Watch DIRTY LAUNDRY, the PUNISHER Short Film Thomas Jane Brought to Comic-Con; Plus 10 Images and a New PUNISHER Logo

     July 16, 2012


Thomas Jane put together one of the most fun surprises of Comic-Con.  Jane recruited director Phil Joanou to make a new short based on The Punisher—titled Dirty Laundry—on the down-low and screened it at the panel for his RAW Studios.  That was in a small room, so few actually saw the short.  But Jane and Co. posted Dirty Laundry online for all to see, and you can now watch it after the jump. Ron Perlman also makes an appearance in the short scripted by Chad St. John and produced by Adi Shankar.  Check out our recap of the panel here.

This quote by Jane is featured in the YouTube description:

“I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed in – a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. It was an incredible experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the fun of it. It’s been a blast to be a part of from start to finish — we hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.”

It’s a cool idea. Now that it’s public, I am interested to see if Marvel has a response to a short made with their character but without their knowledge.

Finally, here’s 10 images that we were provided with from director Phil Joanou.  We were also given the new Punisher logo they created for the film.  It was designed by Tim Bradstreet.


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  • Joe

    Wow. So gory. So Punisher.
    Not convinced completely that Thomas can pull it off again though.
    He did well the first time.

    • jocknoddynads

      I think that this is one of those roles which will cause considerable debate amongst fans in terms of who is playing the part. I think Jane is a lot better than Jackson in my mind and partly because I grew up with the comic where the Punisher was a white guy. As much as I like Jackson, I will always feel that he is NOT the Punisher simply because he is black and not white as he was in the comics that I used to read. I think perhaps the main reason why they would stray so far from the original portrayal of the character is that they want to reacher a broader demographic. Whatever I guess. This short is probably better in it’s short ten minutes that all the Punisher movies combined. Well, almost.

      • Kinanswer

        Jackson plays Nick Fury in the new Marvel universe films, not Frank Castle (aka The Punisher). Punisher (I believe) has always been white in the comics and the 3-films made.

        The only other actor to play Nick Fury on film was *shudder* David Hasselhoff.

      • logo90

        Do u even know your comics? Punisher is not Nick Fury! LMFAO

  • mattinacan

    Marvel needs a dirty gritty anti hero. All their movies are so happy and shiny.

  • Tyler

    Thomas Jane had the personality and mentality of The Punisher, but Ray Stevenson had the physique of The Punisher. Each movie represented him in their own way, I just wish they could find someone who could fill both parts of thag equation.

  • Mike

    Bank Robbery prologue?

    • Kngoworld

      The first thing I noticed was TDK music.

  • J.J.

    I was halfway in and I have to say POOR CHOICE to use the Hans Zimmer’s score from “The Dark Knight” bank heist. It’s TOO iconic and recognizable and, unfortunately only invites comparisons between that film and this one. Pulled me immediately out of the short.

    • Scottie

      I completely agree, except i recognized it immediately just by that one, lingering note. It’s just laziness on their part. Do they really expect me to believe that during the time they were in post-production, they couldn’t find one composer to come up with something original for a 10-minute short?

  • Niloc

    This was a very cool short flim. Props to Thomas Jane.

    By the way his Punisher movie was far better than the Ray Stevenson one (which I think should’nt of been made)… it wasn’t a GREAT superhero movie like the Avengers or TDK but I still I thought it was OK.

  • JC

    That was good, I’ve seen both of the Punisher movies and IMO this was much better. Would love to see Thomas Jane return to the Punisher in a new movie.

  • J-rad

    That was better than any parts of the 2 Punisher movies combined … I would watch a full big screen version of the Punisher I just saw in the short

    • Mike

      I think that was the whole point of this short. At least I hope that was the whole point. I’m hoping that he wants to reprise his role and do another movie and this was his submission to Marvel. I loved the first movie and I wish that he would have done the second movie. Either way, I hope that Marvel at least considers Thomas Jane reprising his role.

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  • sense 11

    Every hair on the back of my neck just stood up, that is the best Punisher anything that’s ever been produced.

    Fuck YEA

  • Visitor

    Punisher is deep. He has complex stories. He shoots bad guys. I like Punisher.

  • Nate H

    Nice! Definitely better than the other two Punishers, I think. Not a great idea to use the Dark Knight music, as others have said (I recognized it in like 3 seconds), but otherwise pretty good. I like the quality they achieved through filming – the grittiness, etc. Hope there’s more!

  • Frank

    That was awesome. Hire that director immediately.

  • sense 11

    Best Punisher anything ever produced, EPIC

  • AgentOfFate

    Jane is the Punisher, he was awesome in the first movie and he’s awesome here. He deserves another go at the character. Dark Knight music is not the best choice, but still cool.

  • Aorta

    Jack Daniels is not flammable.

    • Mirco

      It is a special edition of Jack Daniels available only in the worst liquor stores of Gotham.

    • dick

      anything over 40 proof burns rather well, and jack is 80 proof.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what bugged me a little.Love the Old Punisher,but Jack doesn’t go up lol It has to be 101 or something.Been In the Liquor Business for 4 years.

