PROMETHEUS Blu-ray Details Revealed; 15 Minutes of Deleted or Alternate Scenes Plus So Much More

     July 5, 2012


Director Ridley Scott’s sci-fi pic Prometheus opened early last month as one of the year’s most anticipated films.  Though some weren’t exactly thrilled with the finished product, the amount of debate over the film’s true meanings, unanswered questions, Alien connections, and common sense-impaired scientists has been immense and unending.  The pic is set to hit Blu-ray later this year, at which point further debate is sure to ensue.  An unofficial full list of extras included on the home video release have landed online, and just as Scott previously mentioned to Steve, they include a significant amount of deleted scenes.

In addition to 15 minutes of deleted or alternate scenes and the entirety of the film’s viral material (including the full Peter Weyland TED Talk), the disc includes a text document of the first and final draft of the script by Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts.  Hit the jump for much more, including details on a 9-disc collection of every Alien film up to and including Prometheus.

prometheus-blu-ray-coverFirst off, here’s a rundown of the highlights on the disc:

  • 15 Minutes of Deleted or Alternate Scenes
  • Ridley Scott Audio Commentary
  • First and Final Draft of the Script in Text Document
  • Four Viral Videos Including Peter Weyland’s Full Ted Talk
  • Ridley Scott’s Sketches
  • Noomi Rapace’s Screen Tests
  • 9 Featurettes Comprising 120 Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Looks at the Creatures, Story, Visual Effects, and More

These extras come courtesy of an Amazon page for the French Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus box set (via Prometheus Forum), which includes the entire Alien saga on nine discs (just in case you never picked up that Alien Anthology Blu-ray set).  It’s important to note that this isn’t an official listing, so some of these details may be incorrect or slightly off.  Lindelof had previously mentioned something in an interview about recording an audio commentary, so it’s possible that we could see a few more features on the US release.  Moreover, Scott told Steve to expect closer to 20 or 30 minutes of deleted scenes, so we could see more on the actual release or on a further release sometime in the future.

It’s well known that Prometheus began as a straight Alien prequel written by Jon Spaihts, and it wasn’t until Damon Lindelof came in and did a significant rewrite that it became Prometheus: less of an Alien prequel and more of an original sci-fi story.  The specific text says that the disc includes the “first and final draft of the script,” but it’s unknown if this means that it includes Spaihts first draft of the developing Alien prequel, or the first full draft of Prometheus that Lindelof submitted.  It’s rare for studios to release the actual first drafts of scripts, so I’d be surprised if this “first draft” is significantly different from what the final shooting draft of the script looks like.  That said, I’d be absolutely thrilled to take a gander at what Spaihts originally came up with in order to compare this to the final product, so hopefully I’m wrong.

prometheus-imax-posterCheck out the extras below, followed by a full list of what’s on the other discs for Evolution: From Alien to PrometheusPrometheus is set to hit shelves on October 3rd.

Disc 1 (Prometheus 2D) (+150 minutes of bonuses):

On disk:

Cut scenes or alternative (15 mins)

Audio commentary by director (120 mins)

The private records of Peter Weyland, four viral videos (18 mins):

- The offer of Elizabeth Shaw

- Happy Birthday David

- Prometheus Transmission (extended version)

- The conference Weyland in 2023 (long version)

Outside the disk: Second Screen App: App iPad Control Blu-ray Remote which gives access to the archives of Peter Weyland (60 mins):


- First and final draft of the script (text)

- Sketches of Ridley Scott (photo gallery)

- The Art of Prometheus (photo gallery)

- Pre-visualization (30 mins)

- Tests of Noomi Rapace (15 mins)

- The costume design (photo gallery)

- Tests “look” of the cast (10 mins)


- Graphic Video Dashboard

- Photographs of the team

- Video of the private pilot

Production and post-release:

- Marketing Gallery

Disc 2 (Prometheus 3D):

The 3D film active

Disc 3 (Bonus complementary Prometheus):

The angry gods: how to make the Prometheus of Ridley Scott, 9 videos (120 mins):

- At the Conquest of Paradise (scenario)

- The engineering upside down (direction & design)

- The manifest human (characters & costumes)

- A nest of demons (creature design)

