New Look at Images from Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS

     November 30, 2011


A week ago, we brought you an early look at scans from Ridley Scott’s new Alien-“prequel” Prometheus. They showed actors Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class) and Logan Marshall-Green (Devil) in their luminescent-collared spacesuits exploring what looked like ruins of an unknown planet. They also showed stars Charlize Theron (Hancock) and Idris Elba (Thor) on the bridge of the eponymous ship. Lording over the explorers in the background was a monolithic face looking down on a field of what appear to be primitive versions of Alien eggs down in the fog. Well now we can show you all of that in more clarity, along with a couple of new images from the film. With clearer images available, a trailer should be right around the corner. Prometheus opens in 3D on June 8th, 2012. Hit the jump to check out the images.

While Scott has downplayed the film as a pure prequel, he has also revealed the the last few minutes of Prometheus will be an obvious transition into the beloved franchise. In the director’s words:

“The last eight minutes will evolve into a pretty good DNA of the Alien one.”

The film also stars Patrick Wilson (Hard Candy), Rafe Spall (One Day) and Guy Pearce (The King’s Speech) in a screenplay by Damon Lindelof (Lost) and Jon Spaihts (The Darkest Hour) that follows a team of explorers investigating the origins of mankind on a distant planet. You can get caught up on all our previous Prometheus coverage here.

Click on the image to see it in higher resolution.


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