  • Tony

    My only issue was the choice of music, being so iconic and all. But everything else was amazing. I’ve always loved Thomas Jane as the Punisher. Please Marvel, hire this bunch and let them continue on from this!

  • J.J.

    disgusting and savage. the CGI blood splatter was way over the top. pointless. typical Black and Latino gang have to be the thugs. Real original. Punisher murders them. And THIS is what we call a hero? Sorry, but Ray Stevenson looked more the part. This still stretches credibilty.

    • marrowbonez

      Yeah, they should have had an all white gang or some mulitcultural gang like the ones who run the streets in real life…

      And don’t they know that when you shoot someone in the cranium, from 4-feet away, the splatter would be minimal?

      Also, you are spot on about them needing to make him more heroic, because the character is really heroic in the comics, living by a strict moral code and all.

      You should jot down some notes, because I think you have some great ideas for a killer screenplay. Maybe get Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to play him… that would be awesome!

      • Eduardo

        Excuse me, have you guys ever read any of the Punisher comic books? They feature the same over the top violence. I personally am one of the few who enjoyed the 2004 version and wish that Marvel would have another go around with Jane. He really embodied the character well, even if the movie he was in is a bit cheesy.

      • KBeat


        Marrow’s reply was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek. He get’s it.

    • juanotaco


      that sounds exactly like something a TOOL would say

    • Alathon

      Thugs need killing. It’s not about the color of their skin, bu the content of their character.

    • Brian

      I’m Hispanic or at least that’s what this government calls me……Don’t try to get all POLITICALLY STUPID CORRECT! Let’s be honest , we all know most urban street thugs with their idiotic sagging pants are mostly Black and Hispanic ……Just keepin it real! LOL!
      Anyways…..Thomas Jane and the short are GREAT!!!!!!

  • Mavro

    That was better than all Punisher movies combined. Welcome back, Jane.

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  • fred

    it was done very well, but i agree, the music is TOO iconic. too distracting… especially with the timing of Batman marketing everywhere. and there was something else underlying… dunno, but watching two white dudes bemoan the black “savages”. it takes a white man to fix black problems through bone-crunching violence, etc. and leaves a black man to be burned alive… just felt a bit passe and racially icky

    • marrowbonez

      Of course, it’s possible that “savages” was a comment on their behavior and had nothing to do with the color of their skin. Not everything has to be about race.

      • Mirco

        Americans and Liberals!!!
        Whatever is always about race.
        Just like the difference between the end of Kick-Ass in the movie (two lily white bullies bulling Hit Girl) and the comics (three black thugs bulling Hit Girls).

  • Hubert

    Disney is too much of a pussy to tackle a film like this

  • tim

    would like to see Jane have another crack at it, with a grittier treatment, i always though it was a good fit. ray was not right, punisher warzone was one of the most unintentionally hilarious films i’ve ever seen. awful.

  • Atari

    Now THIS is how the Punisher is suppose to be! Really glad Tom Jane decided to do this short film, since he was obviously the best choice for the role. (With everyone saying the first movie wasn’t that good, considering that it was the build up to who he was becoming, it was really well made. It’s a shame the second one was complete garbage.)

  • Mik

    Love that logo. Better than the first and second one.

    Looks a bit like the Mike Zeck version with a bit of Bradstreet’s style.

    Barracuda should be the villian, If Jane does a full length film.

    Frank Castle needs to make a return to the big screen and get

    the justice he deserves.

  • Max

    That was AMAZING!! I would love to see a full length version of this as a sequel to 2004′s Punisher w/Tom Jane. Now that the property has gone back to Marvel, they should fold him into the new universe.

  • thomas040

    i loved it but don’t get how people say the music is too iconic? yeah, so it’s dark knight, but it’s just the same note repeated as eights in one continuous repetition … it’s not like it’s the theme from jaws or imperial march or something… 98% of people won’t know that music is from batman.

  • thomas040

    i loved it but don’t get how people say the music is too iconic? yeah, so it’s dark knight, but it’s just the same note repeated as eights in one continuous repetition … it’s not like it’s the theme from jaws or imperial march or something… 98% of people won’t know that music is from batman.

  • thomas040

    i loved it but don’t get how people say the music is too iconic? yeah, so it’s dark knight, but it’s just the same note repeated as eights in one continuous repetition … it’s not like it’s the theme from jaws or imperial march or something… 98% of people won’t know that music is from batman.

  • thomas040

    i loved it but don’t get how people say the music is too iconic? yeah, so it’s dark knight, but it’s just the same note repeated as eights in one continuous repetition … it’s not like it’s the theme from jaws or imperial march or something… 98% of people won’t know that music is from batman.

  • RoboDouche

    Well done now if they could just make the movie and do it right this time!

  • RoboDouche

    Please make the movie! The4 short was awesome!!

  • Ash Talon

    I’m sorry, but that was terrible. It wasn’t engaging at all. Awful CGI splatter for splatter’s sake. Recycled music (just hire somebody to write some original music…it isn’t expensive). I did learn something though….Jack Daniels bottles are indestructible.

