PROMETHEUS Visual Effects Featurettes Reveal How the Opening Scene and Spaceship Landing Sequence Were Created

     June 19, 2012


Debate over the merits of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is ongoing, and fuel was added to the fire recently when a behind-the-scenes image revealed an alien that didn’t actually appear in the film.  That image came from the pic’s opening sequence, and now two visual effects featurettes have gone online that give us a look at how WETA created the film’s memorable opening scene and how MPC created the film’s impressive spaceship and planetary effects, including the ship’s landing sequence.  It’s a nice look at how these integral portions of the film came to be, and the WETA featurette gives some insight into one of the more talked-about plot points of the film.

Hit the jump to watch the videos, and if you missed our round-up of what we know about a possible Prometheus sequel so far click here.  Obviously, spoilers for Prometheus follow.

Videos courtesy of The Daily (via /Film):



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  • sense 11

    I love this movie, its stuck in my brain


    where is the vid doc explaining how they messed this up.. awful awful film

    • GOD

      youre an idiot.

    • GOD

      You’re an idiot. Responding with some sort of defensive witty retort doesn’t change that so don’t waste your time, idiot.

      • SATAN

        no idea what you are on about – but clearly you have mental issues. this is a film site, not rant at people because you have an awful life. engage in discussion or leave…. oh i guess you are the idiot… weirdo

      • GOD

        Cool story, bro. Learn how the English language works next time you decide to respond.

  • mattinacan

    just saw it for the second time this weekend, fantastic film

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