasn’t trying to prove a senseless point. I was merely raising it as a concern within the realms of plausibility – having said that I know we’re talking about spaceships and aliens and ‘engineers’ etc.

        I didn’t say it wasn’t a great film. I happen to think so myself. Stop being so defensive. I’m even willing to bet that I’ve done more research on the story than you.

        The only think pointless here was your reply. Thanks for wasting my time reading and replying. Cheers.

      • Joe

        You’re also a hypocrite. You said, “don’t try to find things to not like to prove a senseless point, it is a fantastic film.”

        Yet you find it easy to “find things” to justify stuff which we don’t know, i.e. David will be able to fix himself, he will be able to find food and water for Shaw, a lot we haven’t seen, etc.

      • mattinacan

        aw Joe, i didn’t know you cared about me so much – thanks for the responses.. but you’re still wrong

    • Guns Of Navarone

      The staples thing around the stomach is a fair point but I think with any sci-fi film, given enough thought, you can over-think most situations and and question plausibility. Sometimes it is better to just suspend a little disbelief. How many times have characters been shot, stabbed, partially burnt, thrown through walls, glass… and yet you just accept that they’re still ok with in a real world situation they’d have broken bones, internal bleeding, punctured lungs.

      Like I say, I get your point. But it’s fiction, not hyper realism. I wouldn’t let such things bog the movie down. Ok, so she’s been stapled up, she makes it, she salvaged David’s head and she will re-connect it to his body under his instructions.

      The only thing that concerns me for a sequel is that it could do with more than 2 characters. I would like to think that the Weyland company would be able to track David’s location as he has an internal transmitter?.. so maybe so they send another team; intent on capturing some of the engineer’s bio weapons from it’s homeworld.

      • Guns Of Navarone

        with / whereas** sorry!

      • JIMBO

        Granted, Alien and Aliens had a larger number of characters than two, but Alien did have a large portion of the movie where it was JUST Ripley, and – of course – we all love Alien, which is the only reason Prometheus exists. I do recognize that the current character, Shaw, hasn’t proven herself worthy of a Ripley comparison (Ripley’s my favorite Protagonist in movie history – bold, but true). In the end, I’m sure Ridley Scott and Lindelof – assuming he doesn’t pass the baton – will find a way to creep in more characters. Although, to be honest, I’m so immersed in the entire story that I love just about anything they do with it. For me, the main thing is the ability of Shaw to distract us Ripley fans away from the comparison and make us believe in her. I know the actress is damn good based on her European interpretation of the character from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Also, she proved herself pretty badass by aborting the squid alien / host / thing in the surgery contraption. I’m digging Shaw so far, and the guy playing the droid is definitely doing good work. I can live with the two of them and whatever the hell is on the Engineers home planet. The unknown is half the fun!

    • H-man

      Shaw injected herself with some painkillers, i think. Considering that this is a very futuristic Sci-fi movie, i’m thinking that they were powerful and effective enough that they allowed her to be able to function without being hindered by all those staples and her very intensely disturbing surgery.

      Don’t know about you guys but I thought that was a great scene. For me, it was certainly on par with the surprising chestbursting scene from the original Alien.

    • H-man

      And, obviously, I just actually read what you wrote. Sorry. =p

      I’m sure they’ll have something on these other ships that’ll help Shaw and David to be back to a healthy state. Who knows how long it’ll take them to get to their next destination? And, yes, we don’t know if they’ll be going alone. Maybe they’ll come across another group of humans or something and continue tracking the engineeers’ home land.

      I know some of the things in the movie were frustrating but that’s what is growing on me. I woke up the next after watching the movie and thinking of all the possibilities that are out there for the sequel (if there is one and i hope there is). I think the movie really works in that way.

    • BenL

      by your logic, no one ever takes a piss or brushes their teeth.
      We don’t see every thing because its an assumption it happens. Knowing the realm of sci-fi , the android will repair himself that added with him already knowing the technology of the ship ……. the 2 are in no danger of surviving for at least now

    • Richard of Norway

      I’m with you Joe. Mattinacan’s a douche, ignore him.

    • Kevin

      The plot is a lot smarter than most people give it credit for. If you think about it, things start clicking together very well.

      First off, I don’t believe the goo is a weapon. When they enter the terraforming station, they all take off their helmets – which is the first mistake they make. The engineers wore their masks and suits in that room, they didn’t remove their protection: for a good reason.

      The goo is an advanced evolution mechanism. It was stable until they brought their germs and themselves inside, changing the goo on the ceiling, and making things like worms develop just by a simple foot step (lots of little things happen in that scene that say a lot). Just by breathing, they infect the goo to start mutating with the biomes just introduced. The containers all start leaking and the worms start mutating, most likely originally a simple germ, it now becomes a parasitic enemy.

      At the very beginning, we see an engineer drink the fluid and rot immediately, only to have his DNA reconstruct and reorder. I think that the planet he’s on is Earth- not the planet visited in the rest of the film. The engineer left behind on Earth then sacrifices himself to start animal life by letting his DNA (and in relation – all life) into the water to start the evolution of everything – we share over 90% of DNA with chimps, but don’t forget we also share 70% with sea sponges, etc… so while the goo is deadly, it’s not purely a weapon. Given the right use, it can either make life flurish, or act like a giant reset button, depending on if it’s released in a barren world or a populated planet.

      The captain mentions that the place is probably a military base later in the film, but I think that’s a misled assumption from a military character. The planet is devoid of all life, no plants, nothing – chosen specifically because the goo cannot touch life without breaking it down and rebuilding it. If you were to create such an unstable substance, you’d keep it in a place where it wouldn’t hurt anything, especially their home world. Also, the star maps leading to this outpost also makes sense… if you were to leave a map, leave one that leads to a place where you have the upper hand – not to your front door.

      Lastly, there’s lots of talk over the “squid” and I agree it was an odd choice, it’s not illogical, because it’s not a squid -or an octopus. It’s the product of spiraling evolution between human DNA and whatever other life was around at the time of conception – more germs, mutating DNA, etc… I think if you pulled up a list of simple germs and biomes, you’d stumble upon a little multi-armed lifeform that resembled the giant end product. This means the new alien race is a mix of human, germ, and Engineer, SO FAR.

      These are my ideas, taken from long discussions after the film. They might not be right, but they make sense to me – until the sequel proves me wrong. I’m just happy to see some thrills and great filming and special effects, and have something to debate afterwards – too many films spell things out so bluntly that it’s an insult.

      • Jack

        And another thing. The fetus alien is left alone and decontaminated (whatever that actaully means) in the lab with no one and nothing but the metal and glass and plastic. So how did it grow so BIG? It can’t just grow on air can it?

      • Randy

        Good post Kevin. I see the film the same way as you.

        One thing I would point out is I believe the Paintings were used to set a trap. Once we gained the technology to visit the Engineers, we had gained the power of the “Gods”….a BIG No-No! The Engineers knew we would visit that moon one day and trigger the events that would sterilize Earth with their Bio Weapon.

      • Carl

        Kevin, you’re interpretation makes a lot of sense to me. Another post mentioned the comparison of the Engineer ship in the beginning to the one at the end. They said there could be two separate factions of Engineers, the creators and destroyers. I just wanted to point out the “destroyer” ship very much resembled and omega. “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” “the Beginning and the End.” Another point, when David first entered the ships bridge, he pretty much identified Earth as the crews point of origin. The star system drawings could all be a set up by the engineers, to help them identify when one their creations has grown too intelligent. No species that views themselves as the technological and intellectual pinnacle of the Universe would want to create something that surpasses themselves. Any group of explorers could then activated the goo with their own bacteria, thus preparing the omega ship for its voyage to what ever life form activated its planet of origin. Then eventually awakening an Engineer to fulfill the mission it has been waiting for. The Engineers in the beginning and the end are so very different. One seems peaceful and enlightened, while the other is aggressive. Their bodies are different too. One is bare naked, while the other seems to have been created with a sort of exoskeleton. It doesn’t look like armor because it blends with the neck. Again, Kevin, you brought up some great points and really helped me understand the movie much better.

      • Val

        @Randy I don’t agree with your saying the paintings were a trap for the humans to lead them to the planet and trigger events only because when David spoke to the engineer the engineer asked what they were doing there which to me would suggest how could it have been a trap if he didn’t know who they were let alone why they were there

      • Beany Mac

        I like that, what you said, and I had couple of the same thoughts… it struck me afterwards, going backwards through the plot, just what that guy who fell down the waterfall was doing… and he did sacrifice himself “To create one must destroy” was the saying used – or something like it… and the ship was leaving, so it’d seem completely evident he was left behind to spawn a life form, and presumably on Earth. I got that too as an afterthought.

        No doubt, the paintings in the cave were by him, although they seem a little er… “primitive”, esp. when recalling the beautiful fresco on the ceiling in the goo chamber. Maybe the dude was a geneticist, and not a world-class painter, but hehe, it’s a thought.

