Comic-Con: Thomas Jane Unveiled a New PUNISHER Short Film with Special Guest Ron Perlman!

     July 14, 2012


Do you know the difference between justice and punishment?  Thomas Jane does and he proved it to the relatively small audience gathered at a Comic-Con panel for RAW Studios.  In an intimate setting in a small convention room that wasn’t titled Ballroom 20 or Hall H, Jane ran the show for the independent studio presentation.  Their projects included a Bad Planet videogame adaptation of their comic series with gaming company Red Fly Studio (check out the awesome early footage on their Kickstarter page), a short conceptual film for a Western they’re producing called A Magnificent Death from a Shattered Hand and, to the delight of Punisher fans in the audience, a fantastic short film featuring Jane as the Marvel anti-hero.  That was awesome enough, but a special guest star also joined the presentation: Ron Perlman, who recently proved how great a human being he is, had a small cameo in the film.  Hit the jump for a recap of the Punisher short film featuring Jane and Perlman.

thomas-jane-punisher-comic-conJane’s short film, which may be titled Dirty Laundry, was written by Chad St.John and directed by Phil Joanou (Entropy), begins with a slow burn that ratchets up the tension throughout the first two acts.  Jane’s character wakes up in a van parked on the street of a slum with acts of gang violence going on all around him.  He ignores it and goes about his business, ie taking his laundry to the laundromat.  While the gang activity escalates, Jane remains aloof.  Perlman plays a great turn as a disabled war veteran who now works as a clerk at a mini-mart.  We won’t give away everything here, but suffice it to say Jane’s character doesn’t take Perlman’s advice and the third act erupts into bloody and brutal violence.  Which is just what should happen in a Punisher fim! Rest assured the skull, a new logo designed by Tim Bradstreet, appears in the film; I won’t ruin its reveal here.

Now before you start to think that Jane made this with Marvel, the short was made as a “fan film.”  Also, we spoke to Joanou after the screening and he said that everyone who worked on it donated their time and he called in a lot of favors.

We hope to have video of the short film up for you shortly so stay tuned for more Punisher news!

UPDATE: We’ve just posted the full short along with 10 images and the new logo!  Click here to watch.

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  • Phil123

    Like the Jane Punisher a lot. War Zone was terrible. Another Jane one would make me happy but is unlikely I guess. They could reboot it(if they must) with Jane but ignore the first one (and war zone) I guess.

    • geoff

      With respect, War Zone was freaking awesome comics movie for fans of the punisher from the 80s. Both were good in their own way. Ray Stevenson is a hulking monster of a punisher, jane’s is more modest but still quite good.

  • Max

    Don’t forget that The Punisher went back to Marvel Studios recently.

  • TJ

    War zone is the Highlander 2 of the Punisher franchise!

    • Lincoln

      Ironically, Thomas Jane is the one who looks like Christopher Lambert.

  • Bill

    None of the Punisher films to date have been good but Thomas Jane was always perfectly cast for the role – it’s a shame his 2004 flick couldn’t match his performance.

  • Mac

    All 3 Punisher films were not that good… but the 2004 film was the only one that had a somewhat better story, plot, acting, it wasn’t rushed and you could feel the character’s pain. Even though the 2004 adaptation film was mostly inaccurate, it showed Frank and Maria’s love and marriage far better than the comics ever did. The Punisher has been a character that Marvel can’t get right at all, both in comics and on film. Only people like Garth Ennis and Tom know what to do.

    For anyone who wants to know what happen to Punisher 2 with Thomas Jane

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  • Grimcicle

    Jane was an amazing Punisher, it’s just a shame the film he starred in was mediocre.

  • UziGunner

    Thomas Jane was the perfect Punisher, It would be amazing if they made a sequel to the 2004 film. Hopefully you guys post the video soon!

  • James

    I hope the Skull looks good

    The 89 Film… it didn’t the skull… it didn’t have anything from the comic

    The 04 Film… the skull looked to neat, and the fact that it was brought from a store in the storyline didn’t help

    The 08 Film… the skull looked too faded, you barely see it and the whole point for a bright skull was that it was first thing that the bad guys saw and they aimed for it. At this fan made film by Tom won’t have him hanging upside down, spinning around and shooting two handguns at the same time…

    Also, the Punisher comics have been very crappy for the past few years. He’s gone from Getting involved in Superhero affairs
    Being killed by Daken
    Coming back as FrankenCastle
    The MAX Punisher being killed off for no good reason
    Now he looks like a Solid Snake rip-off with spiky hair, a beard, one eye missing and having a redhead female partner…

  • Mr. j

    war zone was a real embarrassment, jane’s punisher, on the other hand, even with its few weak spots, was the best that has been made. I would be really happy if they give jane one more shot as frank castle, you actually can see murder in his eyes when he plays him.

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  • ben

    Tom Jane is as perfect for Punisher as RDJ is for Iron Man. Marvel would be wise to bring him back. Maybe the Punisher doesn’t need his own movie for now- if TJ is willing to “be the punisher” in the way that Jackman “is wolverine” – i.e. doing it because they really really love the characters and feel lucky to embody those characters on the big screen, Marvel could use the Punisher in any number of ways in their big screen films. The 2004 era Punisher actually works in the Marvel universe, vibe wise. TJ is an actor that goes all-in and he obviously is still bitten by the Frank Castle bug if he’s still doing stuff like this all these years later.

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  • George

    I loved Thomas Jane as the Punisher! He was perfect for it, they need to make a new one or reboot the franchise with Thomas Jane of course.

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  • Nick

    You are all talking nonsense, War zone was much better than the travolta version – but! – the true punisher was Dolph….I gotta say this one looks good, but if were talking past Punisher films, the first was the best…..followed by war zone. Read the comics.