New Featurette for PROMETHEUS Is Loaded with Behind-the-Scenes Footage

     April 25, 2012


A new featurette for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has landed online.  The sci-fi pic is one of the most anticipated films of the year, so I doubt many of you need further convincing to check it out opening weekend.  That said, this new featurette is a nice treat for fans anxiously awaiting Scott’s return to the horror/sci-fi genre.  Scott himself is featured prominently in the clip, as we get bunch of glimpses at scenes being filmed intercut with finished footage.  Also of note, Scott is seen wearing 3D glasses while watching playback.  He spoke glowingly of the 3D format last year at Comic-Con and I’m hoping to see something truly special when Prometheus hits theaters, akin to Martin Scorsese’s beautiful use of 3D in Hugo.

Hit the jump to watch the featurette.  The film stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Rafe Spall, Sean Harris, Logan Marshall-Green, and Charlize Theron. Prometheus opens in 3D on June 8th.

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Here’s the synopsis for Prometheus:

Ridley Scott, director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner,” returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.


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  • John Pugh

    WOW! Anticipation about to explode all over your face!! Can’t wait.

  • wacko3205

    Ewwwwwwie…yeah…I wanna see thisn perdy bad too…not facial explotion excited mind you…but pretty bad.

    Actually more excited about this than TDKR & Avengers…which is a shocker.

  • TheApprentice12

    I wonder if the film ends with Noomi Rapace’s character giving birth to the iconic Alien? And the Weyland company looking on with eventful eyes… :/ I doubt my theory but meh, it gets me even more hyped for this film. :D

  • Pocketses

    This honestly looks to be the very best of the summer, and if not for the Hobbit, the best of the year. I am beyond excited for this film, I only wish that it would see even half the box office success of the other films of the year.

  • Will Spill

    This movie is a great looking retread. I hope there are enough open ended questions in the story so that there is a prequel to this prequel, a preprequel

  • tarek

    I am really ashamed for Michael Bay and Luca$…

    This is Art. Sir Ridley, you are the man.

  • jetblac

    Damn you June 8th, 2012! My patience has grown week, and anxiety has grown weekly.

  • Ernest

    I’m surprised they showed certain characters escaping the ship via escape pods just before it blew up! Odd for them to put such a spoiler in a behind the scenes clip.

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