        But why the “invitation”? And regarding the cave paintings, why the “I wuz ‘ere”? And the archaeologist’s search? Was it to find God, or aliens, or what? That wasn’t clear to me… Were they just rock pervs that discovered something, a key that Weyland sought?

        And what were the engineers running from in their own ship? Why the skull on top of the dome? Why was the ship(s) in a dome, and why unsealed with such easy ingress/egress? Didn’t matter? Dead world? Who cares if something got out? Or if the experiments or whatever polluted the planet?

        And why if they such “aggressive fuckers” (as described by Scott) would they or one of them, create life, and on top of that, sacrifice the self to do it?

        Fascinating questions? And I’m really glad I saw this film because the pilot found dead in the seat in the original film, was intriguing…

        I didn’t think of it, but I think you are quite right Kevin, about the contamination, they said “No contaminants” but neglected to suspect that they were the contaminant.

        Perhaps the engineers themselves contaminated the goo, and tried to blast the hell out. They seemed a little relaxed in the holographic recording of their prelaunch” – but then again they may have been relieved to have escaped the clutches of something, something of their own kind of squid. But also, they were running “into” the goo chamber, not from it.

        Somethings can be over-thought, I suppose, and ambiguity, especially concerning the origin of man and it’s pre-antiquity, would seem an occupational hazzard haha!!

        i am suspecting now that the engineers had some knowledge of what their goo would do when mixed with human beings in particular, and considering the “perfection of design” line of thought, perhaps it was not the destruction of mankind that was their object but that human beings were a step in a process of creating a perfect being, a predator much like I assume the engineers would admire and aspire to be themselves, to produce the ultimate “aggressive fucker”?

        The talk of a soul, and that David didn’t have one would seem to be a dead end – the med pod was so obviously going to be used later, the proverbial “shotgun on the wall”, (I couldn’t wait to see it again) (and I didn’t see it coming (thumbs up)), so I wondered if the soul talk or something relating to the soul might come up again – I was hanging on the old guy’s reply when his daughter made the “king must die, that is the order of things” comment – but nothing about the soul left his lips. But then again “Is that all?” is a fine reply to mortality as an order of things. I guess that was intended, as the subtlety.

        Y’know, what? A brief little chat between the alien engineer & David-bot would seem a lost opportunity to really mess with our heads. Perhaps Shaw could ask David later: what did you say to him, what did you ask him? Ah, so, you pissed him off? Yes, I believe I did. I gathered also that he considered me a toy, an abominable toy.

        Great flick, love the chat about here too Thanks Kevin
        And did that guy know where Shaw was after the crash at the end, and how did David know he was coming for her?

      • Beany Mac

        Oh, haha, the engis were running from aliens. Same DNA

      • Beany Mac

        Oh, haha, the engis were running from aliens. Same DNA

      • Beany Mac

        Oh, haha, the engis were running from aliens. Same DNA

    • Revelations

      If what Scott reveals in the artcile (the Engineers wanting to hit the reset button on humanity for killing their emissary, Christ) is true, I think the sequel will have elements of the Book of Revelations sewn into it. Jesus with the sword sticking out of his mouth? That’s the Xenomorph.

  • fdsaf


  • Christian

    All I know is they better hurry up, because Scott is getting old!

    • Jack Brewer

      He’s alive and creatively well. So what?

  • Jack

    I would also like a more clear explantion of how the aliens we know and love get to the point in alien evolution wise, cause it doesnt make really clear sense the alien we do see isnt the alien we know.

    and ofc the engineer with a chest bursted in alien.

    but im totally down for a sequel.

    • Tyler

      The alien that she had taken out of her was technically the REAL alien, the one the Space Jockeys created. When it grew larger and planted the egg in the Space Jockey to make another, somehow the DNA (I know it was an exact match to human DNA, but something about its internal structure must have affected it) evolved the little squid like creature into the alien that burst through the jockey. Those serpent like creatures, I believe, were kind of like face huggers perhaps? Though there were only two, and one died, maybe they are the ones that plant the eggs? Obviously they will have to undergo an evolitionary change, too. In the next movie, they will have to have a queen be born, because of all the eggs on the ship in the first Alien. And, since an alien is evolved to its final state through a space jockey, another space jockey (perhaps more) will have to become host to them. This is all a theory that possibly (hopefully) offers some sort of explanation other than the typical “fan” backlash of the “THIS MOVIE SUCKED! WHERE ARE ALL MY ANSWERS? I WANT TO BE SPOON FED EVERYTHING!?” variety.

      • Jesus

        FFS, stop drinking the kool-aid people. Your explanation requires more of a stretch in the story than the most sensible rationale that satisfies occam’s razor: in the writers’ desire to expand on the story they’ve made up a few rules that completely flies in the face of the pre-established mythology. Considering that Spaihts was in charge of the hard Alien mythos and parts of his draft were thrown out the window to accommodate Lindelof’s “grander ideas”, the idea that the conflicting scripts resulted in a few hasty fixes makes the most sense. It makes even more sense when you remember Lindelof is the guy who crash landed a six-season television show with an ending centered on characters he didn’t foresee or even flesh out until the last minute (aka final season).

        I can appreciate fans wanting to defend the film and arguing that its greatness lies in not spoon-feeding us the answers, but if you’d just listen to what the criticism is actually saying you’d sound less like condescending fools and more like mature adults. The problem with Prometheus is its high-minded philosophizing about the genesis of creation, whether someone should ever meet their creator and all the implications that come with it is half-baked. Fine, we did something horrible off-screen that the engineers hate us for, but would any sane human being who just had everyone else in their killed to stop an advanced alien race from (presumably – we don’t even know this for sure, as it’s just assumed) wiping out humanity choose to then go find more of those people? Also, even if that planet’s station had a breakout and everyone went into freezy-freeze lockdown, it’s been said this wasn’t the planet Alien originally took place on, so that means there are other places with this kind of stuff going on – why didn’t they wipe us out a long time ago? They can’t all be asleep and if they were really that pissed at us for whatever we did, why would they wait to kill us? They know where we live, they know they’re more advanced than us, they know they hate us. The idea that they’d wait is a plothole, not an unanswered question.

        To hell with the answers to the film’s questions. We’re pissed because the characterization was shallow at best (one well-played role by Fassbender doesn’t fix that), plotholes abound like in the evolution of xenomorphs (which even you acknowledge requires a major band-aid if this film is to fit in canon) or why those sensors were having such a hard time sensing the very obviously alive aliens and engineers (a living being in stasis is still a living being). Rapace was fine, but Dr. Shaw wasn’t written nearly as well as Ripley, who even as an action hero in the first film was far more interesting than Shaw was even with all her blathering on about her dream of finding the answer’s to humanity’s existence while her asshole of a boyfriend managed to piss off a character that’s supposedly incapable of emotions.

        Calling these problems “unanswered questions” and claiming you have a patience the “whiners” don’t is affording Lindalof and Ridley a line of credit Prometheus didn’t earn them. Had the story been better written, the dialogue less hackneyed, and the substance more reliant on character development than special effects, then maybe I’d get why we’re letting them off the hook. But Prometheus has many, many problems (and a really stupid biologist).

      • twocents


        I completely agree, attempting to denigrate those not in line with your opinion of the movie is a cop out. The film had some very significant leaps of rationality that the script is required to account for if it seeks to be treated as an intelligent piece. Prometheus had several glaring plot-holes that are simply writer oversights, it doesn’t destroy the entertainment value of the piece as a whole but these issues remain legitimate no matter personal opinion.

        That being said I have to disagree with your assessment of Fassbender’s performance. It wasn’t well-played, it was amazing, and I would gladly pay for a ticket to the sequel just to get more screen-time with David the sociopathic robot.

        I also felt the movie was significantly weaker as soon as Guy Pearce showed up in the flesh, the movie’s strongest theme took a backseat to being a cliche monster-flick, but the main monster was Aryan-Space-Man. Granted it was probably the most-polished monster film I’ve ever seen though, amazing special effects, and actually good 3D!

      • spongefist


        Goo gets drunk by man, man boffs woman, woman becomes pregnant with squid. Squid grows big, facehuggs engineer, Alien very rapidly explodes from chest.

        By this logic and the Alien mural on the wall, a male engineer would have to have drunk black goo, had sex with a non gooed up female engineer, who in turn gives birth to a squid, which in turn face huggs a new engineer, who explodes with brand new shinny Alien.

        Now that is advanced science …

        What a load of crap.

      • chris

        The queen been born, is that not the alien that poped out of the Space Jockey, it looks like the queen to me.

    • Maverick78

      I guess you guys didn’t really watched the movie! This Alien at the end is just another Alien created by the Engineers to kill the humans. All of the weapons and the black goo in it is probably made from Xenomorph DNA.

