PSA Sunday: Jason Bateman Warns Against the Dangers of Noise Pollution

     November 27, 2011

Sure, you probably know him as the actor playing the straight man in such comedies as Arrested Development, Couples Retreat and The Change-Up, but Jason Bateman was a kid once, too; a kid who hated noise pollution. Actually, from the look on his face in this PSA from 1987, it looks like Bateman hated being woken up to film this idiotic clip for One to Grow On, part of NBC’s Saturday morning lineup. It features a warning against blasting music from your shoulder-mounted boombox in public. It’s also a warning for future generations about the dangers of 1980s music and fashion. Hit the jump to bring the noise and here’s our previous PSA Sunday articles.

Here he is, fresh from 1987:

Bateman was only 18 in 1987. His run on Silver Spoons had ended while his role on Valerie’s Family had just begun. That year, Bateman also starred in a few TV movies and took center screen in Teen Wolf Too, the sequel to the Michael J. Fox-starrer Teen Wolf. Jason wasn’t the only Bateman to film a One to Grow On clip, as his older sister filmed one as well. Here’s a bonus PSA from Justine Bateman (about the dangers of haircuts…) and remember to check out all our previous PSAs here.