ACT OF VALOR Filmmakers Release Teaser Trailer for THE PROTOTYPE

     June 21, 2012


The Bandito Brothers, the production company behind the commercial hit Act of Valor have released a teaser trailer for their sci-fi attempt, The Prototype. The story follows a humanoid robot (or a roboticized human) from a government program that goes rogue.  As is the case when your superhuman test subjects break free, anything goes in the attempt to bring them down, regardless of how much money you pumped into their creation.  The Prototype, written and directed by Bandito Brothers’ Andrew Will, stars Neal McDonough (Captain America: The First Avenger), Joseph Mawle (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and Anna Anissimova.  Hit the jump to check out the teaser. 

Check out the teaser trailer for The Prototype below (via Deadline):

Personally, I think the character looks a bit like Hellboy’s Abe Sapien decided to try on The Rocketeer’s helmet, or a stealthier version of the none-too-friendly bots from I, Robot. That being said, the trailer looks like it could be a fun ride.  Comparisons have already been drawn to District 9 as far as themes go (I can buy a line about an individual going through a transformation and all the Kafkaesque complexes that come with it; not so much the racial thru lines, however).  The trailer has also been compared to such video game fare as inFamous and the awkwardly similarly titled, Prototype. As you can see from the teaser, there is no expected release date just yet.  Do the Bandito Bros. have another winner with The Prototype?  What do the rest of you think? Please let us know in the comments below.



  • Strong Enough

    I hope the game company that made prototype sues the sh*t outta these guys.

    is it that hard to come up with an original idea? smh

    • dog

      So by your lame logic the three movies already entitled “Prototype” should sue the sh*t out of the developers of that crappy game.

      • Marky

        crappy game? you have not got a clue pal.. piss off troll

      • Strong Enough

        its not just the name you homo.

        its the same premise. you idiots know nothing

      • gene manson

        what troll means?
        lmao morons , this is a bad ass movie , who cares about wat sum idiot gamers think about who is gonna sue who . n the troll comment . thats how retarded ur games make u . the only troll i know is this chik that stalks me on fb i call her the blonde troll , maybe i should make a movie about that .. yea great idea ! The Blonde Troll

  • Conor

    It’s more like Kroenen than Abe Sapien but I’m okay with the idea as long as they touch on something more than “Who am I, what am I?” I’d love to see a larger theme explored. That’s the point of Sci-fi isn’t it?

  • jarvis3205

    I think that it looks pretty nice…for lower budgeted material.

    Very interested in seeing what this becomes.

    Neal McD is a truly amazingly underratted actor.

    His shot in Ravenous was fantastic.

    McDonough, Guy Pearce, & Robert Carlysle were all in a race to eat each other stuck out in the mountains…McD lost that race in the end.

    Great film that got panned by everyone.

  • Deadpool

    They should really change the name. All they are going to do is make Fans of the game angry (Which are probably the same people who would go see this kind of film).

    • Harial

      I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I’ve never heard of a game called prototype and neither have any of the five people I forwarded this trailer to. None of us play video games but we all like Sci-fi movies and we’re all interested in seeing the movie.


      • Deadpool

        You are missing my point.
        I am saying that having this movie with the name Prototype is only going to make the 2.1 million people who bought the game upset (as probably many of them would like to see a film based on the game).

        People who play Sci-Fi Action videogames tend to like Sci-Fi Action Movies. So the core audience you are pissing off.

        If you have never heard of/played the game you obviously are not going to be mad about the title.

  • Josh

    That looks atrocious. It looks very cheap. There is a film some people made from my town that visually, looks far superior.

    • Nate H

      Somehow I seriously, seriously doubt that. People who have no experience actually using or creating CG love to bash how poorly professional CG looks. Point me to the trailer for the movie made in your town. What’s the problem? Why isn’t it picked up online by major film sites? Probably because it’s not on the same level.

      That said, the plot seems like a mix of The Bourne Identity and Robocop. Will have to wait for another trailer that shows us a little more.

      • Kevin

        Maybe his hometown is Los Angeles…

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  • ko-bra-ko-mander

    This is going to be awesome.

  • Jan Sulu

    Very impressive for a small budget production.

  • Griz

    Wait . . . . .so if the prototype looks perfectly human from the neck up, why doesn’t he doesn’t he just take off the . . . .aw, fuck it.

    • Thomas

      Obviously something happens to the biological part of his body. His face may get damaged by the cops whoa re chasing him. Like Arnie in those Terminator movies…Anyway, it looks more poetic to see yourself as nothing but metal parts & wiring. Very chilling.

  • Thomas K.

    Not to be negative but…
    This looks like a teaser for a CW series.

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  • Guns Of Navarone

    Not to be a buzzkill but dare I point out the obvious, epic music in a trailer does not automatically make a movie ‘awesome’. The concept is nice enough but the delivery looks pi55 poor.

  • enut

    something is not right when there is no imdb entry for this movie and the director… maybe its a a scifi channel special

  • enut

    and the imdb for the Bandito Bros listes a Arnold Schwarzenegger film as their next project.

    @collider – you got to check your stories before publishing them, check the facts:

    Neal McDonough Imdb – no listing

    Neal McDonough – no listing

    Story is complete BS!

  • aaronsullivan

    Looks like it has more to say and do than be a simple chase. I’m back and forth on the robot design — mostly the movement. I want it to be less human to help me forget there’s a guy in a mask in there, but that’s part of the point so maybe it will work.

    This could go either way, but it has potential, for sure.

  • Paulo brasil

    Oh right, because some game company made a lame-ass game now the OWN the word prototype ?

    Seriously guys ?
    Find something else to bicker about.
    What a immensely stupid argument to discredit a film.

    Thought the trailer was cool.
    Let’s hope it’s not some cliché.

    • Strong Enough

      shut up you douchebag. go back to watching futball you hack

      • Brian

        Calling this guy a douche, and someone else above a homo? You are just the coolest, toughest guy on the internet, huh? I bet you are even cooler and tougher in real life.

      • Brian

        Calling this guy a douche, and someone else above a homo? You are just the coolest, toughest guy on the internet, huh? I bet you are even cooler and tougher in real life.

  • wilhelmet

    Low budget or not, that looks like shit.

    Cliched shit. Jesus. I’m usually a sucker for this kind of thing, but it just looks so…….done.

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  • sense 11

    Looks OK

  • StefH

    The Bourne Machinary

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    its prob a promo short to sell to the studios but it dose look like a rip off of deus ex

  • terry

    A nearly 4 minute teaser? Give me a damn break. This crap is as cheap as you can get. When you have to use the camera-in-the-blender technique just to capture the narrative between the hunted and the hunter(s) you know damn well you have garbage on celluloid.

    It was tedious just watching all them no name ass actors except for Neal McDonough. He’s everywhere. Kudos for him.

    Bottom line:
    Straight to video.

  • Ilamathi Selvan

    Also the body suit looks exactly like ones from the Hit game Crysis 2.

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  • Steve

    The trailer looks great. The Bandito Brothers surely have an interesting film on their hands.

    Reminds me of Robo-Cop.

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  • Scotty

    That looks AWESOME. mmmmm :) Its time for some movies that are different and not a sequal. Woo hoo! Creativity!

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