      Go back and watch the part where they enter the temple. There is clearly a Xenomorph and a face huger in the mural, the exact same one we know from Alien. My guess is that the engineers used the Xenomorphs to create the weapons to kill the humans.

      Since the Engineers and the humans have the same DNA the result of the big octopus Alien hatching the egg inside the Engineer would’ve been the same as hatching an Egg inside a human.

      Xenomorphs already exist in this time line, we just don’t see them…

    • Kamil


      Wrong.. You need to udnerstand one thing – Xenomorphs pre-date (as a species) engineers. Engineers were doing experiments on their DNA (green fluid in a glass container next to altar with fresk of Xenomorph in Jesus-like pose). Engineers respected Xenomorphs and recognized as more advanced organism, even though they were more advanced technologically. Experiments were in motion to “steal” some of that perfection for their own gain. Even the design of Engineers ships is culturally tied with Xenomorphs.

      Another thing, you seem to be ignorant about how the goo really works or what it is. It basically mixes /recombines any DNA it has contact with. It was transmited from host to host (sperm cells) and baby was a mixture of Human dna and some random microbe that existed in mothers body. The goo is most likely a very advanced piece of nano-technology.

      Next time before you jump to conclusion something is dumb, check if it’s simply not over your level of understanding.. .

      • anti kamil

        Wow Kamil i bet you were the coolest kid on school lmao NOT

        You are the most sad no lifer i have ever seen on the internet kudos to you :)

      • ShaneMac

        anit kamil = spongefist methinks

    • Beany Mac

      Engi popped a Queenie, looked like a fresh, nubile xenoqueen to me

  • Jan Sulu

    Sequel Now !!!

  • Jan Sulu

    Give it a SHOUT for a PROMETHEUS Sequel !

  • Jan Sulu

    No More Loose Ends !!!

    • Joe

      If Damon is involved again, you should expect some answers but even more new questions. That’s his ‘style’.
      I’m not saying I like it but the interwebs are alive with debate on possibilities…and I guess chatter about the movie fuels its legend.

      • THomas K.

        From their point of view…
        Isn’t that exactly what a movie should do?
        Leaving you wondering/wanting more.
        To old Alien Fans everywhere,
        Is that not how you felt when you walked out of the original Alien?
        You never knew what the giant “Space Jockey” was, and guess what YOUR 3 ALIEN SEQUELS failed to describe any of that or where the Aliens came from.
        In fact, Cameron further ventured away from Scott’s original vision of the first one.
        If anyone ruined the original Alien, it was 20th Century Fox with their 3 sequels, non being good.
        I respect and love ALIENS for what it is, one of the first Major Sci-Fi Action/Adventure films. He took things to another level, but the dialogue in ALIENS is some of the worst dialogue I’ve heard in my life. Plain and simple. The whole crew almost sounds like simpletons.

        So now you take it out on a brilliant and beautiful film in Prometheus.
        Are there flaws, of course.
        But to hate a movie because it doesnt answer questions from a 4-Film (6 if you count AVPs) Franchise that has been unsuccessful in answering the questions itself.

        There are several things that if changed, couldve turned Prometheus into a masterpiece. But don’t hate it because it wasn’t a direct Alien prequel like you wanted.

        Things in Prometheus need changing:
        First off, I have a strong feeling this was intended to be a PG13 cut.
        Ex. Only one F-Bomb, it getting muffled out. Janek saying laid, instead of f*cked. And the 20-30 minutes of Deleted Scenes. Hence why Fox never officially “announced” it getting an R.
        Dialogue in following scenes.
        Janek and Vickers discussing sexual relations.(Lolz)
        Holloway and Shaw’s “life creation” scene.
        Fifield and Millburn never actually collecting any samples of any sort.(This is the only thing that truly annoys me.)
        The cave drawings somewhat annoy me too but not really.

        I believe that the black goo is a biological weapon.
        The Engineers, much like humans, are a race that is constantly trying to push their boundaries and discover/create new things.
        They know what the weapon does to themselves, hence the opening scene.
        The weapon IS the “Alien-DNA” that Scott referred to threwout production.
        It reacts in different ways with different species. Creating different forms of Facehuggers, Chestbursters, Xenomorphs.
        Each of which evolves over a period of time.
        These “storage facilities” have been there thousands of years.
        As you can see in the maproom, the Engineers have been to A LOT of different worlds over a long long period of time.
        It is always possible that this is not their only planet they store the “DNA” on. It is possible that the ship we see in Alien is from another planet, and on it’s way to another Non-Earth planet.

        The whole point of the film is how far are you willing to go to know EVERYTHING?! It’s the fact that we are on here discussing it now proves that they were successful. It proves that the human race will never be satisfied with the answers we have. For a lot of people, myself included, don’t have faith. And once the day comes we get those answers, we’ll find new questions we need answered. That’s just how we are, it’s in our nature.

      • THomas K.

        You guys can’t honestly tell me you knew more about what was going on after walking out of Alien, then you did walking out of Prometheus.

      • drom9090

        To Thomas K

        Alien was a sci-fi horror-slasher film with cheap sound and visual “bumps’ and lots of stupid victims.

        Aliens was the action adventure version movie complete with landing party security officers in red tunics (to borrow the StarTrek motif)

        Aliens3 and Resurrection were un-resolved morality plays meant to finish or resolve the series.

        Aliens is my favorite on entertainment rather than any sci-fi value.

        I almost walked out of Alien on first view. I’m not a huge slasher-horror fan regardless of any ‘sci-fi’ motif. But I do so love Ian Holms. He was perfect in Day After, 5th Element and LOTR. Wish I could get BBS’ ancient “Game, Set, Match” trilogy on tape or dvd.

  • Tyler

    Personally, I loved Prometheus. I thought it was a great movie that answered the burning questions from over 30 years ago, such as: Who are the Space Jockeys? Where did the alien come from? (Which I actually thought had a really cool evolution to the final alien form) Those questions have been asked for a really long time. This movie answered those, and asked a few of its own: Why did they want to destroy us? Why did they stop? A sequel to Prometheus would be the movie that answers those questions, and bridges the gap between Prometheus and the beginning of Alien. If the next movie can answer those questions and set up the crashed ship with the eggs and a space jockey with an exploded chest in a chair, I will be a happy guy. People are just complaining because they didn’t get all the answers to every single question that has ever been asked about the Alien series. Ridley Scott did a great job, and heres to the future, looking towards a great sequel.

    • Tom

      you know i was wondering how we could see the exploded chest space jockey in alien, yet this clearly wasn’t the guy. it was mentioned earlier that the planet in prometheus wasn’t the planet from alien. my guess is the sequel will end with shaw piloting the new ship and the alien will burst out of her chest. she’s the space jockey from alien. that would be pretty sick

      • Will J

        Prometheus is a great sci-fi film that acts exactly as it was intended too, a film that occurs within the same universe as ‘Alien’, but not one that’s going to lead you right up to the Nostromo landing. Most answers to the classically debated questions are there though. We now know what the Space Jockey is, and we saw the birth of the Alien Queen at the very end of the film. She will grow, lay eggs of facehuggers, get on board a ship with an Engineer who returns to the planet later on and the Engineer will crash the ship into LV-426. Thus, the events of ‘Alien’ begin. The sequel would much more explore the further ventures of Shaw and David as they learn more of the Engineers home-planet. I loved Prometheus and I can’t wait to see what else Ridley has up his sleeve.

  • wacko3205

    Absolutely left wanting more…but was well pleased with what I got.

    Don’t get all the hate or the questions.

    People seemed to barely understand what was as plain as the noses up their faces…for those with multiple noses. :-)

    That said…the only question that I had was this: Why not place this action on the actual moon that Scott’s Original Alien took place upon. Too many similarities for it not too…that’s what got me so…errrrmmmm…aggrevated.

    I get that all the writers/directors/producers have to say is: If the Engineers lost control on LV-223 they could just have easily hit the wrong button & unleashed the bio-tech-weaps on LV-426. I mean…I hate to split hairs…but that was just ridiculous.

    Why not just have the Engineer lose control & not die in the Derelict instead of the Prometheus Lifeboat?

    If you wanna argue a case for the Lifeboat having to be seen…the Prometheus would’ve MAYBE deteriorated by then or some other blah, blah, blah.

    I just don’t get it & aint gonna accept that’s the way to break from an all out prequel…because the pink Xenomorph bursting outta the “God”…hey buddy…that screamed PREQUEL!!!!

    But anywho…I loved the MFN shit outta this film & want more.

    Please me, disappoint me, take my money…treat me like the fanboy whore that I am…I want more.

