Promo Poster for Jason Reitman’s UP IN THE AIR Starring George Clooney

     June 23, 2009

up_in_the_air_lo_res_poster_slice.jpgAt this year’s Cinema Expo in Amsterdam, studios showed off some new posters for their upcoming films.  Like ShoWest in Vegas, not all of these posters are necessarily going to end up in theatres but it gives a nice hint of how the studio may choose to market the film.  In the case of Paramount’s “Up in the Air”, we’re enjoying director Jason Reitman’s Twitter posts about his work on the film’s post-production, but we now have a look at the promo poster courtesy of Film1.  Again, this poster may not end up in theatres but as a teaser, it doesn’t look bad.  Hopefully we’ll get our first real look at the film in the near future.

For those just tuning in, “Up in the Air” stars George Clooney as Ryan Bingham, a businessman on the verge of reaching five million frequent flyer miles when his company decides to cut back on travel. But his goal isn’t the only thing just out of reach: he now won’t be able to see a fellow frequent traveler (Vera Farmiga) who has caught his eye.

Take a look at the full poster after the jump:


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