- A world without green spaces (Pinewood)

- Gains of chance (stunts & action)

- The beginning and end (Iceland)

- The sky on fire (visual effects)

- Prometheus without limits (post-production and theatrical release)

Units of improvement (30 mins):

- Mini-featurettes

The archives of Peter Weyland (60 mins)

Here’s what’s included in the rest of Evolution: From Alien to Prometheus:

alien-movie-image-space-jockey-01Disc 4 (Alien):

Audio commentary by Ridley Scott, Dan O’Bannon, Ronald Shusett (prod. exec.), Terry Rawlings (assembly), Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton and John Hurt

Audio commentary by Ridley Scott (on theatrical version only)

Isolated track of the soundtrack composed by Jerry Goldsmith final

Isolated track of the original film music composed by Jerry Goldsmith

Cut and extended scenes

Interactive experience with the computer MU-TH-UR

aliens-movie-imageDisc 5 (Aliens):

Audio commentary by James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd (prod.), Stan Winston (FX), Robert Skotak (FX), Dennis Skotak (FX), Pat McClung (models), Michael Biehn, Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, Jenette Goldstein, Carrie Henn and Christopher Henn

Isolated track of the soundtrack composed by James Horner final

Isolated track of the original film music composed by James Horner

Cut and extended scenes

Interactive experience with the computer MU-TH-UR

Disc 6 (Alien3):

Audio commentary by Alex Thomson (Chief Op.), Terry Rawlings (assembly), Alec Gillis (FX), Tom Woodruff Jr. (FX), Richard Edlund (FX), Paul McGann and Lance Henriksen

Isolated track of the soundtrack composed by Elliot Goldenthal final

Cut and extended scenes

Interactive experience with the computer MU-TH-UR

Disc 7 (Alien – The Resurrection):

Audio commentary by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Herve Schneid (assembly), Alec Gillis (FX), Tom Woodruff Jr. (FX), Pitof (FX), Sylvain Despretz (FX), Ron Perlman, Dominique Pinon and Leland Orser

Isolated track of the soundtrack composed by John Frizzell final

Cut and extended scenes

Interactive experience with the computer MU-TH-UR

alien-3-imageDisc 8 (additional bonus # 1 Alien saga):

“Making the anthology” (720 ‘):

- “The Beast Within is a” making of Alien

- “A superior firepower” of making of Aliens

- “Wreck and rage”: the making of Alien 3

- “One more step beyond the” Making of Alien: Resurrection

Disc 9 (complementary bonus # 2 Alien saga):

“Archives anthology”:


. Pre-production

. Production

. Post-production

. “The experience of terror”

. “The archives of Laserdic Collector”

. “Alien Legacy”

. “American Film: Ridley Scott questions / answers”

. Trailers and TV spots


. Pre-production

. Production

. Post-production


. Pre-production

. Production

. Post-production

. “Alien 3: report on the first pictures”

. “The Making of Alien 3″: report

. Trailers and TV spots

- Alien: Resurrection:

. Pre-production

. Production

. Post-production

. “HBO First Look: The Making of Alien, the Resurrection”

. “Alien Resurrection” documentary promo

. Trailers and TV Spots


. Two versions of “Alien Evolution”

. “The Alien saga”

. Gallery of logos and insignia

. “Aliens 3D attraction” photos and script

. “Aliens in the Basement”: the collection of Bob Burns

. Parody

. Gallery Dark Horse blankets

. Interactive experience with the computer MU-TH-UR

Look for more info on the Prometheus Blu-ray as we get it.

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  • Lance

    Very much looking forward to Prometheus! I think in the long run, the movie will be remembered for getting the audience to consider some big questions. The carping about little details, like why someone turned left when they could have turned right, will fade away and be forgotten, just like those who criticized The Matrix, Star Wars, or the original Bladerunner have all been forgotten.

    • Lance

      To clarify, very much looking forward to the BluRay release. I’ve seen the film in the theater already multiple times!

      • buzzfunk

        Right. *ahm*

        All the movies you mention have one thing in common that Prometheus isnt; They are good movies.

        Prometheus is not a good movie and if you called dramatic narrative errors “little details” then i can only assume that your someone who is *ok* with mediocre story telling….