    • Dp81

      I agree, I liked Prometheus but Scott needs to include lv426 in a sequel. You don’t need to make the Prometheus sequel be all xenomorphs, but include them in some way. The warning message picked up by the Nostromo was in an alien language/signal, Shaw’s ending message is assumed to be this but doesn’t make sense. I can see the sequel being the “nicer” space jockeys transmitting her warning. I dunno, my wish is to keep the main characters of David and Shaw but link Lv426 into this somehow. We can try to avoid it all we want but people want to see the old school xenomorphs especially after their entire franchise has been butchered since alien 3. This doesn’t mean the sequel should be about them, but don’t toss them away and think they’re done or else the sequel will get even more angry people.

  • Tyrant

    And so Dante and Virgil descend further into the abyss!

    Here’s hoping for a good next weekend!

  • RobThom

    An absolutely terrible movie.

    Its official, Ridley has lost it and aint gonna find it again.

    lidelof is an utter hack, and ridley is just as much to blame for not recognizing that.

    That script made no sense at all!
    And it did not present more questions then answers, it didn’t didn’t present ANY ANSWERS AT ALL!

    lidelof foisted gibberish on a confused old man for the money and to further his own career position.

    ““If Ridley wants me to be involved in something, that would be hard to say no to. …”

    Because he’s a no talent who wants the money any way that he can get it.

    • C.J

      Sir I think you may have overlook many of the details in this movie. I feel as if I just read a rearview from an aggravated 8th grader. If you had actually paid attention (i’m assuming you did’t judging from what you have to say) the movie does answer questions that many of us were going into the movie to expect. You also may have tried to see out plot-holes in this film. For example, the Space Jockey turned out to be evil. You may ask, “If they hated us so much, why did’t they wipe us out already? There had to be more than one Space Jockey and they couldn’t have been all frozen!” Well to make sense of this the Space Jockey in the film had been frozen for 2000 years, assuming you were even listening to the dialogue in the movie. It would be like freezing a Nazi from World War II and waking him up now. He would still have the same ideas from previous times (not to say modern-day Nazis abandoned their petty ideas). Along the line they may have decided to spare the human race (Ideas for a part of the Sequel). The Jockey in the film, was not aware of this. If you give some time to think of what your hack Lidelof and your fool old mad Ridley put into this movie you begin too see that it is genius. All plot-holes can be answered if you think. How odd a movie that requires thought. Hhmm I was expecting a movie that was completely brainless. -C.J (Feel free to disagree, i’m open to more opinions.)

      • Weeks

        My problem with the movie is that too much of the story was driven by the characters doing stupid things, such as removing their helmets — foolish no matter what a sensor reads; this is a faraway alien world we’re talking about, and the “no weapons” rule — again, a world thousands of light years away with a possible alien life form.

        Also, why not just send in the android first as a scout to make sure things are safe for humans?

        But overall, I was entertained. It was a good movie and I can’t wait for the sequel.

  • Wes

    I wish this film didn’t disappoint so many and thill so few, I enjoyed it to some degree (writing is extremely messy) but the rest of the theatre audience couldn’t have been more incensed. The film was met with a chorus of boo’s amongst the few handclaps at the end. If they had made the film actually scary I think it would have allowed people to forgive and forget the bad writing.

  • Strong Enough

    Alien Jesus…. nice

  • Kate

    Strangely, I don’t care about getting answers about Engineers in the sequel. I just want to see a movie with Fassbender’s decapitated head politely snarking at the overly earnest Dr. Shaw.

    • AndyE

      That’s a great scenario. Hats off to you for the best sequel idea yet. And lets say that David has control over his headless body. When Elizabeth isn’t talking to David’s head, his body can stalk her around the alien spaceship and occasionally pop out of the shadows to kick her in the butt. It could be like a big budget Dark Star.

  • Bill

    I’d love the idea of Scott making his sequel to make PROMETHEUS into a two part story. If Scott can make this film happen & stick to his game of it being just one woman & a robot on an Alien planet it would make for one true shocker of a blockbuster.

    And truthfully… I don’t care anymore about the Xenomorph to be honest. I want to see Scott deal with these Engineers.

    Either way, if they did do a sequel I could picture it ending dark with it actually being Elizabeth Shaw in the Space Jockey suit on LV-426.

  • Jan Sulu

    Vickers didn’t die in PROMETHEUS. She gets to the lifeboat, send a signal to Weyland nearest outpost and brings in the Colonial Marines to settle the score with the Engineers. Meanwhile Shaw & David upon reaching the Engineer’s world find out that the White Beings are not all hostile and there are dissent within the ranks. And they are not all Engineer. Somehow Vickers’ hostility triggers the war between the White Beings & Weylands+Humans.

    • mnemonicon

      what the hell are you talking about?

    • Jesus

      A woman whose survival instincts and brain are too weak to figure out that running sideways would remove her from the path of danger is not one whose fate we should worry about. That goes for Vickers and Shaw.

      • SATAN

        brilliant… some of the worst most cliched characters i have seen in recent cinema

      • Jesus

        How fitting that it took a film that takes its name from a character that steals *fire* from *gods* to get Jesus and Satan to see eye to eye.

      • drom9090

        Hey guys! Raise you hands if you went to P1 to see an ensemble deep-character study!!!

        All the characters in Alien werecardboard cutouts. And they were stupid: as they must be in slasher-horror movies. Ripley gets lucky because Xeno needed some food (or “sex”) later but she found it first and sent it packing out the airlock.

        Ripley as a *person*, rather than the cliche “sole surviving victim”, doesn’t GET interesting until Aliens and beyond, but esp in Aliens when she deals with her crippling deep pathological fear of Xenos and her maternal (Newt) and mating instincts (Reese) surface.

        Like in all movies, the secondary P1 characters were what they needed to be to further the storyline. Weyland and his daughter Vickers — cripplingly selfish; they exemplify the bad (Evil?) nature in our common “selfish” human/engineer DNA.

        The scientists were what they needed to be — ship doctor hacks just good enough to get Weyland his shot at immortality and then die and get out of the way. Only Shaw breaks that mold.

        The ‘altrustic’ captain and crew — probably ex-military “mercinaries” — have a deeper knee-jerk reaction to protect planet Earth and sacrifice self and ship for a good greater than “profit”. Of course.

        Shaw (the insatiably inquisitive one) and David (a sardonic Data obsessed with his “humanity” — ergo “Lawrence of Arabia”, etc. — but programmed by Weyland so probably not big on general moral principle directives *other* than to get Weyland to his Immortality ASAP) are the most fully developed because they’ll survive be in P2 and the others won’t. Naturally you’ll want P1 views to *care* that they survive.

      • Weeks

        For what it’s worth, I imagine it would be easy to get disoriented while running for your life as a spaceship the size of a skyscraper was falling down on you, causing you to go go forward when you think you’re going sideways.

      • Thedood

        Running from something that large as it falls, would be almost impossible to get out of the way from. The sheer terror, would almost certainly block insticts of rational thought. Plus running in those suites, with the helments on, again would have blocked line of vision etc. Ive read people hassle this before, and I find it silly to assume that they would have known exactly which direction to run, becasue of the ships size.

  • Maverick78

    I loved the damn movie! And I really think this movie doesn’t really show the creation of the Alien or Xenomorph that we know… they already exist and I believe the Engineers are using their DNA to create these weapons to kill the humans, ergo the Xenomorph look alike Alien at the end…

    Go back to the part where they enter the temple and really take a look at the mural. There is a Xenomoprh in the middle and a Face Hugger on the right hand side (The same ones we know from the other movies). This means they already exisit in this universe but they really didn’t show them.

    I believe the cargo they find in the original Alien movie was a cargo that was going to be used to create more weapons, the black goo that we see in Prometheus. I also believe the Black Goo contains Alien DNA and that what happened to Shaw and to the Engineer was what was supposed to happen on Earth, maybe by contaminating the water and human females giving birth to these octopus like aliens who at the same time would hatch eggs inside of some humans and create the xenomorph look alike Aliens (Remember that the engineers have our same DNA, so the Alien probably would’ve look the same coming from a human and from an Engineer).

  • ryan

    Sir Ridley is and will always be one of the best in the biz. Yes, I was dissapointed with this film, but I doubt he’s ‘lost his mojo.’ Perhaps PARADISE would be what EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was to the star wars mythology. Maybe bad comparison, but just saying perhaps the sequel with enrich the first film and tie it all up…. at least that’s my hope.

  • Ms Alien

    Loved the movie!!!!


    In the second alien movie there is a dead space jockey with its chest blown out sitting IN te controls of the now broken up alien ship. But in this movie he died in the rescue pod…..

    • Joe

      The planetoids in Prometheus and Alien are different.
      Prometheus – LV-223
      Alien – LV-426

      Hence we are talking about two different spacecrafts.

    • SATAN

      loved the movie, but could not figure that bit out??!!! proves my point about you like this film – you have no brain cells

  • mnemonicon

    because this movie was such an utter disappointment i will not be paying to see any sequel but i will download it and watch it bootleg. no amount of special effects would ever make up for such a let down of a movie. i might not speak as eloquent as some of the people posting on this site but if anyone cares to hear my opinion i will share it. otherwise, it just was sad to watch the movie, and also sad because i really wanted to love it. and i left hating myself for wanting to love such a weak weak movie.

