Awesome New Trailer for Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS

     March 17, 2012


A new trailer for Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus has gone online, and it’s pretty damn great.  It succinctly tells you the story, and then provides what I really hope Scott has gone for: a blockbuster sci-fi horror film.  Today, sci-fi horror has to stick to a mid-range budget, but I’m loving the scope of what I’m seeing from this trailer.  However, the best part may be at the very end when Michael Fassbender‘s character, an android (click here for the viral video released earlier today), gives just the slightest vibe of Ash (Ian Holm) from Alien.  For those unfamiliar with the connection, Prometheus isn’t a direct sequel to Alien, but it has that film’s “DNA”.  When you see the trailer, the connection will be abundantly clear.

Hit the jump to check out the full trailer, and click here to see the IMAX version that was also release today.  Also be on the lookout for our coverage of the movie’s panel, which was held today at WonderCon in Anaheim, California.   The film also stars Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green, and Charlize TheronPrometheus opens in 3D on June 8th.

Trailer via AMCTheaters.

Here’s the official synopsis for Prometheus:

Ridley Scott, director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner,” returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.


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  • FincherFan

    Was not expecting this at all. It truly does look to functions as BOTH a new sci-fi epic and a new installment in the Alien franchise. Either way, I’m pumped. This is truly one of the most exciting and huge sci-fi movies we have gotten in awhile. Love Charlize Theron. Love Michael Fassbender. And absolutely love Ridley Scott. June 8th cannot get here fast enough!

  • Brady

    does this trailer give away the entire story and what may be considered large spoilers? cause they tend to do that nowdays

    • Matt

      It gives you a story but leaves you wanting more. Doesn’t ruin the movie.

    • Wockerdaw

      @Matt I second that…

  • Masshuu il Malacandra

    SPOILERS don’t bother me., it whether I enjoy the whole movie or not. It is looking much more interesting especially with Noomi in her panties and bra!

  • Marisa

    Been waiting all day for that :) Shivers I really don’t like scary movies but anything scifi and Ridley Scott that looks that good count me in opening weekend

  • JWarren82

    So breathtakingly epic! Sure, I’m excited for films like The Avengers and DKR and The Hobbit…….but nowhere NEAR as excited as I am for this film!!

    I’ve been waiting over 20 years for this film, and it’s clearly going to be better than I ever imagined!!!

  • Strong Enough

    oh god please don’t tell me Idris Elda has a southern Accent. smh

    • Brit

      Its clearly british, as he is. And most of the crew there.

  • Nefarious Guy

    Awesome! That thing on the ceiling at 1:37 looks a lot like a xenomorph. Sculpture perhaps?

  • Grant keanan

    This is awesome, hope it makes a shit load of money.The alien landscape is so nicely done. I never doubt this flick!

  • wacko3205

    You know what?

    I hate it…HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT when us fanbwoyz, critics, journalists, & basic human beings in general say “EPIC”.

    It annoys the shAt outta me when it comes into play as a term of adulation for films & literature…but man…GoTdam (!!!) that was incredibly hurt pumping chest burstingly EPIC to the deepest extent of the most EPIC EPICness of all EPICally EPICnesful trailers!!!!

    Holy ShaRt that thing was a beast!!!

    You’ve heard someone say: “Aint that some shit?!?!?” to which they reply “Nah…a foot long turd…that’s some shit!!!”

    Well…now they’d say “The latest Prometheus trailer in all its incredibly hurt pumping, chest burstingly EPIC EPICness of all EPICally EPICnesful trailers that’s some shit!!!”

    Sorry for all the foul mouthery…but man damn…I’m more psyched now for this than I am TDKR or The Avengers & as a fanbwoy…that’s saying sumpin.


    Nuff said.

    Again…apologies for my language.

    • excpired

      Wow. English much.

    • Besides

      This Will Be EPIC !!!

    • DD4

      Dude… that rant was epic…

  • sense 11


  • Grayden

    Anyone get the feeling that while the “Alien” won’t make an appearance in Prometheus, it’s origin, as well as humankind’s, will be hinted at, if not told?

    If this Space Jockey is the one the crew of the Nostromo find in Alien, and this ship is heading to Earth, perhaps somehow these humans unleashed the Xenomorph and one attached itself to the Space Jockey on its way to Earth, it landed, and the Alien hatched and busted out and was a Queen that laid all the eggs seen in Alien. If the Xenomorphs were intended to be adaptable, perhaps their current form was a result of crossing their DNA with that of the Space Jockey, and it was humanities fault that they are so dangerous now. This is all speculation, but I love the implications Scott affords us with this story.

    • Wockerdaw

      The ship looks like the ship from alien, the alien in the seat, looks like the decaying alien in alien. Of course this is definitely going to have a lot to do with Alien.