    Still waiting for a good Punisher film. The Lundgren one is still the best. Note…I did not say good.

    • sense 11

      say no to crack

  • TJ

    Thomas Jane is the perfect Punisher. Very cool Big Ron had a great part too. The hunger is there for another Jane movie!


    Ha! I know exactly where they shot this!

  • beantowngal

    next Spidey Movie, Punisher, and Kraven the Hunter hunting spiderman. With the Jackal

  • mee

    holy shit that was amazing.

  • Joe

    Dark Knight score or not, this is the best (and truest) Frank Castle film I’ve seen. I would pay to see this Punisher in the theater, and I didn’t particularly like either of the big screen Punisher films because they so missed the mark.

  • Jack Harkness

    Now, that’s what the f*ck I’m talking about. Kudos on a tremendous short. Loved it.

  • Jack Harkness

    Now, that’s what the f*ck I’m talkin’ about. Kudos on a great short!

  • Paul

    Great short. They should make this into a full length movie. (on the side note that’s one durable bottle of jack. lol)

  • Punisherfan1010

    Wow, based on the 10 minutes alone i wanted to see the rest of the movie lol. Awesome work Jane. Give this man another Punisher movie ASAP!!! you’ll get my 10 bucks …excellent and compelling stuff!!!!

  • Alvis

    Great Job, I like that he took the initiative and made a film the way he feels it should be made, and paid for it himself. This is how you save great Characters. I hope he took it to Marvel today for a pitch meeting. Now hopefully someone can save Ghost Rider, FF, and Wolverine.

    • Bob the Goon

      And Daredevil.

  • Bob the Goon

    A Christopher Nolan directed, Garth Ennis scripted and Thomas Jane starred Punisher movie. Now that would be something.

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  • Dominic

    Ray Stephenson was the Best Punisher, all he needs is a decent script.

  • Bryan

    Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson did very well in portraying Frank Castle. MAybe its just the story or the overall vision of the director that derailed it a little bit .But when it comes to how Frank Castle should look Ray Stevenson is the closest but he just needs to bulk up to look more menacing.

    Although Thomas seems to be dedicated to the character more and I guess it could be good considering he might really want to do better for the character.

  • Ytsejamer1

    This was fantastic…i thoroughly enjoyed this short. Just my opinion here, but when everyone is talking about the need for gritty, dirty, layered, action/comic movies…this was text book of that. The studios should pay attention to this. The character of Punisher is exactly that….dark, gritty, and layered.

    I love Thomas Jane and his take on it. I won’t begrudge Stevenson’s performancein his movie, but I enjoyed the movie Jane did as Frank Castle. It’s been long enough that they could bring Punisher back and have it be brand new. A rebranding without the need for rebranding.

    Well done by all involved. Loved it…would love to see more.

  • Nick

    Makes me wanna go out and do sumthin’ foolhardy!

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  • krichard

    Impressive display of initiative from all involved. Loved that they went out on the edge to darken the franchise, keep it alive, and seek a groundswell of support for a character they believe in. Hope to see them push a script treatment and a strategy of digital shorts leading up to a release.

    As rights transferred from Lionsgate back to Marvel, be nice to see Marvel support this team rather than allow Punisher to be backburnered to their tentpole franchises.

    Punisher could have a high profit margin too as the CGI expenses are lower. Plus they would address a underserved market segment who isn’t into the fantasy pieces.

    Agree with Ytsejamer1 that the Punisher is dark, gritty, and layered. With the right balance of all three and assuring layered isn’t marginalized, could have a bigger hit than the last round of efforts.

  • tommy

    Amazingly good! Thomas jane brings out everything the PUNISHER should be!!

  • Back

    This was a film that was done with 0 money, they didn’t have a budget at all… meaning they didn’t have the money to get people to do an original soundtrack score for them at some studio. So people who are bitching (a little too much) about the Batman soundtrack being used… how about you give them a fucking break!

    I bet the people who are bitching about this being racist do this with everything. They somehow think there being politically correct, that they need to be offended for other people.

    The Lundgren film had 0% from the comics and the fact that Ray Stephenson read the War Zone script and said yes to it shows that he should have nothing to do with the character. Just looking like the character is not enough… but this is the only thing that Ray Stephenson fans can say. But the Punisher (like every other comic book character) has been drawn by many different artists for years and they don’t all look like Ray.

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  • jamie ray

    Thomas jane made the punisher.This is only my personal opinion.I don’t want to try and almost force someone to have my opinion at all.But they can make all the punisher movies they want without jane and i will not watch them.Jane killed the comp….

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  • bir TÜRK

    filmin devamını ne zaman izleyebiceğiz. bir Türk buradaydı.

  • cliff

    Thomas Jane in NO Way embodies the Punisher, in look, attitude, or anything else. And for all you newbies, there are THREE Punisher movies, the original starring Dolph Lundgren. And sad to say, the DL version, though corny at its time, is a way better representation compared to the last two films made…

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  • popsickle


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