    • Pocketses

      How about, instead of stealing and being the scum of the Earth, you just don’t watch it? I loved Prometheus but don’t mind that others didn’t like it. But if you want to see the sequel in any way, **** you and pay to see it. If you want to bootleg it, you can go ahead and piss off. “I didn’t like it so I should get to see the follow up without paying money” is the worst argument I’ve ever heard for someone trying to rationalize why they should be allowed to steal.

      Hey, I don’t like you, so I’m just gonna take your car, but thanks for offering me a ride to work. My way is better, instead of you driving me, I just own your car and can go anywhere I please. While I’m at it, I don’t like Big Macs, so I’m gonna go rob a McDonald’s and get one for free.

  • gcm443

    I bet Jeremy Renner will be in it

  • mrperfect

    What really blew hard for me was the space jockey being a giant albino in a Borg suit – what a complete lack of f**king vision. (F bomb included because Ridley likes potty mouth).

  • Agent_Black

    Setting this story on a planet other than LV-426 was the biggest flaw of this movie, i find it hard to stomach that in “0ver 300 surveyed worlds” the Company has failed 2 spot TWO huge, derelict spacecraft. It would have explained why the Nostromo was diverted to intercept the signal. I can’t see a mining ship being sent into ‘unexplored’ territory on the off chance there’s some mineral ore knocking around and there is going to be a hell of a lot of explaining as to why LV-223 was just ‘forgotten’ between Prometheus and Alien if the 2nd movie is set on Paradise.

    The other disappointment was the squid like creature. These were designs for the original Alien that were threw out when Geiger came in (source The Book of Alien) so what’s going on there? Giant squid? That was such a bland design.

    And don’t get me started on the creature at the end. That was a real Darth Vader “nooooooooo” moment for me.


    awful film , for which i have discussed many times ans are bored now.. moving on ,,,, i cant be arsed to type all my points again..
    plus if you liked this movie you have to be missing a few brain cells, you would settle for anything. Ridley not made a good film in years .. even Fassbender hates it!!! so no sequel

    • Pocketses


      Piss off, if you “had any brain cells” you’d be able to come up with an actual argument. Also, saying things like “i cant be arsed to type all my points” while insulting OTHERS intelligence is foolish and futile. Might want to check up on that language known as English, there friend. Perhaps if you could speak it, we might understand why you think yours is the only opinion that denotes an abundance of brain cells.

      • SATAN

        go back into the whole you crawled out of pal – did you work on the film? only people that like it are the ones involved.

  • RPM

    What I find curious in the article is the religious (or anti-religious) angle that Scott says was considered, then rejected, for the original Prometheus plot (but which may play a part in further development of the story). He seems to be saying that humanity’s invention of religion was the thing that prompted the Engineers to destroy us – yet also seems to hint that Jesus Christ was an emissary sent to fix the problem (the emissary is “crucified”). So is Scott a Christian? Is Christianity supposed to be the fix for all the other “evil” religions? Or is this actually a very UN-religious reading of Jesus’s teaching?

  • Beatific

    I thought the movie looked awesome but that didn’t make up for the messy story.

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  • jayce

    Even though I liked this movie, and i would like to see a Sequel.
    I’d still would rather see more of the “Classic Alien”
    I read the first draft of script was more geared towards the Alien until Lindelof came in and changed it to what it ended up as..
    Still a good movie…
    So Please Ridley and Fox The “Alien” franchise has so much more potential…

  • spongefist

    Crap film, lets take a quick look why..

    The entire movie is spoiled in my next few points.

    1. Earth worm falls into black goo

    2. Earth worm becomes big nasty snakey thing

    3. Retarded biologist with IQ of 6 tries to pet it and dies. Retarded geologist with ‘interesting’ tattoo’s becomes zombie for no reason and dies.

    4. Goo gets drunk by man, man boffs woman, woman becomes pregnant with squid. Squid grows big, facehuggs engineer, Alien very rapidly explodes from chest.

    5. By this logic and the Alien mural on the wall, a male engineer would have to have drunk black goo, had sex with a non gooed up female engineer, who in turn gives birth to a squid, which in turn face huggs a new engineer, who explodes with brand new shinny Alien.

    Now that is advanced science …

    What a load of crap.

    6. Her hotness Theron, does fuck all and gets run over like a retard

    9. Everyone else does fuck all and dies in ever increasingly retarded ways.

    Is that enough reason as to the total crapness of this movie, or should I continue…

    • drom9090

      The crew of the Prometheus isn’t any dumber than the crew of the Nostromo, IMHO… or any dumber than any other victims in slasher-horror movies, which is what Alien was. “Dumb” victims are necessary to the genre.

  • Jon

    Movie was bad ass let’s see you haters make a movie that’s perfect . I’m waiting!

  • wes

    Can’t wait amazing film. Contender for best of the year.

  • Lexicon

    I had a question about one part of the movie, maybe I blinked and missed it but here it is. So, the scientist are in the Head Room with the Canisters. Mohawk Guy and Horrible Biologist Guy have a fit and leave. Meanwhile the storm comes in and the rest of the gang high tail it back to the Prometheus, once outside, the Space Truck is gone (presumably taken by Mohawk Guy and Horrible Biologist) and the remaining team jump on the ATV things to out run the storm.

    But Mohawk and Horrible Biologist got lost on their way out and never left the site! So who took the Space Truck? David was with the remaining team handling the Black Goo Canister, Shaw and the doctor lady were moving the with the Engineer head and Shaw’s dumbass BF was the last scientist with the team. So if the 2 other guys were still inside, who took the space truck?

  • peds

    All you people saying that the writing is bad are just going along with what other people have said. Give some examples of why you didn’t like the writing. The movie was awesome. Of course he couldn’t make it slow and spooky like alien BECAUSE he already did that. All of you that went in expecting Alien 1.5 are just silly. Sequel will be distinct and less broad

    • Donovan McLean

      I do think the writing is bad and Theron’s character is just one example. Who gives a $#!% that she is Weyland’s daughter? It has absolutely no narrative value. It does nothing for the story or the main characters arcs. There are many other examples, but that’s not my issue with your post.

      It is a logical fallacy to say that “All you people saying that the writing is bad are just going along with what other people have said.”

      IF: ALL PEOPLE who say the writing is bad are only saying so because OTHERS have said it,

      AND: the OTHERS are a group of people who say the writing is bad.

      THEN: The OTHERS are in the group ALL PEOPLE and your statement fails to make sense. Because the OTHERS couldn’t just follow more others. Who would those others be following and so forth… You run into a problem of infinite regress.

      Just deal with the fact that people have legitimate problems with this lack of logic, structure, character arc and pacing with this film.

      (And that’s just another example of whats wrong with this movie. The pacing is terrible, it felt like it was six hours long and had 15 false endings.)

      • drom9090

        Vickers & Weyland move the plot for P2 and examples of the ‘flaw’ in self-ish human DNA. Weyland only cares about not dying and will sacrifice anything or anyone to become immortal — including any other human lives and his own daughter’s. Vickers only cares about making sure her father dies so she gets the company free and clear.

        Not to get ‘religious’ but as ye sow, so shall ye reap. Planets like LV ??? may be a fail-safe mechanism to protect the Engineers from the unpredictable results of their ‘experiment’. Any seeded civilization which actually manages to master space travel and follow their “invitation” can possibly threaten the Engineer home world — And so they are directed to death planets instead be wiped out (black goop as literal weapon) or genetically ‘reprogrammed’ (black goop as practically a weapon ala Klingon interpretation of the ‘genesis effect’ )

        But along the way, the Engineers lose contain on the black goop and suffer a dose of their own medicine, so to speak.

        Most of Scott’s babbling on religion is just that — babble and cliche — that I’ve heard so far. Jesus may have been an Engineer, but the invitations 33 millennium OLDER than than his Crucifixion. So revenge can’t be the motive. But maybe Jesus was trying to save humanity by directing it towards spirituality and AWAY FROM materialistic technological development, which leads to space travel.

        Or, maybe SOME Engineers just felt threatened by their ‘creations’ — Lucifer’s jealousy complex — and so plan to unleash ‘Hell’ on ‘successful’ humans; but then they end up releasing Hell upon themselves. It could be that the Engineer home world is already ‘dead’ and over-run by fan-boy favorite Xenomorphs.

        Remember: if Engineers share our “exact” DNA, they may share all of our flaws as well; and are far from perfect ‘God-like’ beings.

  • dc

    Loved every second, only wish they had pumped up the volume and expanded the screeching intense music part, love that intense sound. SEQUEL PLEASE!!! Everything else was perfect. Thought it was more story driven than Alien, which sets it up well for a great for a true sequel. People need to stop complaining so much about the unanswered questions, it is sci-fi, and they obviously intended to leave some questions unanswered to later answer.