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  • Pragmator


    We’ve been making moving pictures for over 100 years and still 95% of movies released suck. Then we have the 5% that look like gold. Why can’t people learn and apply lessons from that 5%?

    This trailer is more entertaining than a vast majority of big studio films released in the last 5 years.


    • ledbetter

      Simple answer? Making movies is hard.

      Consider this: Everything put to screen has behind it the work of a great many people and their respective talents. If any one person is off their game, the result will show in the end product.

      In order to bring a group of extremely talented professionals together to focus on a singular and monumental task. To bring the very best out in everyone for every shot, track, and edit. It takes one hell of a director.

      Ridley Scott.

      • snapperhead

        @ledbetter- Sorry, but I must respectfully disagree.

        Most movies today suck, and you want to blame the little guy? Yeah, I’m sure the production assistant or 2nd AD was off his (or her) game and that’s why the whole thing was garbage. Yeah right. Or maybe it’s because the studio executives who run everything will only greenlight idiotic remakes and found footage crap. When successful filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro (At the Mountain of Madness) and Ron Howard (Dark Tower) can’t get their projects made, all you have left is first time directors willing to do anything (not that I blame them), which leads to the previously mentioned remakes and found footage crap.
        Oh yeah, I can’t forget the stupid sequels (MIB 3? A movie greenlit WITHOUT a finished script!).


      • snapperhead

        @ ledbetter- I must respectfully disagree.

        Most Movies today suck, and it seems like you want to blame it on the hardest working people. Even if the production assistant or 2nd AD was “off their game”, I doubt that would ruin the final film. No, in my opinion, we can blame the idiotic studio executives who only green-light remakes, sequels and found-footage crap. When successful directors like Guillermo del Toro (At the Mountains of Madness) and Ron Howard (Dark Tower) can’t get their projects made, what do you expect?

      • Blunt Object

        Making great stuff is NOT HARD. You just have to accumulate a huge vocabulary over time of all the terms The Young People like (such as “douchebag” and “self-parody”) and tweak it accordingly. For instance “epic” gets used a lot one year, and later everyone’s sick of it. You adapt to blend in, chameleon style. And you don’t have to make any kind of statement. You just throw some observations around like people with interests do and dress them up with PLENTY OF FLAIR! No one will be able to tell you’re not the genuine article. The works of so called “creative” people are just another resource to be co-opted and utilized toward our greater, glorious goals. Yes, it’s wonderful to be an insignificant hack.

    • Strong Enough

      i am going to laugh so hard if the movie sucks. never believe a trailer. Editors can do some amazing things. wait until you see it first

      • bob

        i hope you are wrong because this just shot to #1 on my must watch list for summer.

      • Leif

        Unless you have actually worked on a film shoot, you cannot begin to comprehend the long hours and ridiculously huge amount of hard work that goes into prepping and shooting a film. Even a small, talky, short film, can takes months of planning. Then at least a couple weeks of shooting. A movie shoot like Prometheus could take years to write, prep, and schedule. And you haven’t even begun shooting yet. I’m getting tired of people insinuating that movies are bad because those involved just screwed it up. Like it’s so easy to make a good movie. You just show up and start shooting right? Give me a break. You could get the most talented people for every department of the film, and it could still turn out badly. No matter how much you prepare, in the end, it’s a bit of a crap shoot. There are so many contributing factors, most of the time it’s just too simplistic to say it was the studios fault, or the directors fault. What about the 200 or so other people who worked on the film? Stupid fan boys! Shut up and go to film school.

  • Andrew

    OH MY GOD!!
    June just can’t get here quick enough!!!

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  • Da Boss

    All I can say is – FUCK !

  • tarek

    This is Sir Ridley Scott. Can we expect less that that ? We are not talking about Michael Bay or Luca$.

  • my god

    The way that trailer made me feel is ineffable. Wow.

  • NUTE

    Me gusta.

  • Evan

    I can’t image this as PG-13. Please be R.

  • Ghaim Overman




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  • jetblac

    I got all the way to 1:16 and decided not to spoil it for my self. I am soooo anxious!

  • tarek

    Timeline. 2′.04 The Jokey! yum!

  • WEV

    oh. my. god!

  • Thomas

    $80 million opening weekend !

  • Thomas

    $250 million final gross

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  • Michael

    As I said for the British one…
    Yeah, that’s just plain cinematic gold. The cinematography is amazing, the production design fantastic… and the cast seems spot on. Something interesting… if that’s LV426, and it must be because the ‘derelict’ spacecraft obviously crashes… what the hell happened to the atmosphere by Alien?

    Both trailers offer something different – the UK one is definitely more ‘Alien-ish’ because of fonts and tag lines. Love ‘em both,. Roll on June

  • Ben

    strobing in trailers is so lame. fast cuts – fine, but simply strobing the same scene is just annoying…

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  • Phillip

    Check out the Mitt Romney Spoof Happy Birthday Mitt!