        No additional more abysmal acting will polish this turd. Some people loved it, some liked it but as far as I can tell, most didn’t care for it….

      • mattinacan

        keep telling yourself that Buzz, maybe it will come true for you

      • Marky

        the film was utterly awful. pathetic script and actors

      • Sarge

        @buzzfunk: I’m observant enough to recognize that unique nickname of yours, as well as your misuse of the word ‘your’.. your name is Sascha, you’re German and you’re on Twitter as @sonic******, right? I’m a follower, and you went from “Loved the movie even with some flaws…. ” like you said to Jon Spaihts, to bashing it (and that Prometheus news site you used to visit) every chance you get. Seems to me that you changed your opinion to be as cool as your podcast friends who hated the movie. Busted! What a shame..

    • sense 11

      So many haters, they hate on Prometheus and then they go and praise Transformers 2

      • Robbie

        Prometheus and Transformes 2 both have something in common and that is a terrible script. Prometheus is a very well made film but it’s built of a foundation of sand. Once again things were rushed that couldn’t be fixed in post, I too hope to see myself proven wrong with a directors cut but will have to wait as Fox are clearly going a bit “Avatar” with this release.

        We’ll get a directors cut in a year as soon as Fox stop taking money from the cinem run and it’s first BD run.

    • sense 11

      not sure in what universe you can compare Ridley Scott to Michael Bay but its no in this one. Go get some taste

  • patrick

    No Lindelof commentary? WTF?!

    • jasperwolf

      Lindelof has nothing to say, as evidenced by his script writing. The only person who could have done conceivably worse is Akiva Goldsman.

      • Yummsh

        Quit taking the ridiculous stance of blaming Lindelof for giving Ridley Scott exactly what he wanted in his script. Was this Lindelof’s movie? Did he direct it? No, he did not. To blame Damon for whatever flaws you find in the movie and not Ridley Scott is a classic case of shooting the messenger, and what’s more, it’s just plain stupid.

  • sense 11

    I am obsessed with is movie and will ingest that BlueRay

  • Charly

    I tought that the extra scenes would be “In the film” (Director´s cut). i´m a little down that they are just extras. looking forward to this nonetheless.

    • Arturo

      many of us thought the same he said theres more than 20 minutes of deleted footage and that he would do an extended cut with 20 minutes and the rest of the footage not used for the extended cut was going to be released has extras since it would damage the movie. but looks like rdley and lindelof screwed us over and fox too.

  • mattedscreen

    in addition to the deleted scenes length, where is the mention of the “extended edition” Scott talked about almost immediately after the movie hit screens?

    • Arturo

      maybe he intends to release it at a later date like what he did with blade runner who knows i just hope he does this movie felt rushed and incomplete to me still if a sequel is made i wanna see it.

  • tarek

    A must have. Day one.

    When will we see The Sequel ?

  • Arturo

    Dissapointed to say the least about a no extended cut not buying the movie then. i left the theaters disappointed because the movie felt rushed and incomplete to me so not buying till an extended edition is announced and if not than >:( f**k prometheus i think the movie could have been a lot better than what we got. Personally i dont like lindelof i think he f**ked up this movie along with fox.

    • Pocketses

      Jesus, no middle ground, eh? From “it felt rushed and could have been better” straight to “**** Prometheus and everyone involved with it, I hope their parents, children, dogs and dog’s children all die in a horrible fire”

      Why is no one in this modern culture able to express themselves in anything but hyperbole?

      • Arturo

        Look i was pissed so sorry. But to be fair i like a few things about the film but i think that the script needed more work has well has the character development and a few other things. Is prometheus a bad movie no but it could have been better than what was released in a way its like what u saw in the trailers was pretty much the entire plot the entire interesting bits of the movie but we gotta be realistic the movie has serious problems in many areas it feels rushed and incomplete and i think the trailers are actually better than the actual movie and im sorry to say that because i like ridley’s movies but if your gonna do a movie with this kind of hype around it why not do it good from the very beginning thats all im saying.

