Sony’s PlayStation 4 Coming This Holiday Season, Plus an Image of the New Controller

     February 20, 2013


Sony held a press conference in New York earlier today to announce their next-gen system, the PlayStation 4.  While Sony did reveal a fair amount of information as to the technology of the new console and the game developers who are expected to create software for the new system, there were no images of the console itself, no price points (though it’s been rumored at $429 and $529 for different models), and no hard release dates.  They did release a couple of looks at the new controller as well as a “Holiday 2013″ release window, but that was more than underwhelming for those who sat through the entire press conference.  Hit the jump to find out what we know so far. 

playstation-4-information(News sources: NBC News, NBC, CNET, IGN)

Sony confirmed that the official name of the next-gen console will indeed be PlayStation 4 and it will have an X86 CPU and 8 gigabytes of unified system memory.  ”It uses APU technology and GDDR5 memory, which is typically reserved for top of the line, high end graphics cards.”  I’m not technologically proficient enough to know how this compares to hardware currently available in cutting-edge gaming computers, but TechRadar’s write-up does not sound all that encouraging.

PS4 Pillars are: Simple, Immediate, Social, Integrated and Personalized. PlayStation 4 supports suspending and reloading play sessions, has a secondary chip for uploading and downloading in the background and digital games can be played as they are being downloaded.  There will also be more social networking integration, with supported uploads of portions of gameplay, realtime streaming of friends’ gameplay with integrated chat as well as profile pages like Facebook that are woven in as part of their aim to personalize the experience.

playstation-4-controllerThe Dual Shock 4 controller adds a touchpad like the PlayStation Vita’s on the front, and a light bar that acts both as a player indicator and a PlayStation Move-like motion controller.  A stereo camera tracks the controller, but apparently not the player. A “share” button allows instantaneous review of the last few minutes of gameplay with the option to upload a portion of it; a live demonstration of this drew audience applause.  There are also claims of improved latency and rumble function, along with a headphone jack.

Sony also introduced “Remote Play,” which will allow you to transfer your PS4 game status onto the PlayStation Vita.  Ideally, they’d eventually make all PS4 games compatible for the PS Vita.  As far as games, we can expect:

  • playstation-4-killzone-shadowfallKillzone: Shadowfall from Guerilla Games
  • Evolution Studios’ realistic racer Drive Club
  • A new Final Fantasy installment from Square Enix
  • Sucker Punch will have a PS4 exclusive with InFamous: Second Son
  • Indie developer Jonathan Blow’s The Witness
  • Media Molecule introduced an untitled game that lets you use the Move controller to bring digital sculptures to life
  • Blizzard, in a “strategic partnership with Sony” will bring Diablo III to PS3 and PS4
  • Bungie will be bringing Destiny to PS3 and PS4
  • EA will also support PS4
  • Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs
  • Capcom’s Deep Down
  • No backwards compatibility!!! Why? Because they want you to buy their streaming games/emulations from the PS1 through the PS3, of course!

You can see highlights of the conference at PlayStation’s YouTube site.  While you lament the lack of any looks at the PS4, enjoy this game trailer for Bungie’s Destiny, followed by some more images from the event:






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  • Great white hype

    They should give you free streaming of the ps1,2,& 3 games you already own. Why should you have to pay for the same game multiple times? C’mon Sony.


      ….and how would you propose they do that then? How would they know what old games you use to own? you daft bugger!!!!!

      • Kevin

        …I think he’s talking about games that you own on PSN, but I appreciate your immediate escalation.

      • Great white hype

        Ever heard of this thing on games you use for purchasing? What’s it called? A barcode. I know they’re fairly recent but every object you buy has one.

  • Danny Mac

    Don’t care how much, I’m buying 2 of them!

  • Kevin

    The hardcore community seems to be raising a real hoopla over this whole “no backwards compatability” issue. I would certainly have liked the feature, but let’s be honest, there was really no indicator that it was going to happen, unless you were holding onto the sole hope that Sony would follow Wii U’s lead. Both Sony and MS have largely distanced themselves from their original BC options (Sony phased out hardware BC systems, and Microsoft stopped supporting it in favor of downloadable Xbox classics), and quite honestly I almost never hear people talking about playing their BC games so this whole backlash kinda surprises me.

  • Scurvy

    Wow… Sony finally gets on board with trigger shoulder buttons. Welcome to 1998 guys…

    • Snarky

      What are you talking about? Sony has has four shoulder buttons since the Playstation came out way back in 1995. You obviously have never used a Playstation of any variety and are just trying to badmouth Sony.

      • LoGan5

        I believe the key word here was TRIGGER, you reactionary dumbass.

    • Carlos Shabo

      and nintendo just got two analog sticks…

  • Nathan

    How do you figure TechRadar’s writeup doesn’t sound promising when they say things like this… “That provides a lot of parallel processing power, and will thus handle the majority of the PS4′s grunt work. It hits 1.84 TFLOPS of processing mojo.”
    And this…
    “That’s some super-fast stuff right there and should enable lightning fast performance.”

    Are you injecting personal bias?

    • Dave Trumbore

      Looks like TR changed their write-up after I linked them. They specifically changed (or left out) some stats on the PS4 processor vs processors available on the current market. After a post-event Sony press release, now the article reads:
      “PS4: Hardware specs

      AMD, as we guessed all along, is coursing through this new system’s veins.
      Post-event, Sony revealed the system runs on a single-chip custom processor and utilizes eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores, with a next-gen AMD Radeon based graphics engine powering the way.”

      The point was that, yes, current processors are already beyond what the PS4 is touting, but they’re also much more expensive. I’m a longtime/current PS3 owner, but I need to see more than what they’re showing here to be convinced.

      Here are more tech specs if you’re interested:

      • Nathan

        For my part, I’m not terribly interested in the hardware specs are for a new system. The existing line of machines are capable of pushing so much content that it’s actually becoming too expensive to produce AAA quality titles for most studios.

        At this stage I’m mostly interested in the games and the overall user experience provided.

        I only commented because there seemed to be a discrepancy.

        Personally, for my two cents, I feel that any console maker that isn’t starting to create an all-in-one entertainment device for the living room is going to get pushed out by Apple and potentially Valve in the next 5 to 10 years. If I were Microsoft I’d be figuring out how to bring the PC experience into the living room on their new hardware, while maintaining their quality gaming experience.

  • Wario

    I’ll Wait on the PS4 to go down in price. They won’t stop making PS3 games till 4 sells more units then the price will go down! I just telling you what you should already know but I’m sick of the halo company! They made some good games but Call Of Duty is beating out most of those games! And Watch Dogs is the only good thing next to MW4 that I want to play. 2nd goes to Infamous!

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  • SuperSeanski

    Sounds like it’s almost time to buy myself a PS3.

  • dogg

    It’s that time again when all good console kiddies shell out 400 bucks to get graphics almost as good as my PC. How nice for them.

    • Snarky

      In the last 18 years, I’ve bought 3 consoles for a grand total of approximately $1200. How much have you spent on your gaming PCs in that time?

    • Anonymous

      better games on consoles. no question. no doubt. does your pc have touch pads or motion capabilities? does it have the catalogue that consoles offer? pc gaming is over rated.

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