Quentin Tarantino Has 40 Pages of an INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS Prequel but It’s Not His Next Movie

     December 22, 2009


Inglouious Basterds has begun its award season rampage and Quentin Tarantino isn’t done with the Basterds just yet.  However, he’s not ready to start it up yet either.  Speaking with Vulture, Tarantino said he has 40 pages of a Basterds prequel and he won’t give up on it, especially if the original continues to rack up commendations through awards season.  However, Tarantino says his next film will be “smaller,” and less epic,” than Basterds and within an entirely different genre.  He thinks he should have the script finished after five-to-six months of intensive writing.

Tarantino’s comments to Vulture lines up with what he said about “Volume 3 of the Bride” not being his next film either, but possibly the film he does after.  It seems Tarantino has his heart set on this smaller film but he’s not letting on what it is.   But what comes after could be a showdown between Basterds prequel versus a Kill Bill sequel.  Or it could just be like The Vega Brothers and neither project ever comes to fruition.

It’s fun to speculate on what a Basterds prequel would cover.  My particular theory is that it would cover why the clearly non-Jewish Lt. Aldo Raine would lead eight Jewish soldiers to kill Nazis and what caused his Hang ‘Em High-scar.  Or, if the film’s awards continue to go to Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor (he’s racked up ten so far), Tarantino could turn his focus towards “The Jew Hunter”.  Heck, I’d even settle for a spin-off featuring The Bear Jew and his trusty baseball bat.

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