  • Kaplan

    If you want to make an Alien prequel, make that film. If you want to explore the origins of man through a scifi lens, make that film. My biggest problem with Prometheus, is that after the first hour or so, which I thought was finely crafted and über confident film making it devolves. It loses it’s focus. The second half contained a zombie, a virus, a face hugger std, and a giant humanoid sleeping beauty alien that isn’t the least bit deterred that its mission to destroy man has gone so FUBAR that humans are on his planet waking him up. For an intelligent super humanoid, sure behaved like a mindless bull in a china shop. And, thank god, the ever growing face hugger was there to take it out. That this giant summer movie is getting its plot inconsistencies explained away in the press tells you all you need to know about how this train went right off the rails.

  • KANeSsON


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  • bob

    You guys are all losers. Every one of you. Is this what the country has come to? Speculating on what some movie director might or might not have inteneded? Is this what God gave you life for, to spend your time and intellectual enregy (such as it is) discussing science fiction movies in excruciating detail? And not even in person, but on the internet. Those in the entertainment industry (whom you seem to deify), were known as “jesters” and “fools” in more civlized times.

    Who cares about all this shit. Do something usefull and get out of the fantasy world.

    • AndyE

      How nice of you to spend your valuable time reading and responding to this topic. But you’re right about one thing; I’m wasting time responding to puritanical trolls.

      P.S. – You misspelled intended, energy, civilized, and useful. I guess you ran out of God-given intellectual energy.

  • CocaineHeart

    samesies! Shaw and David FTW RE: “That said, I’m pulling for Prometheus: Paradise to come together sooner rather than later if only to see a space road trip movie with Elizabeth and a slightly decapitated David front and center.”

  • Bob

    When I got out the movie theater I thought the movie was ok. After thinking about it more, and doing lots of research into the movie, I beleive its a pretty fantastic movie actually. Like a soild 8/10, maybe 8.5. I think with time it will deepen even more and be like Blade Runner. Dislisked/thought to be decent when released by most, but with time a classic.

  • Up

    Hell yeah I want a sequel to this.

  • Martim Ferreira

    My understanding of Prometheus **SPOILERS**:

    First of all, the events that transpire in the beginning of the movie are not necessarily set on Earth. That scene is a way to show the process of panspermia by the engineers, but if it was in fact on Earth, I feel divided in the sense, did the engineer sacrifice himself to create mankind or did he sacrifice himself without the knowledge that he was impregnating the water with his DNA? Was the creation of mankind a deliberate act or a result of an alien suicide? The engineers being all advanced and stuff, why would they have to commit suicide to seed a planet? It just looks open to different interpretations.

    Lets ask the question that matters the most for a possible sequel, what is David’s agenda? I ask this because it is obvious that David is the key element in understanding everything that’s going on.
    Let me ask you this, do you think David said exactly what Weyland told him to say to the Engineer in their native dialect? Before that happened we know that David’s loyalty is ambiguous, he loves or hates mankind when is most favorable to him. That being said, maybe David didn’t ask where they were from, maybe he TOLD the engineer “hey, mankind is horrible, like an infection, you must destroy it!!”, hence the gentle stroke on David’s head, the response from the engineer is like “I hear you!” and since it is ambiguous that the engineer knows if David was a robot or a human he “decaps” him.
    I arrived at this conclusion when watching the viral campaign video for David, when the narrator asks him what does he not like, we can see the sadness and revolt as he gives us the main reasons why any civilization would want to wipe us out, war, poverty, etc, and clearly is a good reason for the engineers being super pissed at us.
    Remember, of the entire crew, David is the only character that knows how to learn and speak alien dialects therefore he is the most important and relevant character in the movie.

    Regarding the criticism to some aspects of the movie, there is a question that could solve some issues. In the Alien saga I always wondered, are there other alien life forms known to man other than the Xenomorphs and the Engineers? I think the answer is yes, due to the way the characters react to the encounter of an extraterrestrial life form. It’s standard protocol to analyze any new life form, so, there is a on going experience between man and other species in this universe. This could explain Milburn and Fifiled childish behavior. Milburn could have already had the experience with other life forms thus making him some what of a “extreme pot-head” scientist. I mean how are they any different from all the dumb jocks or plastic blondes in teen horror flicks? It’s a standard character in horror movies that don’t require much development, they are meant to be meat for the monster, no one cares for them anyway! I can admit though, the reason they got lost in the first place is really bleak but the reason they couldn’t go back to the ship is pretty obvious, the silica storm. Maybe they went back inside the room with the giant face to get warmer (it was -23 degrees in those corridors). This is a problem that originates in US cinematic culture anyway, I feel like no studio in Hollywood would expect a movie that has been tagged as HORROR/Sci-fi without having those cliché dumbass characters that mainstream audiences so love, no matter how good the script or the director are. Its a consequence that most of you who criticize, helped create.

    Two negative aspects I have to say about the movie is that Vickers is completely irrelevant and unnecessary, although it’s not quite accurate to say that she was human and the other is the old makeup effects on Weyland, obviously bad and I agree with some people when said that it would be much better for an actor that is actually old.

    Other than these two negative facts, I see nothing wrong with Prometheus that would spur such criticism for the most stupid reasons. For those who were expecting a direct prequel to Alien, your arguments are irrelevant. For those, who were expecting to have all the answers spoon fed to your “popcorn-chuckling” mouths, try harder! Stick to that Twilight BS.
    If this becomes a franchise I most definitely would not mind to have all the answers by the third installment! It would be perfect, Prometheus is 1 act, Prometheus 2 is buildup to finale and Prometheus 3 the epic showdown!!!
    Nothing beats the anticipation this new/same Universe has to offer! It would be awfully unsatisfying if everything were to be resolved in Prometheus. I ask AMBITION from you, not closed minds.

    • josh

      Great interpretation. One thing I’ve been thinking about is at the beginning of the movie where we see that lone engineer sacrifice , we see that ship in the sky and it looks nothing like the horseshoe style ships that we’ve come to know as the engineers spaceships. It looks like a big white flying saucer. The engineer is robed in white as opposed to the H.R Geiger style suits. Are there opposing factions within the engineer race, one creators and the other destroyers?

    • mike boivin

      how does alien vs predator fit in to all this?. in alien Vs Predator they mentioned the alien was breeded by the predator thru sacravice in humans so they can hunt the alien :/……..

      • Bob Saget

        No one said anything about AvP.

  • Bro-metheus

    This film is riddled with holes, and clumsy story telling:

    If the “black goo” animates life, or alters it substantially, why did the big dude at the start need to drink it, couldnt he just pour it in the water?

    DNA matching exactly, despite a huge time frame between “genesis” and “current”?

    DNA matching exactly, despite the “genesis” moment seemingly completely random. Human DNA dropped into a waterfall, thousands of years later humans pop up?

    The drawings in the caves (etc) show the planetary layout perhaps indicating that is where the Engineers come from, although its established by the end that the planet they arrived on was purely a weapons/research outpost, so anyone that did follow the “map” would be going to the wrong place?

    Who painted, etched, carved, the cave drawings? Its established that the system they go to cant be seen from earth at the time?

    Only 10 auto-biobeds in existence, ultra-rare, set up for male use, person who’s never seen one before can somehow operate the machine to such a degree as to extract an aggressive, sentient entity, leaving her otherwise completely fine? While suffering massive pains? And seemingly just mashes the touchscreen until it works?

    How did the paper-thin geologist & the alleged biologist get lost, despite being the one with the cool hovering auto-mapping spheres, and in constant radio/video contact with the ship?

    Speaking of spheres, what was causing one of them to ping movement every hour for a bit then stop?

    Why spend a trillion dollars on a intergalactic mission and not introduce anyone to anyone?

    Why spend a trillion dollars on a intergalactic mission, then land your only mode of intergalatic travel on the planet you only kinda knew was there?

    Why did the first room of goo emitting cylinders start emitting goo? If it was atmospheric changes then why did they stop and why did the cylinder David takes not emit goo?

    Why did the other larger stores of goo not react the same way?

    Why did a team of scientific experts take their helmets off, yes it would appear breathable, but wouldnt you test more first? Ok, one guy doesnt die, but then why did everyone else think, sure why not?

    The goo cylinders are shown to be just that, a container with several smaller glass vials inside with a screw top? So how/why does goo come out of them at the top?

    Noomi is sedated after finding out she’s pregnant, wakes up and attacks two of the crew who’re trying to put her into cryostasis. She gives them a quick punch, and escapes, for about 20 seconds before collapsing in a heap in the corridor. No one chases her, and once the surgery is complete, no one seems to notice/care that she escaped 10 minutes ago, close to “giving birth”? Its reasonable to believe that David worked out what happened, then why doesnt he address the rapidly growing tentical monster in the biobed room?

