Trailer Preview for Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS [Updated with a Second Preview Trailer]

     December 19, 2011

A trailer for the trailer for Ridley Scott’s sci-fi pic Prometheus is now online. It’s a 30 second “trailer preview” for the actual trailer that will be released online this Thursday. It’s pretty similar to the footage we saw at Comic-Con, as it has some behind-the-scenes footage (as well as a tiny bit of actual footage) interspersed with Scott talking about the film on set (though the grainy stylistic flourish is a tad confusing). It ups the horror aspect of the flick, something I was extremely happy with when we saw the Comic-Con footage. As it has connections to Scott’s Alien, it really does look like he’s drawing from the horror tone of that pic instead of simply making a sci-fi actioner. While Scott recently stated that the xenomorph will “absolutely not” appear in Prometheus, I’m excited to see what sort of being will pop up in its place.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer preview, and come back to the site on Thursday to view the full-length trailer. The film stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, and Guy Pearce. Prometheus opens June 8th, 2012. [Update: a second trailer preview has been released that shows even more footage from the film. It's included after the jump.]

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  • sense 11


  • rbevanx

    Jizzed in my pants!


    WTF? NO! i want full trailer,

    i just can’t wait for this fucking epic anymore.

  • hey809

    i hate when people get all excited and over hype the movie. avatar was awesome but the fans also over-hyped avatar before it released.

    • sense 11

      so you object to people getting excited about movies they want to see. Whats it to you

      • hey809

        there is nothing wrong with that, im just stating my opinion. people get too excited and the film doesnt satisfy them at the end. nothing against anyone, just my opinion.

    • Liam_H

      I don’t remember the movie being overhyped, just people saying it looked weird with all its blue.

      • hey809

        i guess you just forgot.

  • Rollingblue

    One of my top 3 most anticipated movies for 2012.

  • hannah

    OMFGAWD! *goes to change underwear and eyeballs*

  • lovetron

    So. Freaking. Stoked.

  • grittymcgritterson

    No Xenomorphs, Predaliens however, will make an appearance.

    • Old Soldier

      No…no,no,no! The Predalien was THE WORST thing to happen to the franchise since David Fincher.

      “Waaaaa…but it’s Fincher!”

  • Tarek

    HUGE! thanks Sir Ridley!

  • Solgazer

    When a director uses the word eviscerated to describe the effect a threat may have to the characters, I get really bloody excited.
    I wanna see someone get eviscerated!

  • Sugreev2001

    O_o cannot wait…such a huge fan of Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender.

  • mil

    I hate to say it, but this can’t wait for this to get here fast enough (and it better be good!)

  • felliniboy

    a TEASER to a TEASER? just release the teaser. damn!

  • ron

    I just came!!!!

  • Clovenberg

    Take a look at this!:

    At the second teaser, at the 10 second mark, where Ridley directs one of the actor.

    There you can clearly see what looks like for me is the bioform-change-thing you could read in the leaked synopsis, who later was announced “fake”.

    There it says that the humans slowly turned into this creature things.

    For me it looks like one of the cast is changing. Look at his head. It looks like it turns into the alien shape head.

    What u think?!

  • Agent of Chaos

    Just to clarify, is this a second Pre-Preview Preview?

    • Clovenberg


      And I think we get 1 more today. Both of them has countdowns. 3 days left, 2 days etc etc.

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