  • Charly

    I actually enjoyed the film, some script choices were not ideal, but i would like to see the whole two – three movie arc to judge the story holes on the film…however i´m not sure we´ll get that, even if almos 300 mill. box office worldwide is not bad at all for a sci fi film

  • Bottle this

    This movie was convoluted and presented only the illusion of emotional or intellectual depth, and I ain’t talkin’ about 3D. Anyone who raves about the chance to spend more money on it is desperate to get caught up in hype, lying, or in need of head bandages.

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  • GunsOfNavarone

    Why are people saying Scott promised an extended edition? He didn’t. Go back and re-watch the interview with Frosty. He says that the cut he released in the cinema/ theatre IS the directors cut but there would be 20-30 mins of deleted / extended scenes on the bluray, ‘on the menu’ were his exact words. He never actually says there will be an extended version of the film. I would like one as much as the next man but I have a feeling it isn’t going to happen. He said the only film he regrets cutting for theatrical release was Kingdom Of Heaven but that is it. He said the deleted scenes from Prometheus add nothing to it and he feels they bog the film down. So like I say, I can’t see it happening.

  • shadow19

    Per Jon Spaihts twitter, he said that his first draft will be on the blu-ray

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  • 90ina30

    Jon Spaiht’s script will show just how much better his version was to begin with before “LOST” Lindelof got involved with his massive ego,


    • Dan

      John Spaiht…yeah lets give this massive project to the guy who gave us The Darkest Hour…because you know, that was such a great film. /sarcasm

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  • Fitch


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  • jasperwolf

    Ash, Bishop, Call, David…who’s the next bot? Ellen perhaps? That could be interesting and bring back Ms. Weaver. Maybe it is time to put the whole franchise to rest, at least for a generation or so.

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  • Thomas K.

    Not only are the majority of you not smart enough to understand the film or what it is playing on…

    YOU ALL manage to fail to understand that this is NOT the US release, which has yet to be officially announced.

    We will most likely still get the rest my friends…

    • Thomas K.

      I’d also like to point out to all of you that it DOES NOT include ANY of the Extended cuts of the original Alien Films in the descriptions above, which have been on EVERY version of those BR releases.

  • randy

    Prometheus was terrible. what awful actors, terrible storyline, terrible dialogue. boring as all hell. ONLY good part was the final 5 second. i would of much rather just another Alien movie, even if it was bad as that last one….cuz this film was a major letdown.

  • truthhurts

    The worst thing about prometheus is that it was such a wasted opportunity, the film itself looked slick, lovely sets and such but almost everything about it collapsed under even the simplest of analysis.

    The script…. well it was actually so bad that its not worth analysing, but that aside, I would bet a large sum of money, on the fact that a class of 12 year olds could have penned and indeed do pen, better more coherent narratives.

    As for examining deep scientific of philosophical questions, well no it didn’t do that either, and you can only say that it did if you portend that by excluding the later from any direct examination in the film the writers where attempting to infer such themes in a mystical perhaps psychic way i.e. allowing you to imagine them because they simply where not touched on.

    the depth of scientific knowledge that the writers do display however is clearly revealed, when they expect us to swallow the notion that sticking an electrode into a severed 2ooo year old head and tweaking the voltage will somehow magically reanimate the said head, only for the awkward cinematic cul-de-sac to be escaped from with having it explode, meaninglessly, a few seconds later.

    The film is basically a rip off of every classic sci fi dystopian movie out there, or at least that the scriptwriter could get is drunken hands on whilst doing his deep “background”research in between coke lines and stripper clubs. its a rubbishy pastiche with no central narrative of its own. Formulaic, generic a shiny metallic lobotomy of a movie.

  • Trevor

    This was one of the worst movies of all time. Period. It should have gone straight to blu-ray.

    If you liked this movie… you’re an idiot

    • tarek

      And you are a Genius, right ?
      Fortunately for you, the silliness doesn’t kill, or you’re among those who gave back their souls.

  • Hillbilly

    Who the heck watches all those hours and hours of extras??? Someone studying for their PhD in Alientology? LOL. Looks like they forgot those illegitimate Alien vs. Predator movies.

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  • Winski

    WHEN TO ITUNES ?????????????

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  • markk

    i thought this good and not convoluted . This is a movie , get over your selfs .