    Why/how does no one notice the tentical monster? Doesnt the ship have internal camara’s or sensors? No one walked past and heard the thrashing and such?

    Why would Weyland allow his Daughter to go, leaving no Weyland heirs at home should anything go wrong? (Established David was the closest he would have to a Son, suggesting he doesnt actually have a Son)

    Why is the big disc ship at the start different in design (disc, rather than donut)?

    The Engineer goes berserk, rips off Davids head, kills Weyland with it, then essentially palms off the guy with the gun across the room, killing him instantly? Admittedly powerful, but enough to kill someone?

    The Geologist & Biologist are instantly not down with the overall plan, find alien, meet alien, rejoice, so why are they even there?

    A Biologist would know better on an alien world than to profer his hand at an unknown creature with more than a resemblance to a snake?

    Clumsy action film set ups:
    Guy with a mohawk & tattoos is a tool – I wonder if he’ll survive?
    Group splits up – That always ends well for the smaller group!
    “Oh wow, a lifeboat” – I wonder if this will be important later?
    “Oh wow, an automatic surgery booth” – I wonder if this will be important later?
    Android on the mission – Check. Evil? Double Check.

    A complete disregard for their own safety at all times:
    “Hey that guy that died, he’s outside, open the door would you!”
    “I’ve got no idea what will happen if I electrocute this alien dudes head, but lets find out together, outside of any containment”
    “I’ve no idea what will happen if i feed this goo to one of my mates, but i’m going to anyway”
    David constantly touching things, that almost always lead to death and/or mayhem.

    Charlize wakes up, immediately wants to know how long she’s been asleep, which to be fair, is something that you would imagine they had worked out before launching? And someone as fastidious as her character would remember!?

    Generally a higher level of technology (antigravity automapping, intelligent orbs, holographic 3D displays, automatic surgery beds, dream watching equipment) than seen in Alien & Aliens, despite being substantially earlier chronologically?

    The Engineer’s ship/facility has been abandoned for around 2000 years, so why does everything work?

    In the Engineers control room when David is watching the playback of the Engi’s going to sleep, why do all the systems turn on, chair moves, star map etc? If its play back surely that’d just carry on with everything as it was left. Established earlier with the first playback scene (door that decapitates the Engi doesnt open, then close again in time with the playback). If its playback entirely, how can David interact with the earth?

    Noomi makes it to the lifeboat, David gives her a very late heads up, and she’s leaves. Fair enough, but wasnt her suit about to run out of air? She didnt have time to swap, or resupply before getting attacked and having to leg it?

    Atmosphere unbreathable to humans outside the dome, 3 minutes tops as established. So how does the Engineer make it out of the crashed ship, across the desert, and into the lifeboat without any ill effects. Remember he’s genetically identical to humans.

    Around 10 people die and no one seems to really care?

    Kinda lucky to land on a planet with the same gravity as earth…

    That level of surgery would leave massive internal bleeding, and Noomi almost entirely incapable of moving, let along, sprinting, fighting, climbing, rapelling, carrying etc. Consider that the surgery would have cut her abdominal muscles in half.

    A Biologist is shocked to his core to find a dead Engi, to the point of suiting up and leaving (despite it being is field broadly speaking), but when he comes across a living alien species he’s all touchy feely!?

    I’m sure there is more, but that is just from the top of my head…

    • Joe Metheus

      You are obviously intelligent and observant, but that doesn’t mean I’d want to go to the movies with you. JK.

      I wasn’t nit picking nearly as much but was bothered by the following eye-ball rolling moments.

      The selfish, hardened space crew is suddenly altruistic and willing to sacrifice themselves? Lame. Then they raise their arms? *eyeroll*

      Weyland was there to ask about immortality? Lame. Charsleeze is his daughter? *eyeroll*

      Let’s take our helmets off in an alien environment? Lame. Let’s do it again after one get infected? *eyeroll*

      Let’s leave the infected guy’s body just outside our door. Lame. Let’s open the door when there’s movement? *eyeroll*

      Despite all this, I hope they make a sequel and Lindelof has nothing to do with it.

      • Joe Metheus

        Oh yeah I almost left out the worst infraction:

        We’re afraid of alien corpses. Not so lame. Hey there’s an alien tentacle that just emerged out of black mysterious goo – Here kitty kitty! *eyeroll* The alien tentacle snaps! OH YOU ARE A SILLY ALIEN TENTACLE – COME GIVE US A KISS! *EYEROLL!*

      • Kamil

        Black goo recombines already existing life – it doesnt create life. And they didnt just skill it over a piece of meat because it was a ceremony and the Engineer that dies though it was a great Honour to be a seed of life for the entire new world.

    • drom9090

      I’ve resigned myself to the fact that “bad science” is essential to science fiction.. taken literally, what does “science fiction” mean? It is an fanciful if not impossible scientific premise developed to serve the basis for a dramatic story-line.

      Star-Trek spoiler — “Sub-quantum spatial anomaly?” what the hell IS that? It is something invented to server the story-line.

      What I hate most is when even commonly understood ‘classical’ physics is blatantly ignored. “massive spaceships SLOWLY falling from the sky?” Duh?

      In ‘good’ sci-fi, the Bad and Cliff-note science all just goes to serve elements of the plot-line. (And in bad sci-fi, there’s no story-line worth pursuing?)

      In P1, exactly matching DNA sets an element of the story-line (“We’re The Same!”) for bumpkins, even though every schoolboy knows that *exactly* matching human DNA doesn’t even occur between siblings or a single generation — let alone across many millennia of time and millions of generations.

      You can’t really fault P1 for bad science any more than any other work of science fiction — written as well as movies — but P1 less subtle that many. But then again, that MAY just be so to advance the story-line within movie-scale time constraints.

    • Bob Saget

      You say that the movie is riddled with holes, yet most of your questions are either irrelevant to that philosophy, or they blindly attempt to deduce a conclusion about some tiny detail based on naive assumptions you make. In addition, you give little to no positive feedback in your reply.

      So, I, like you, will go out on a limb here and falsely conclude that the Engineers wanted to eradicate the human race to rid the universe of defeatists such as yourself.

  • dr2349

    So I agree with many people here, and all-in-all, I liked it but it could have been better. However, that’s how I feel about a lot of Ridley’s films, though he is one of my favorite filmmakers.

    There is one thing I haven’t heard anyone mention. With the original Alien and now this film, I always liked Scott’s commentary on what it is to be human by juxtaposing people’s behavior with the behavior of robots/technology. But remember towards the beginning of the film, where David quotes Lawrence of Arabia after watching the match scene? In pondering the significance of that quote, I was (eagerly) anticipating, perhaps to signal a tonal transition from calm to malicious, him doing something sinister to someone, or something very bad happening to someone and they beg for his help, and he says with an insanely creepy smile “The trick…is not minding that it hurts…” Just to illuminate his inhumanity. Ultimately, that was my biggest disappointment haha.

    • drom9090

      The trick of not “minding” that it hurts is what separates humans (any sapien) from “animals” in Dune and some other sci-fi as well. (In Dune, Paul Atreides is tested by the Sisterhood with the Box to see if he really is “human”. ) In psychology, a milder form — delayed gratification — is supposed to be a sign of maturity.

      An “Animal” reaction follows a simple ‘arc reflex’ from pain, as would mere programmed robotic reaction to system threats (“Danger, Will Robinson!”) Following programmed directives to save / not harm human beings is just other mechanical ‘arc reflex’.

      So not minding that it “hurts” is a key to understanding David’s ‘personality’ — not minding that he’s violating programmed ‘moral’ directives, or that he is torn apart by the Engineer — is evidence (for David) of his “humanity” which he appears to be fascinated with.

      Lawrence of Arabia is one of my fav movies, and that line one of my fav lines from it.

  • Page

    Agree with both Joe and Bro-metheus entirely.

    Yes, hoping there’s a sequel but also hoping a new screenplay writer is brought on board. That’s last part’s doubtful though.

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  • jarvis

    the first engineer shown in the movie was punished and life got accidentally initiated on earth

    • Jimax

      The “first” Engineer’s “sacrifice” was a religious act, to consecrate the initiation of life on a barren planet. Therefore, the Engineers and their culture (or sub-culture) are steeped in religion. What their creed decries may be in opposition to their main population, hence the less than friendly Engineers on LV-233.

  • seattlejohn

    am a huge Alien fan & have been waiting for this film..started great (even loved the 3D) but after setting everything up to be a prequel to one of my all-time favorite horror/sci-fi films it just wasn’t very suspenseful, Roomi Rapace was miscast, and even the music sucked by replacing the haunting/lonely/elegaic Alien score with bombast (though I did appreciate how my seat shuddered from the onscreen noise & fury)…it had some moments but the visual & tone poetry of Harry Dean Stanton in the original being silently stalked by the transformed chestburster in the engine room just reinforced the magic lightning of the original was missing…and some of the creatures in this unfortunately reminded me most of the gooey Ripley/Alien hybrid from Alien Resurrection……I do want to STRONGLY recommend an Alien novelization by the phenomenal author John Shirley entitled STEEL EGG that is extremely suspenseful & well written about a crew fighting an onboard alien infestation that brings them all in contact with the a different vision of the Engineers that I found alot more satisfying than this underbaked prequel

    • Bob Saget

      Who ever said this was a prequel to Alien? No one ever said that. Prometheus predates Alien, but it in itself is the beginning of a new franchise.

  • jarvis

    it might turn out or a false alarm by shaw that the engineer was heading towards earth and janek got fooled to crash prometheus into c shape spaceship ,actually engineer was heading towards home to meet his near and dear ones was feeling very sleepy as he was sleeping for quite a long time was in real hurry to get out of his such a long duty shift

  • jarvis

    wayland people will come in search of prometheus that will open new aspect for further adventure

  • jarvis

    james cameron must direct the 2 part of prometheus to make it full blown adventure ride

  • Mike

    Absolutley loved the movie and can’t wait for the sequel.

    BUT- Did anyone else have the slightest chuckle during the operation scene with the alien getting lifted out of Shaw’s abdomen and its similarity to the bit in Toy Story where the little rubber aliens were picked out of the arcade machine by the grabber?

    I so wanted to call out “The Clawwwwwww”.


    shit film

    • Harry

      Poor Satan, the movie was too difficult to understand. Go watch Avengers again, you tourist.

      • SATAN

        really shit film

  • Jeff

    Wow, just realized the moon where the Prometheus traveled to, LV-223, is not the moon Ripley and the Nostromo first encountered the Xenomorph, in Alien, LV-426.

    Wonder if they will be able to plausibly explain how the Xenomorph on LV-223 will make it to LV-426? Those eggs had to come from a Xenomorph, and I can’t imagine the creation of the Xenomorph through Shaw’s “offspring” and an engineer were part of the engineers’ plan. I mean the eggs were not the payload the derelict on LV-426 was delivering to wipe out humanity, right, since it seems the creation of the Xenomorph seems kind of random, right?

    Is my logic flawed?

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  • drom9090

    Yes, it is. The black goop doesn’t appear to have a specific genetic result: each interation with human DNA seems to create a different Xenomorph, but along similar lines. One similarity is that they gestate inside humans and burst out. Another is that they adapt limbs.. e.g., from singular worms, to squid with tenticles to bony tentacle arms (Ripley’s face-huggers) to arms & legs & ‘skull’ (xenomorphs) in P1 and Alien(s). The final morph was Ripley’s ‘baby’ with an almost human face. Somewhere along the line, they also adapt gender and egg-laying which leads to ingest forms (phallic worms, face-huggers, etc) and so on.

    Consider the “genesis effect” in star trek. The black goop creates a new genetic matrix from which new stuff emerges — it FORCES extensive evolution, but in unpredictable ways. And so the Klingon interpretation — the Genesis Weapon — is very much warranted by the Prometheus captain.

    There are several ways that P2 could make “sense” of P1, including several “religious” angles. What Scott actually does in P2 remains to be seen. P1 leaves a lot of doors wide open, which is what most critics complain about.

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  • Sage

    The script certainly did feel dissected and now we know why. I wish we’d be les concerned with making more movies and worry a little more about making complete movies. Great visuals, cringe inducing dialogue and wasted actors. This movie was a utter disappointment and a complete missed opportunity.

  • Cian

    I want David to get a H.R Giger style Biomechanical body. That would be wicked IMHO :)

  • Mr alien


  • Borisbathtime

    The idea that the engineers are somehow the creators of the human race is preposterous. The concept that they would somehow seed the earth with their dna and then wait around 50million years for us to evolve is a non starter in any theory.
    Any film will have plot holes and omissions due to the writing and shooting and editing process but there needs to be central narrative pillars that support a story – the engineers as creators is not credible – however our dna is the same as the engineers so whoever created the engineers created man.
    On a smaller scale of non credible things – any theories on why none of the people on Prometheus seem to have met each other before they were put to sleep for a two year journey to an unknown planet.

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  • The Engineer

    The Space Jockey in the film is actually part of a terrorist group trying to undo the things his species has done. They just happen to find one of them and woke him up. That is why he was in such a rush to get to Earth. He was behind in his mission. Imagine you had to get rid of some pests, you go to sleep but wake up a year later now those pests are all in your room in your bed. Not only would you be mad, but now you would be in a rush to kill them.

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  • michael

    God in feel sorry for all you people that have to over analyze a Science FICTION film- it is a gorgeous film that i will go see a few times just to live in it’s beautiful world for a few hours – i cannot wait for the directors cut and the just green lit sequel – i saw Alien 6 times in the theater when it fist came out in 1979 & the reviews were not kind then either until years later when it was considered a masterpiece.

  • fdsaf

    Best Film Ever

    Better make a two sequels.

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  • srikanth marupakula

    Dear movie makers,
    I understand i 1 and half hour whole idea must be shown to audience, when it comes to explain extraordinary things it is always better to be more specific to believe ourselves. Consider AVATAR the movie itself explaining whole damn thing in short interval of time. The dialogs and emotional scenes are specific. KIndly focus on them.


  • stringer bell

    this was a good film in its own right.i could be wrong but im pretty sure ridley scott said it wasnt a prequel to alien but would be connected in some way which it was and it certainly sets it up nicely for another movie where we will get the answers that people are craving and people who walked out on this film are pretty retarded in my opinion just because it wasnt an all out alien fest.

  • Pipe

    Hi guys,
    What if the engineers have some kind of deal with the predator species to provide them a hunting planet. I think we are all forgetting to link the predators to the plot, while this link has been very present on several movies (alien vs predator,etc). What if the Earth is simply a safari project?

  • Garry-Edinburgh

    What I would like to know is how did the Predators get hold of the Alien? Did they steal it from the engineers for their own use as challenging things to hunt? (Pissing off the engineers big time I bet!) Or find the eggs on LV426 and took a few for their own use as prey to hunt? Or did the engineers make a deal with the Predator and the deal went bad? Be intresting to see an engineer in another Predator movie! -good script idea! What kinda pissed me off was the missing footage in the P1 DVD but in the bluray all the missing footage is in it! (Havent seen it yet) A few things people are missing is the fact that the “Company” allready knew about the Alien species, hence why they sent the bogus science officer “Twitchy” Ash to go with the Nostromo and as he says ‘Priority one; bring back life form. All other priorities recended. Crew expendable.’ so maybe in P2 things will be explained as to where Shaw dissapeared after leaving the planet Prometheus landed on and maybe they intercepted a warning message from Shaw that the engineer craft was on its way to earth with a Bio-weapon (Man is so obsessed with em) and would be passing the vicinity of LV426 where it crash landed, laying the story open to the Alien movie. My theory anyway, but its just ‘science friction’ folks! No need to get all hostile towards each other over mere words! (Oh yeah, and in Cryo you would think they had better looking undies than just bandages, or like in alien -Diapers! lol)

  • val

    what about the zombie that attacked the ship? im assuming he was a zombie because he did die.. the goo and the liquid from the worm thing melted his face!

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the predator?

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  • Traveller RPG Guy

    The only thing I dont like about the movie is that the Prometheus heads down to the moon and just happens across the facility. No beacon, no nothing… Just right down and there it is! A bit unlikely… must be a very small moon…… even if there were many hundreds of facilities on the moon… which would be interesting…… also cannot be a small moon as they were defo in 1G or thereabouts the whole time…

  • Doug *

    prometheus was fantastic. i just hope with the sequel that it will show the engineers home plant or show “LV4-26″ because that hasnt happened yet. plus in Alien whoever is sitting in the chair with a burst rib cage hasn’t happened yet.
    my big hope is that with the sequel the attention to details with be amazing. As a bonus I hope they might include the “ASH” charater again. Being that he’s a robott and they dont age, he could be the next model type after “David”, construted. Further more, one would think from what was stated by “Shaw” at the end of the movie,’”" all you will find here is death “”" that message along with other transmissions were probably sent back to earth (the company.) So who is the next person in charge of running “the company(wayland)” That person in charge now, could design the “ASH Robott” charater and also show plans for a bigger ship design (nastromo) which we see in ALIEN… just my thought on conecting story line details.

  • philly ess

    So, Shaw is taking a ship most likely loaded with the Engineer’s bio-weapon to the Engineer’s planet. I’m thinkin that isn’t going to go so well…

  • transfers ffls maryland

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  • Jimax

    The first Engineer’s sacrifice was a religious act, to consecrate the initiation of life on a barren planet. Therefore, the Engineers and their culture (or sub-culture) are steeped in religion. What their creed decries may be in opposition to their main population, hence the less than friendly Engineers on LV-233.

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